Delana Comes Out of Her Shell – Update!

When we rescued 7-year-old Delana in September, this wee girl had spent years as a puppy mill mama, confined to a box. She was shy and fearful but began to blossom in foster care with other BCFS dogs, including her daughter Allura (now renamed Molly) and three sons.

delanaalluraIMG_3072Delana with daughter Molly behind her at BCFS

Delana happily found her forever family with new parents Marilyn and Bill in October.

delanaIMG_3325A perfect match: Delana with Marilyn and Bill on adoption day

Since then, Delana has been learning “How To Be a Dog 101”, as she gets settled in with her new family and gets to just be a dog, not a puppy mill breeder, and to have a real home and family. Marilyn has kindly sent us two updates on Delana’s progress:

Delana is in the land of ‘NO MO SNO’ and enjoys 4-5 walks a day. People comment on how well she walks on the leash….tail up…trotting along like a queen. She knows which neighbours have treats for her and will take them from their hand. Delana has gone from hiding behind the couch in October to being a lap lump in December. In the morning she jumps up on the chair with Bill. The rest of the time she shares the chair with me. However, her favourite spot is on the couch in the lanai.


We have discovered we have a smart little dog who learns very quickly. It’s great to watch her become a dog more and more every day. I enjoy reading about her family…and Beaver Creek on Facebook.

Marilyn is referring to our posts about Delana’s daughter Molly and her three sons Fenton, Bergen and Ruger. All are adopted except for Bergen who’s in a specialized foster care home. He’s available for adoption and we’ll be providing an update on Bergen soon!

Marilyn sends a further update on Delana:

Delana continues to be a mixture of curiosity and anxiety. The neighbours keep commenting on how much she’s improving. She wants to be around people and is accepting head pats…on her terms. We bought her a Kong and put dry dog food in it. As expected it frightened her…but not for long. Now she’s a pro at emptying it.

Every morning I get help making the bed…as you can see she likes “pillow lounging”. She’s a very smart little dog who keeps us on our toes!


Thank you, Marilyn! We’re so happy for Delana to be coming out of her shell day by day, gaining confidence, meeting neighbors and getting used to people, being loved by her family in the comfort and security she’s always deserved.


Thanks to Marilyn and Bill from BCFS for giving Delana a happy home and life, and for your wonderful updates!

BCFS loves hearing from our adoptive families with updates on the animals we’ve rescued and rehomed. If you’ve adopted from BCFS and would like to send an update and new photos to us, please email our Lead Writer and Director of Social Media Lori at: Thank you and happy tails!

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  1. We all love getting the updates because it reminds us that these beautiful fur-babies just need a chance to be part of a loving family where they can truly be a loved family member! And to just be a dog! and be safe. Thanks again to BCFS, foster families and their fur ever home family! Keep up the good work!

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