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Dog Rescue Import Rules

BCFS strives to build relationships with other rescue organizations and in doing so we often share the workload of dogs in need.  The United States is often overwhelmed with dogs that are considered unadoptable due to medical or behavioural issues.

At Beaver Creek we specialize in these cases and through fundraising and donations we care for these animals with extensive medical issues. Please consider sponsoring a BCFS foster dog with a donation towards their veterinary care.

BCFS sees the Diamond in the Rough

We got a message a week ago asking if we could take in a small yorkie from a puppy mill. She was failing miserably in the shelter and needed to be in a foster home with another little dog.

We barely hesitated before we said yes and called one of our trusted foster homes in hopes they would give this girl some much needed love.


carmel shelter

Since we were taking one dog they asked if we could take two? Off to the phone lines to find a foster home and that’s how this Ohio chocolate love came to us!

Reese Pieces! 

reece intake

The last plea for a third dog came the day before we were to do the transport for Carmelita and Reese.

They asked if we could take a big soft eyed shih tzu with no name. She was dumped at a shelter in Ohio with a request to euthanize.

No Name…

sundae intake

All three of these dogs have medical problems that need costly veterinary care. All three of these dogs are considered unadoptable due to their medical needs or behavioural issues. All three of these dogs deserve a chance.

Importing Rescue Dogs 

Our first battle was getting these dogs across the border and into Canada. We applied for our importer number and did all the paperwork. We worked with two other rescues to help get these animals as close to Buffalo, NY as possible.


One of our trusted foster moms Claudette and Amy (our fearless leader) armed with three crates and reams of paperwork headed over the river to retrieve our new BCFS foster dogs.

Once we arrived at the shelter it took an hour to get all the paperwork in order. We used calculators to adjust import duty based on that day’s exchange rate on the US Dollar — which has been a wee bit high lately.

We got to see the three dogs and the most impressive thing was the smell from the dog with No Name, but we cuddled her tight and told her she was safe and loved.

Powerful Odor – No Name

sundae intake day one

We pulled the tiny car into the commercial truck lane and waited between massive running diesel trucks for our turn. It took about thirty minutes to make our way up to the first booth.

I had to get out of the car and stand on my tip toes to talk to the customs officers. My heart was pounding as he looked at our paperwork.

We were shuffled over to the office where I walked in with a file full of information and was directed to a computer where I filled out a form B3-3 while Claudette stayed with the dogs.

I managed to get the paperwork filled out with little difficulty and was told by the clerk to wait for a customs officer to speak with me.

It wasn’t a long wait before they called Beaver Creek up to the payment booth.

He was friendly as he gathered my forms and then said “That will be $22”.

Twenty two dollars to save three lives.

I used the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary card to pay for these three lives and walked back to the little car smiling.

I climbed in and was struck by the powerful odor of No Name shih tzu – wow – she needs a bath.

Sundae day two

All three dogs have foster homes and all three are slated to see the vet this week to determine the course of care.

Please stay tuned to read about each of their stories and we promise happy tails….




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