D-fa Dog Coats

Every year I get the dogs new winter coats. Do they need them? No. Do I love shopping for them? Yes. This year we found D-fa Dog (say it fast: D is for Dog) and fell in love with the language on their website and their well made product. The striking photos of the most beautiful black lab in a shocking red coat help the marketing as does the hip language and exotic allure of New Zealand.


We got the coats in the mail and they clearly aren’t made for super little guys, but with a few alterations they’ll fit. I love the Ice-Barker made from 100% merino wool from New Zealand. It’s made for the older guy who might have some cold weather joint pain. Perfect for my aging Poco.

I though the puffy coat would be perfect for my Super Taz Adventure Princess Puppy Dog who will stay outside in the freezing cold until she shivers and sneezes. Unfortunately, the puffy coat is a little too big for the delicate Princess, but D-fa has offered to custom make one just for her.

The Sub-Woofer seemed like the perfect coat for Jackson who doesn’t stay out any longer than is necessary. It’s a soft shell coat made of synthetic materials that is super light. It’s like he’s wearing nothing at all. It’s a bit too big, but we’re hoping Aunt Carolyn will shorten the back a bit.

Her name is Angela and she’s fantastic. She’s a customer service rep for D-fa Dogs and has offered to do any alterations and make any exchanges to make the coats fit my wee adventurers.

For Poco we’re trading in the P2 for the P1 (smaller) Ice-Barker and it should fit perfect. Poco weights about 11 pounds the P1 is a perfect fit with no alterations required. If you’re little ones are ten pounds the P1 should fit.

For Taz D-fa Dog is customizing a Puffy Coat just for her at no charge (they’re even covering shipping). The Puffy coat is super light weight, water resistant and incredibly warm. It will be perfect for long winter days on cat patrol.

Jackson got the Sub-Woofer which fits the smallest of all the dog coats. Jax weights about 7 pounds and the only alteration needed is to shorted the back. I’m going to take this to Aunt Carolyn to get it shortened (rather than risk eye injury if I tried to sew). He looks incredibly sharp in the bright red, light weight coat.

I’m very happy with the customer service of D-fa Dog. I would highly recommend their products and their company. If you’ve got a dog that needs a sturdy, well made, lightweight coat that won’t make them look like a sissy check out www.d-fadog.com


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