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Golden Ticket for This Maltipoo Puppy – Adopted!

Foster Graduation day came quick and easy for Goldie the wonderful Maltipoo puppy! Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is thrilled to announce a happy tail of adoption for little Goldie ‘poo, whose foster family could just not imagine life without him now.

Foster Graduation Golden Ticket

ADOPTED_Maltipoo_Puppy_Gold_6481 Originally named for the color of his ribbon, Goldie has been officially re-christened with the name Max. Max-imum cute, Max-imum smarts, and Max-imum cuddles, its got to be one most appropriate name for this tyke.


Goldie-Max was surrendered to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary by a previous owner who could no longer care for him. Being a young pup, he is more than content to turn the page and live in the moment. He’s already giving all kinds of love to his new family that includes Dad, Mom, two “skin” sisters and two big fur-sister dogs too – more than enough to keep this curious boy busy all day long.ADOPTED_Maltipoo_Puppy_Gold_6478

With many thanks to our dedicated foster family volunteers who make Happy Tails like this one possible. Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary salutes you, and sends many happy tail wags for love and cuddles furever!

Make More Puppy Happy Tails with BCFS

Maltipoo puppy adopted Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary currently has a number of Maltese Maltipoo puppies available for adoption – please feel free to contact us or send in an Adoption Application and we’ll match you with the perfect furry furever companion. MEET MORE ADOPTABLE ANIMALS AT BCFS HERE! 

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  1. You said all the Maltese poo are adopted out would you please put me on the list for one they are adorable. I would love to have one.

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