dumping stone

Down and Dirty Ground Prep! Little g Ranch

Boys and their toys tearing it up during site preparation for our new barn affectionately called Little g Ranch. We started with a treed space and had to pull away all the dirt till we found a solid foundation. All good things must be built on a solid foundation. 

roughing it up heavy equipment

Watching the machines dig into the earth and clear the way was a bitter sweet moment. I know we’ll be doing something to help animals, but I’m always a little sad to see the land tore up for human consumption.


Wildlife Habitat

Which is why we’re working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Niagara Conservation to create a new habitat for wildlife in 2016!

Little g Ranch 

They dug and dug and then hit a solid surface where they started dumping stone. Tons and tons of stone… and I mean tons and tons.

truck with stone

Once our site was prepared we built the concrete form and we installed the drainage system.

concrete form

Next went the infloor heat. We’ll never lose another animal due to cold weather!

infloor heat

The regulator was very complex and expensive, but worth it since we’re burying the line in concrete.

infloor heat system

The big Lafarge truck came and brought the concrete. We tested the infloor heat system and can only hope it works!

concrete truck

They poured the concrete in one day.

pouring concrete

They hand textured the entire area.

smoothing concrete

Now, that’s a solid foundation! A foundation we can build something wonderful and solid.

finishing concrete


cutting concrete sunshine

cutting concrete

We put our mark in the concrete for the future site of BCFS.

BCFS in concrete


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