From Amy’s Sore Gut

There are times of extreme anxiety when your vet bills are mounting, your bank account is waning and there are eight puppies up for adoption without a single application.

I think I’m getting a new ulcer. I’ll call him Pal.

'Your gut instincts are causing your ulcers.'

Pal and I have been spending some time together and he’s one of those nasty friends who chews away your gut making you question all your decisions.


The voice of reason says… don’t worry. This will all work out. You just need to have nerves of steel.


Unfortunately, I have nerves of jello. Not a good match for rescue, but easy to digest in a pinch. I prefer to think of my nerves as strawberry jello – the red kind maybe with little marshmallows or pieces of fruit.

My sleep is interrupted and I struggle nightly with thoughts of having 8 full grown dogs to find homes for…. I pray not.


They are adorable. Sweet and kind. They are open books and ready to be the dog you want them to be. They are incredible, sweet, playful and each one is developing their own personalities.

puppy faces

Take a moment and humour me… check out a puppy. We rarely get puppies into rescue, so this is a pretty incredible time for us. They nap in a plastic pool and are learning where to potty. They are sweet as a human baby, but more durable.


That’s my rant for now as I pray for adoption applications to come flooding in for these puppies. We have two special needs pups who are visually impaired and needy. If you have it in your heart to help these sweet souls please fill out an adoption application online. Its easy, fast and will give you a chance to meet some pretty incredible puppies.


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