Everything has a Price

For every animal we rescue there is a price. Each animal takes  a piece of our hearts, our souls and a bit out of our pocketbook.


For every story of suffering we hear, for every night spent sleepless worrying over funding, for bruised souls, bruised legs, squished toes, sloppy kisses, stinky hugs, fleas, lice, ticks and worms…

…there is a price.


Behind each of the aches and pains is a small life that has been discarded. There is a soul abandoned and suffering. Behind the worry lines and the laugh lines there is a being who will never be able to speak their pain, defend themselves or stop loving the people who hurt them.

Rescuers are warriors.


We fight a silent battle every day with our emotional, mental and physical selves. We wage war to give a voice and protect our charges. We choke down the grief of Nobody’s Dog, we wipe our tears away and charge forward.


Rescuers look deeply and dramatically into the eyes of an animal and can see our soul reflected back in theirs. The answer to every question, the key to every lock and the secret to life is: Love.


That’s all they want: Love

To be allowed to love and to be loved in return. If the entire world took a page out of the book of dog we’d live in a much better place.


If rescuers were out of a job we’d be overjoyed with happiness. No more suffering, no more pain, no more battles to be won. The war would be over and we would struggle to put down our swords. Our shields would fall and be replaced with flowers.


Could you imagine such a world?


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