Dozer Has Been Adopted!

Unsurprisingly, our sweet Pug/Pom boys are moving fast! Just a few short days ago we announced that PeeWee had been adopted, and now we are happy to share that Dozer too has gone to his forever home.


Dozer, a 1-year-old Pug/Pomeranian mix, was welcomed into BCFS in May 2017 along with his brothers, Milo and PeeWee. Weighing in at around 28 lbs., Dozer is the largest of the bunch. He is true to his name, with his bulldoze-through-life mentality.

Who me? A bulldozer?

Dozer, Milo, and PeeWee were transferred to BCFS from the Erie County SPCA after being surrendered by a family who had bred two dogs and found themselves unable to rehome all of the pups.


During his time spent on the farm and his brief stint in foster care, we learned that Dozer is friendly, confident, and quick to love. He was the first of his brothers to run up to BCFS’s Amy, put a paw on her knee, and try to kiss her face.


We are thrilled that Dozer has gone to an active family with children who are sure to spoil him with love and attention. His adoptive family plans to bring Dozer for long walks, camping, and to watch the children’s baseball games. Sounds like Dozer will be living the dream!


Congratulations to Dozer, Melinda, John, and family!

2 thoughts on “Dozer Has Been Adopted!”

  1. I volunteer at the Erie County SPCA and I remember seeing all three boys. They were so shut down. I am so grateful and thrilled that Pee Wee and Dozer have found their forever homes! Now it’s Milo’s turn!

  2. Shelter’s cannot adopt out all dogs due to some behaviors like these three dogs had. Thank God that there are safe havens that partner with shelter’s, like BCFS, that are able to take dogs like these and allow them to take the time they need to become “dog” again. Thanks all involved.

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