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Dozer – 1 year old Brindle Pug/Pom Mix- Adopted

Dozer is the biggest of the three brothers. at 28 poundsHe’s friendly, confident and ready to love. Dozer is the perfect name for this tank-like dog who powers through life.

The three pug brothers came from the SPCA serving Erie County. They were surrendered by a family who had bred two dogs and had six puppies a year ago. They kept all six puppies and eventually found homes for three of the six puppies. The other three were taken to the shelter when the family could not long keep the three boys. 18449372_10158588248695316_3665359030653660863_o

He is very much like his name – an absolute tank. He tends to bulldoze his way through situations and was the first to run up, put a paw on my knee and try to kiss my face. He pulls on leash, but is easily corrected as he only wants to please you.

IMG_3523These dogs are great with other dogs and raised with kids. Dozer is rough and tumble and would do well in a busy home with lots of activity. Dozer would be fine with a dog savvy cat and most any other dogs. Dozer would be fine on his own as long as he got lots of attention and exercise from his family.


Dozer does bark at new people and new situations, but is easily reassured. It won’t take much for this guy to wiggle his way into your heart.

Dozer is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, dewormed and is a healthy dog.


If you think you’re the right family for this tummy rubbing boy please fill out an application! His adoption fee is $300.


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