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From Ragamuffin to Riches: An update on abandoned Muffin!

Muffin had been abandoned in an apartment and left for dead. The apartment had been empty for over a week when the downstairs tenant heard a dog and called animal control.

What they found was a two year Shih Tzu who had never been groomed. Her legs were so matted together she could barely walk. She was carrying months worth of feces and urine locked against her skin. It was a wonder the neighbour heard anything at all.

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The shelter staff had to anesthetize Muffin  to conduct the “grooming.” Four pounds of hair and waste were removed to uncover a beautiful little dog with a fearful attitude.

The shelter setting with its scent of panic in the air often leads dogs to behave negatively, against their nature. They might bite or lash out to protect themselves. This is what Muffin did.

She was terrified and went to teeth to fight off any touch, because any touch was bad. It didn’t take long for the shelter to realize that Muffin needed in-home care. She was completely unadoptable in her current state.

To make matters worse for Muffin she had a medical condition – cherry eye –  where the tear gland herniates through the third eyelid and causes a pink ball of tissue to protrude from the corner of the eye.

We got the message from the shelter that they were looking to transfer her to a rescue group. Even with the long list of issues on Muffin, it was with little hesitation that we accepted her into Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s foster program.


We were determined to show her love, and give her a home base from which we could help her heal spiritually, medically and behaviorally.

Cherry Eye Surgery for Shih Tzu Muffin

The simple surgery didn’t work. Muffin’s cherry eye popped back out, which is not uncommon. The second surgery occurred a week later and the gland was returned to its home base.

After that, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. In the second procedure, infection had set in and a stray stitch had caused an eye ulcer. Three surgeries later Muffin finally came back to the farm to recover.

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Muffin from Rags to Riches…

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Muffin’s angels came knocking on BCFS’s door posing a kind loving couple from out east. They accepted the challenge, adopted Muffin and months later we received this update.

Muffin June 2015 Update: 

Muffin is doing great and is fitting into our lifestyle and family perfectly!! We absolutely adore her!

We thought she might have some issues with a few things:

1. Our stairs She wasn’t good with them at first we would have to coax her up and down but now she flies up and down them with no problem I even have to tell her to slow down now.
2. Our seasonal business. We didn’t know how she would adapt to this so we bought a child safe gate so she could stay in our back area of the building where she has everything she needs even a doggy door to our fenced side yard but no way she let us know very quickly the gate into the store had to go She became socialized very quickly . She is now our official Beach Store greeter and is getting very well known. Customers come in and if Muffin is on her break (napping) in the back they will ask to see her. When we go for our morning and evening walks the neighbours all know Muffin the beach store dog!

3. Our travel. We are on the road quite a bit when our summer business is closed so we take her with us and she is the best traveller. Our daughter has 2 cats and lives in Ottawa we weren’t sure how this would work out so we bought the child safe gate just in case they needed segregation but no way the cats were not having that! They would just jump over it and after a couple of hours of letting them sniff around and figure out their places and some great entertainment for us things settled down nicely. ( Muffin loves their big cat bed!!!)

muffin shih tzu adopted4. Our daughter. She is a huge cat person. She wanted no part of a dog in the family so they started off a little rocky but things are coming along. LOL! When Meghan was five we decided it was time for a pet she loved cats. So we got a kitten they literally grew up together. When Meghan left home and moved to Ottawa she wanted to take Jynx but to move a 19 year old cat wasn’t right so after much debate Jynx stayed with us. We had her for another 5 years she was an amazing cat and it was a very hard day for all of us when we had to say good bye to her so we thought we would never be able to do it again. Fast forward a year and many life changes later and we were ready to open our hearts and lives to another family pet.We had Muffin for her eye check up at the Lancaster eye care center in New York . Great news all is well and she doesn’t need to go back for a year. Of course she will still continue with the eye drops which were only available in the states but after some research we found a pharmacy in Canada that can mix them as well. Grooming is getting much easier as she is starting to trust again. We see a huge difference in this little dog that almost didn’t get a second chance she is a gem and oh so smart we easily taught her to do lots of tricks!!

Thanks to my Mom for finding Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary online. A huge shout out to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary for saving Muffin and for all their hard work and professionalism in working with us and helping us make the best decision and for making a perfect match!

All the best!
Muffin’s Family

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