George The Cat — Forever Home and Happy! Update

A few months ago we went through a rather long and complex surrender and adoption process for a cross eyed multi-toed cat named George.

From Anxiety to Day Long Naps

It took some time and he had some struggles in his foster home, but we’re thrilled at this latest updated.

Forever Home Update on George:

happy tail siamese george

thought you might like an update on George……He is doing amazing……l love him so much and l can’t imagine not having him……so this is how most of his days go…..he sleeps with me everynight….when l get up he does too…follows me to the bathroom and then to kitchen….by the time l have gotten ready for work he is already back in bed……now l know he leaves the bed during the day to eat and use the litter box but everyday when l get home he comes out of bedroom guessing off the bed…lol….and greets me at the door……till bedtime he is my shadow…..if l sit on the couch he must sit on me…if l sit at computer then he insists sitting on my lap but no matter where l am he is never more then a few inches away from me….he’s very social with company tho l warn them don’t touch his tummy….lol…l had some health problems a few months ago and it was like he knew…..coming up and licking my hand almost telling me he is here for me…..l love him so much…thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking me to be George’s mom…hope everything is good for you…..Donna

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