Dad’s Visit Cudjoe Key 2011

By Saturday February 5, 2011 Brent and I were really enjoying our vacation. It was warm, the superbowl was tomorrow and dad was coming down for a three day visit.

Dad showed up around 2pm after a gentle drive down from Miami. He came with this plastic suitcases, big smile and 47″ flatscreen. What a hero.

When we got into the rental the TV was an old style 32″ with basic cable. If it hadn’t been for the superbowl we wouldn’t have bothered, but how could I watch the Packers win the superbowl on a small screen? I asked dad to pick us up a TV on his way down, since there isn’t a walmart within one hundred miles of Cudjoe Key.

We took dad to Key West in the afternoon to watch the sunset ceremony from Mallory Square and we had ice cream. We watched the street performers juggle and free themselves from chains while the sun dipped into the ocean and the crowd of hundreds cheered and raised their glasses.

It was a short drive back to the rental for BBQ steaks.

Sunday morning we went to the most expensive flea market and stopped for a bit of limited shopping. We had lunch at Boondocks and enjoyed their “RoethlesBURGER” – I kept stabbing mine and dad kept laughing.

After a nap we were ready for the Superbowl. It was a great game and I never knew when I should wander off for a restroom break, because I didn’t want to miss the game or the commercials.

I ran screaming around the rental trailing a small pack of barking dogs when the Packers won . We celebrated and cheered and high fived all around. What a great day.

Dad left Monday and Brent and I settled back into a nice routine of reading, sunbathing and finally kayaking out into the ocean to watch the sunset. It was beautiful.

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