Farewell MT the Friendly Duck

MT, the wee black duck, came into rescue with his best pal Sweet Pea the goat. Clearly these two had a very solid relationship.

This morning I came out to the barn and found MT laying down in a doorway. I walked over and he didn’t get up, but quacked at me like he greets me every morning. I smiled, and then frowned, when I saw his back leg.


Sometime in the last few hours MT was injured. His right back leg was unusable. I picked up MT gave him a cuddle and put him in a stall by himself with food and fresh water. He was thrilled and played in the water while gobbling up all the food.

I called the vet and made appointment to bring MT in for an assessment. Little did I know his injuries would be fatal.

I was smiles when I walked in and tears when I walked out. MT’s injury was too extensive to heal and his prognosis was not good.

Humanely Euthanize.

I cuddled MT as I watched the light leave his eyes. I cried on his weatherproof feathers and then felt silly when I saw both vets watching me quietly.

“I know its just a duck, but…. he was a really nice duck.” 

Dr. Marissa at Dunnville Vet Clinic gave me a hug and I took MT to the car to collect myself. I was starting to sob.

I stood by the car and cried over this silly duck. He really was a silly duck too. He would follow me around while I cleaned stalls and ate grain right from my hand. He talked to me when I was in the barn and his lovely quacks will be sorely missed.


I’m sad, but grateful we did not let MT suffer. Maybe you can finally learn to fly MT. Our hearts are with you.

9 thoughts on “Farewell MT the Friendly Duck”

  1. “Just a duck but he was a really nice duck” made me cry too. All of us really only have life and it is so sad for any creature to lose the life they loved.

  2. Not just a duck. Never “just a…”. That was a little life that you came to love, and he loved you back in his own ducky way. Don’t ever feel embarrassed for loving.
    I’m sorry little MT had to leave you today. I believe animals go to heaven, and little MT is flying high among the angels.

  3. No one should ever feel embarrassed about shedding tears for the loss of a creature they love. My deepest sympathy for your loss.

  4. Today my niece lost a young cat…far too young to leave this early…but she loved him fiercely…..from start to finish….
    She was meant for him…she was meant to give him the best part of his life…
    Amy…you do this for so many….and lovely black duck trusted you for his best life…Bless you for being his joy, giving him his happiness…..There is a crowd on the other side…grateful to you…..

  5. Tears. …Happy tears, sad tears.
    Thank you for sharing and being there for LOL Silly Duck!
    My thoughts go out to you. Just proves there are Angels on earth.
    Remember all his silly antics, as I didn’t know him personally but have gotten to love him, through your website. He will be missed by many.
    Thank you for your dedication, sorry and hugs for your loss.

  6. They are never ‘just’ Amy. That’s why you do this. When I had a horse on stall rest with a severe leg injury long ago – his stall mate? A chicken. She oversaw each daily banadage change and slept nuzzled into his neck. ‘All creatures great and small’ come into our lives and love us and we love them. MT may have been silly, but it was not silly that you loved him.

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