For the Love of Bunnies – Meet Magic and Almond! – Adopted

almondmagicIMG_2117cropexpstraightenresizedChocolate Lionhead Rabbit “Almond”

These two gorgeous adoptable rabbits came into BCFS’ care and they’re both looking for forever homes. If you’re seeking a quiet, gentle companion animal, one of these bunnies could be your next best friend! Or perhaps two best friends!

Mini Rex “Magic”

almondmagicIMG_2123expsharpcropresizedsharp almondmagicIMG_2126expsharpcropstraightresizesharpPeek-a-boo!

Magic is a fawn-colored Mini Rex who lives up to his name – he’ll cast a spell on you with his charming good looks, soft fur and suave character.


Magic is neutered so you don’t have to worry about the bunny-stork paying any visits to your home!


Mini Rex rabbits are a popular breed thanks to their friendly personalities, small size and their beautiful soft fur that feels wonderful when you hold and pet them. They’re moderately active, and will enjoy playing or just snuggling up for a cuddle.

Cuddly “Almond”


Speaking of cuddling, Almond is a big cuddler! She’s a chocolate-colored Lionhead rabbit who adores snuggling and will be more than happy to help keep you warm in winter with her affectionate, cuddly nature.


Almond has settled in well here at the farm with the company of the other rabbits being fostered, but she’s a sophisticated girl.  While many of our adoptable rabbits enjoy spending time outside, Almond prefers being indoors where life is much more civilized.


She would make a perfect companion for a bunny-lover who lives in an apartment or condo. Lionhead and Mini Rex rabbits are intelligent breeds who can be litter-box trained with love, patience and praise.


Our self-appointed welcoming committee and resident Shih Poo, sweet Super Taz, is clearly taken with the bunnies.  Wagging her tail just wasn’t enough, Taz popped right into Magic’s crate to say hi!

If you’re interested in adopting Almond or Magic, or both of these sweet bunnies, hop on over to our Documents and Forms link to download and complete an adoption application, and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at

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