Frisky Mini Horse JB Adopted!

JB is a little fella with a big personality! He arrived at BCFS last November, a rambunctious paint colt just shy of his second birthday.


JB was largely left to his own devices as a young colt and was a handful when he entered our foster care program. But he learned to walk well with a halter and no longer rears when excited while being led.


JB’s foster family fell in love with him and we’re happy to announce they’ve adopted JB!

BCFS rescued young JB along with three mini horse mares, one of whom turned out to be pregnant at the time of her rescue and later gave birth to JB’s foal. We adopted both mom and foal to a forever home. We had JB gelded in December, so no more mini-JBs, and this flashy fella turned two in January.

This lucky young gelding has found his forever home on a farm to share his life with new mom Kirbi’s horses and alpacas.


We love this series of photos of JB and his new family so much we made a collage to share them all! JB has a beautiful new home.


New mom Kirbi writes,

JB has been nicknamed Jellybean by my kids. We don’t have experience with driving minis in front of a cart so he will just be “flashy” rather than a flashy cart horse lol.  He became fast friends with True North (“Northy”) my Arabian. IMG_2720resizedIt took a bit longer to win over my Clydesdale, Daisy.  But he persisted – you could tell he liked her – and she came around after about a week. 

He is definitely getting comfortable at our place as his personality comes out.
He is very curious and has expressed a desire to come into the house lol. For now, he settles for mints, marshmallows, and carrots out our back door.  He is the new guest favourite and he’s even got my neighbours trained to bring him treats at the fence – when he sees them, he comes running!
IMG_2695croppedresizedJB loves the attention from his new family and neighbors
Taking pictures of him is tricky because he is a camera hog and likes to get his nose right in the camera.  Anyone who sits on my patio is guaranteed to get a kiss in exchange for a neck scratch.  We couldn’t help but fall in love with this little guy.

Thank you to Kirbi and her family for adopting spunky JB!


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