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Elsa’s Adventures!

It was a snow covered frozen Saturday morning the day Elsa came into the world and as she laid in the snow struggling for her first breath her mother was watching her with sadness.

Elsa’s mom bayed gentle and licked Elsa encouraging her to stand and take her first drink, but Elsa was too weak to stand.

Elsa was the third and smallest kid born to the goat mama and with two healthy kids to manage, her mom didn’t have the time or energy to devote to a small, sickly baby goat.

After a long time of laying in the snow and ice Elsa got very cold, so incredibly cold. Elsa’s breathing was slowing when she felt gentle hands touch her body. They were so warm. Those hands felt like hope, if hope had hands.

Gently those hands lifted Elsa’s body out of the snow and she was wrapped in a blanket. The motion of walking felt strange to Elsa, but she was too weak to fight. She let out a soft bleat that made no sound and the person carrying Elsa smiled in relief.

Elsa was still alive. 

elsa 7 days old

Elsa was getting warm when a bottle of milk was brought forward and at first she didn’t know what to do… but when the first drop of warm white milk touched her tongue she began to drink.

It would be several days of feeding and staying warm before Elsa would continue her journey to arrive at BCFS.

She was exactly seven days old when she was carried through the door of the warm farm kitchen to be greeted by Taz and Jackson.

elsa day 7 first day with bcfs

She was small and weak, but managed to drink a few ounces of warmed kid grow formula, as she stood on the kitchen floor.

elsa day 7 first day with bcfs. 7 days old

Elsa was fed a few ounces of formula every two hours for the first forty-eight hours. After being accepted by our pack, Elsa was carried to the couch to have a nap on her new daddy.

The both fell into an exhausted sleep for hours…

elsa day 7 with dad

By the time Elsa was eight days old we knew she was something fragile and special. She made herself comfortable in the farm kitchen and we noticed that when fed, warm and happy Elsa looked like she was smiling.

Elsa jax brent 7 days old

Each day that passes we watch as Elsa grows stronger, more adventurous and demanding! Elsa does everything to extremes whether it’s sleeping or playing.

She’s a typical baby in many ways. She plays, eats, poops and sleeps for hours. For the first few days she would only seek us out for food. She would cry when she was hungry and once fed would fall into a sweet milk coma for several hours.

elsa day 8 crate

After a week Elsa began to call for us for play and comfort. If she couldn’t find us she would bay loudly and scream until we called out,

“Elsa! We’re over here”

elsa day 8 all red

She would then bound over with much vigor. We took her for a short walk and at first she traveled with tentative steps until she saw Jackson zoom by and she couldn’t help but chase him!

elsa day 8

Elsa fit right in as another shih tzu! We ran into our neighbour on one of walks and she had to look three times and ask “what breed of dogs is that?” She laughed at herself and was delighted to find herself holding baby Elsa.


The stairs continue to be a deep well of entertainment for Elsa. Whether it’s the stairs to the second floor or the little dog stairs that lead to the window seat, she is delighted.


Elsa doesn’t love the snow or the cold and if we didn’t make her go outside for a potty break I don’t think she’d ever leave the house. Her inevitable transition to the barn will be a slow one to keep this saucy girl happy. elsaday11 snow

She’s sassy and fun, but sweet. She’s just starting to head butt when she wants something. I’ll be washing bottles (I’m always washing bottles) and she’ll head butt my leg for attention. If that doesn’t work she’ll start nibbling my pants and talking.

We’ve had many wonderful conversations in the kitchen.

Elsa 12 days bed

It took Elsa a few tries to master the stairs, but she’s brave and strong and really worked those stairs until she could bounce up and down.

See Elsa figuring out the stairs thanks to this video by Silvana our adoption coordinator: Elsa learning stairs

Two days later: Elsa the stair master! 

elsa stairs 14 days

She never gives up even when the going gets tough!

elsa 14 days

We will continue to bottle feed Elsa with Kid Gro formula until she is three months old. She’s just turned two weeks old and we’ve offered her hay and a bit of grain.


She’s gone so far as to sniff the hay, but still won’t take the first bite! Soon our little Elsa will be strong enough to spend more time outside. Until then she’s happy to spend her nights sleeping in her heated crate and her days exploring the farm kitchen.

Many thanks to those who have come out to feed and play with Elsa… even when she sleeps through the visits.

We look forward to watching this kid grow into a beautiful mama goat. We’ve already seen a noticeable change in her size and confidence.

elsa 15 days bed

We look foward to many long nights this winter being entertained by this darling diva. Thank you for joining us on Elsa’s adventure!

elsa teepee 16 days old

Please share Elsa’s story, so we can educate people that farm animals have personality, feelings and emotions.

5 thoughts on “Elsa’s Adventures!”

  1. I so look forward to seeing your postings on fb. I live in St. Davids and share all the animal adventures from Beaver Creek on fb, especially with my daughter. We are going to make a trip out to see you and the animals soon and hopefully I will sign up to be a volunteer at the farm. I guess I would be best at spending time with the dogs and walking them. I have rescued three furbabies over the years from Toronto Animal Services. The work that you are doing is just wonderful and God Bless you all for being there for these helpless beautiful creatures.

    1. You’re welcome to fill out a volunteer application and think about what you’d like to do at BCFS! You can find the applications on our documents page. We will be hosting a volunteer day in the spring of 2016!

  2. How wonderful that you lovingly care for precious sweet animals who need serious t.l.c. I care for abandoned cats, left behind when families moved, left outside without care, born domestic and left frightened because of wild coyotes prowling in the night. After medical care for cancer, Snowball is now in our home in home hospice care, loved, safe, snuggled, and full of personality and love, teaching me every day how she still can give joy and meaningful moments and especially that her life matters. How I wish I had twenty years ahead with her! Your care and work encourages me to keep doing what I can. May God bless all that you do caring for your special fur babies.

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