BCFS is so very happy to announce that Donkey has finally found his forever home.


It was no surprise to us that foster mom Miranda and her two girls Hannah and Heidi fell completely in love with this laid back guy, and decided to give Donkey a forever home with lots of love.


Donkey, the 15 pound, male Californian Rabbit loves to spend his days lounging about and doing very important bunny things like napping and hopping.

donkey rabbit snow bunny

Donkey is an adult bunny and was found abandoned in a local cemetery along with some other rabbits. Needless to say, that is no way for a little one to enter the world, but Donkey has been thriving, is neutered and in good health.


A bunny lives for an average of eight to ten years, when properly cared for, so Donkey has many good years ahead of him.


Californian Rabbits are known as a “Fancy Breed” due to their luxurious white coat, and coloured points on their ears, nose and tail.


Originally they were cross-bred with Himalayan breeds and the standard Chinchilla Rabbit.

Bunnies are active animals and enjoy a few hours a day of freedom outside of their cages daily so that they can do the Bunny Hop and slides and jumps that keep them healthy and happy.

snow bunny explores
Keeping busy, checking things out

Like most small animals, bunnies tend to startle easily when they hear loud noises, but as he settles down in his new home, he will learn that once again he is safe and will make an ideal companion.

adorable adoptable bunny donkey

Since he came to BCFS, we believed Donkey was a rabbit of the Flemish Giant sort.  Further research getting to know him better has proven that he is in fact of the Californian breed.


Donkey was found with some other rabbit friends wandering around a graveyard the summer of ’14.    He was a little lighter than he should have been, but no worse for wear.  We tried to call him Shrek because of his size, but for some reason Donkey just stuck. He’s friendly and good with dogs and cats that won’t chase him.






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