Gizmo Squeaks the Pig

It’s a funny title and a funny side story about our little fella Gizmo. For those who aren’t familiar with the farm Gizmo is one of wee little farm dogs. At nine pounds this fella is the perfect replication of a couch potato. His favorite thing is to nap in his heated bed. We’ll get up and within the hour Gizmo will be back in bed.

Once or twice a day Gizmo rouses and becomes a three year old dog. He wants to play and he wants you to play with him. Our friend Kathy gave us a wonderful new toy. It’s about half the size of gizmo, made of soft rubber and makes snorting sounds. This snorting pink pig is a delight to both Poco and Gizmo. Taz finds the pig mildly offensive and will not touch it and moves away so it won’t touch her either.

After Gizmo watched Poco squeak the pig several times he wanted to become involved. After a few attempts Gizmo stole the toy from Poco – often Poco and Taz let Gizmo steal toys. It’s how you treat your little brother.

With incredible effort Gizmo picked up the pig by the rubbery ear and carried to the carpet. I watched as he made several attempts to get his tiny mouth around the belly of the pig and bite. Nothing. He looked as me questioningly, so I pushed on the pig and a little snort sounded. Gizmo went into spasms of delight.

I threw the pig across the living room floor and he was in hot pursuit sliding on the wood, crashing into the chair leg before he was finally able to tackle the pig. He grabbed it by a leg this time and proudly struggled back to the carpet and settled down to make the pig snort.

It didn’t take long before he pinned the pig to the floor and wrapped his little jaws around the soft belly of the pig. Gizmo was making plenty of snorting sounds with the effort. He stood up and used his weight to push the pig into the floor with his mouth where the pig emitted a small snorting sound.

Gizmo erupted into a dance of shear delight. He wiggled in circles of joy and proudly looked at me with his big eyes looking for praise. I called out to Brent to come into the living room and witness our little dude squeak the pig all by himself.

Brent and I have never been so proud. We praised, gave cookies and sat and watched while Gizmo squeaked the pig several times. Obviously exhausted, he went for a snack and returned to his bed. I’m sure he was dreaming about squeaking the pig. For the video:

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