Good Golly Miss Molly! Update on Allura/Molly

If you’ve ever thought, “Oh I could never adopt a puppy mill dog”, this amazing update from Allura’s new mom Amanda may help change your mind. Amanda and her husband Grant adopted Allura in October and renamed her Molly. We love her new name and how 5-year-old Molly, a puppy mill survivor, is blossoming in her forever home!


Amanda sends us these new photos and marvelous 6-week update:

Molly is doing extremely well and we believe she is now fully adjusted to her new life and routine. Since our last update Molly has come a long way and she has blossomed into a wonderful little pup. Her personality has really started to shine and she is such a goofy girl and she has an amazing personality!

alluramollyupdate4expMolly and her new brother Murphy are a perfect match!

Molly has also overcome a few speed bumps in these last few weeks. She now goes up and down the stairs 100% on her own and her confidence has really developed. She also wanders the house on her own without her humans or Murphy (usually when she is looking for one of her toys). She also loves going for car rides and is beginning to know that the Tim Hortons drive through means that her and Murph will be getting a plain timbit as a treat which we do on the way to the dog park every weekend.


She is doing really well on leash while walking, as well as off leash at the dog park. She has been to the dog park a few times now and she enjoys running around and trying to keep up with Murphy. She knows her new name and she has excellent recall when we are at the dog park. When I call her name and clap my hands excitedly for her to come, she runs as fast as her short little legs can go and comes running at us with a smile and waggy bum.


She also knows several words such as “outside” and “cookie” and she now sits on command and waits patiently for a cookie.


We’ve also taken her to PetSmart and Rens a few times just to expose her to different environments and smells and she loves walking around the pet stores and sniffing everything. She also loves getting treats from the cashier on our way out.

Murphy and Molly are the best of friends and they do everything together! It’s hilarious to watch them play together and the longer they are together, the more we are in awe of what an excellent match they are.


I recently entered a picture of Murphy and Molly in a contest to win a gift card for Rens Pets Depot and they won a $25 gift card! They were definitely spoiled! :)  I’ve attached a few recent pictures :) Yours truly, Amanda, Grant and all the fur babies

Thank you, Amanda for your wonderful update and photos! And to Grant, Murphy and your two kitties for being such a perfect family for Molly!

We don’t know which photo of Murphy and Molly won the gift card but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was this super-cute one Amanda sent us in October of Molly resting her head on Murphy’s tush shortly after her adoption!


Molly’s a lucky girl, rescued along with her mama Delana and three brothers Ruger, Fenton and Bergen, all from a puppy mill. Bergen is still available for adoption.

Molly may have spent the first 5 years of her life unhappily but now thanks to Amanda and Grant, with Murphy’s help, Molly is learning how to love life as a normal, happy dog.

Puppy mill dogs who are rescued deserve love and a forever home just as much as any other dog. BCFS and our experienced, dedicated foster families (like Raye and Paul who fostered Molly) work hard to rehabilitate puppy mill survivors and prepare them for their new lives.

This is animal rescue and we couldn’t do it without our rescue friends, foster families, volunteers, donors and the caring people like Amanda and Grant who take a chance on a puppy mill survivor like Molly. Beautiful updates like Molly’s from Amanda make it all worthwhile.








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  1. Molly and Murphy look like a real team! And ready to get into trouble together! I don’t know who could be the leader, they both look sooooo innocent! Wishing Molly the best of happiness for the rest of her years! Thanks BCFS for believeing that these animals (family members) deserve a second (or first) chance at a real life and family! and to show their love and to get real love in return!

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