Fenton Update – by Spencer H.

BCFS received this lovely update from Fenton’s family (okay, the truth is we request it). We knew that Spencer and his sister Lily had put together a presentation to his parents on finding a loving canine companion. Spencer was determined to find a rescue dog and he sought our advice long before Fenton found his way to BCFS.


This is one inspiration young person: 

After a month of living and being around Fenton, it has made my house a lot better and calmer.

High school is very stressful and having Fenton helps me keep my mind off of all my stressful homework. Even though he does not know how to play yet, he is a great couch buddy and we are now gaining more trust for each other.

Fenton is the cleanest and friendliest dog ever! Whenever I take him for a walk he always makes new friends. No matter the size of the dog, Fenton loves to play with other dogs and run around. He always wants to play with the female whippet across the street… instead of me. LOL.


I will always remember the very first day when I was walking Fenton at the park and we bumped into a man walking his shih Tzu, he asked how long I’ve had him for and he just could not believe when I told him “yesterday”!

Now that Fenton is more comfortable around me, we have been jogging daily around the block to prepare me for my winter rowing training. He just never runs out of energy!

Just to make this clear, although his eyebrows make him look sad, on the inside he is happy and thankful for being with our family . His tail just won’t stop wagging when I get home from school! (He goes in his crate when asked and only goes in the rooms where he is allowed.


Whenever I am studying Fenton always loves to sit on the couch beside my desk. It does not matter how long I take, he will wait for me and when I finish he is extremely happy that his tail almost wags himself off the couch!

The first week was painful for all of us because we just wanted him to sit with us. He didn’t know how to climb up or downstairs, he wouldn’t let us pick him up, and he was very shy with us.

As of now Fenton let’s me brush his fur, he can climb stairs, he lets me pick him up whenever, and he loves to run and play.


My cousins brought their dogs to come meet Fenton after his first week with our family. The one was Marco, a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel bichon frisee mix. They were both so calm with each other. The other was a white 9 month old yorkiepoo named Daisy. All she did was bark and Fenton just watched. He was way too cool about it , he even tried to play but daisy was the one that was scared.


This just goes to show that in a good home with good patient people, a dog who didn’t have a good start of life can thrive and be a happy dog that even himself never thought he could be.

~Spencer Harrold

We are so happy that this young person was able to put into words and understand the amazing relationship that can grow between a dog and his family.

Wish there were more fifteen year olds in this world like Spencer.

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  1. When we pulled up to Fenton’s property in Ohio and I saw the structure that he lived in all of his life, winter and summer, I had to steel myself not to cry. He was in a 3 foot wooden structure with screening all around and he shared this tiny hut with 5 other dogs. When we got the first photos of all the dogs, they were extremely long haired which was all matted. We asked the shelter worker in Ohio to please take them to a vet to get shaved down and vaccinated so they would be ready when we went to get them out of this hellhole. These dogs were “down the hill” from the house and the owner had to use a snowplow last winter to get to them and feed them. There was one small igloo house in this pen for 6 dogs. It is amazing they were alive. Your story about his recovery gives us strength to carry on our mission of saving as many dogs as possible. We could not do what we do without people like you willing to help them become dogs again. Thank you for giving him time to recover.

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