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Facebook Auction Closes First Round Bids; More Great Items to Come

Tonight at 6pm we closed the bids for the first 14 items in the Beaver Creek Auction on Facebook!  A huge “thank you” and good karma to our supporters who have won their coveted packages by virtue of being the highest bidder!

Visit Beaver Creek Auction on Facebook to see all the winners!

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is privileged to count many donors in their camp. That’s why we are able to offer even more great stuff in Round Two! Watch the Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/beavercreekauction – for more items going live tomorrow, Tuesday October 21 starting at 6pm.

Christmas Warmer Basket – never too soon for holiday shopping

facebook auction

For the info geeks families – a whole collection of “How It Works”facebook auction

Faux Fur glory – as modeled by donor, volunteer and Fab Gal Gayle!

facebook auction

Jackson is very excited, you will be too – come on over :)

facebook auction



6 thoughts on “Facebook Auction Closes First Round Bids; More Great Items to Come”

  1. I have some handmade jewellery items incorporating Swarovski crystals and some semi-precious stones like jade which i would like to donate to the auction. Are you still accepting items?

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thank you so much for the offer! We have completed all the admin and postings for this fall’s Facebook auction so I’m afraid we are no longer accepting items. However you will see future postings here on the website for upcoming fundraisers, and we would so welcome your support!

      1. Thank you, Judith, for your reply. For now I will content myself with bidding on a few of the items in the current auctions. By spring I should have some pet jewellery available – barrettes especially to keep the hair out of the eyes of the little guys

        1. I was the successful bidder on 2 items – #81 The Leafs jerseys and #109 the Ice Pink Purse. Unfortunately, I had major surgery on Sept. 29 of this year and I have had complications which are making it difficult for me to get to the Sanctuary to pick up my items. They must be picked up by 6 pm on Thursday, Nov. 6 and right now, that seems beyond my limited capabilities. I noticed on one of the auction info pages that delivery is possible right into Toronto. I live in Niagara Falls. Would it be possible to have these items delivered?

          1. Please disregard my request for possible delivery. I am able to pick up my items this afternoon, Nov. 6. 2014. Thank you.

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