Equibow with Alice

Larney, an eighteen hannovarian BCFS accepted in December 2017 with an injured left hind leg was surrended by a lady who loved him dearly, but was unable to care for him any longer. She was going to euthanize and then she started communicating with BCFS.

It took several months before Larney finally made his way to our barn at BCFS. He was in extra discomfort after the long trailer ride. We gave him some time and let him settle before we had the vet out.


He was diagnosed with a chronic back leg pain (lower suspensory ligament damage), so we started looking into alternative treatment.

724C5366-97C6-49C8-ADCA-EF0B444BF91EWe are lucky enough to have a wonderful group of supporters: Elisabeth connected BCFS with Alice Zammit-Maempel from Equine Natural Therapy to come out and do equibow with Larney.


Equi-bow is a gentle, non-invasive modality which re-patterns the neuromuscular system through its ripple like effect on fascia and connective tissue. It re-balances the nervous system, enhancing relaxation, as well as re-balancing hormonal and endocrine function. It reduces fascial tension and referred pain. Circulation is improved and it promotes fluid level balance thus re-hydrating the tissues. Not only does Equi-Bow address musculoskeletal issues, it addresses all the body system functions and internal organs. Natural Therapy 

053558BF-E0A4-491E-9018-0CBD2D366D33Alice is a Natural Therapy professional who offers equibow and equine massage to horses. We couldn’t believe the difference! Larney was much more comfortable and even standing square.

He showed signs of relief with his frequent yawning and chewing. This is how they process equibow.

27858338_10156087409742485_8683339353776810790_nLarney has shown much improvement. He’s no longer dragging a toe on his back leg and there is much more playful behaviour. We’re thrilled with Alice’s work.

Thank you Alice Zammit-Maempel for helping our Larney! You can find Alice at 905-348-0798 or visit her webpage www.equine-naturaltherapy.com 

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