eulogy for a rescued dog from lebanon

Eulogy for a Rescue … Nobody’s Dog

Nobody’s Dogs are euthanized, unwanted, every day, all over the world. These dogs are abandoned to a horrible fate, because nobody loves Nobody’s Dog.

No responsibility is taken for Nobody’s Dog and no one is a voice for Nobody’s Dog. Nobody stands up and says “yes, that dog is mine.” Nobody says “I love that dog.” Nobody’s Dog is destroyed someplace cold, terrifying and alone.

Droopy came to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary as Nobody’s Dog and he’d been Nobody’s Dog for a long time. When he walked out of his shipping crate at the farm, after a 28 hour journey from Lebanon, I gasped with shock at his appearance. He was skeleton thin; red rashed bleeding skin stretched taut over his small frame. He trotted out and glanced around not quite sure what he would find.  We were just as shocked as Droopy.

eulogy for a rescued dog

What he found was food and fresh water. He found a soft, warm, clean bed and gentle hands to hold him close. He found love. Droopy became a BCFS dog. He now belonged to a misfit group of animal lovers.

Droopy was clearly sick when he arrived and at first we held the hope that we could heal him, we could fix him and our love would be enough.

The vet confirmed our worst fears. Droopy was dying. There were treatments, but she feared it was too late. We talked for a day about trying the treatment and decided neither we, nor Droopy were ready to throw in the towel, so we paid for the expensive medications and started to treat him.

eulogy for a rescued dog treatment

Each day that passed Droopy got sicker. Each hour that passed we saw the life ebbing from his body. He looked at me on a chilly November morning and Droopy was telling me it was time to stop the pain.

We took our dog Droopy to the vet the very next morning and with a heavy heart and a sense of failure we held him close while he took his final breaths.

His body stopped trembling as he found his peace; we watched as he finally relaxed and went to find friends. We take comfort knowing Gizmo and Misiu will be greeting Droopy and showing him the endless treats, wide open fields and warm beds where he can sleep.

Droopy will ask “how did I get here so fast? I thought Nobody’s Dog had to wait to get into heaven.”

Misiu tilted his wise golden head and said to Droopy “Don’t you see? You became Somebody’s Dog. My mom loves you as much as she loves me. You got to heaven so quickly because her tears paved the way.”

Droopy is loved by so many people in the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary family and will be dearly missed … as Somebody’s Dog.


Eulogy for a Rescued Dog
by Amy Bremner, Co-Founder
Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

Watch the video version of Droopy’s story here

4 thoughts on “Eulogy for a Rescue … Nobody’s Dog”

  1. Bless him and you. There’s an old song that says “you’re nobody till somebody loves you…”. I am gladdened that Droopy came to Canada and let you all become somebody’s… Cause he loved you.

  2. Amy, always remember that Droopy knew in his final days that he was loved and that should mean more to you than his end. Keep strong, there are still too many animals that need your help.

  3. Amy, Brent and Team,
    what you have done and continue to do spreads love. I’m so sorry to hear about Droopy but, so happy that he found love before he left, maybe that was why he came in the first place.
    Lynn and Pack

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