Cuddly Calico Kitten Roo Tippa Adopted!

We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome for wobbly calico kitten Roo Tippa than to be adopted by one of our previous adoptive moms – and this lucky kitty gets two adoring cocker spaniel siblings, too!

Roo Tippa’s new mom Ann was looking to adopt a dog-friendly cat for her dogs Taffi and Lacey who love kitties, and this wee girl is now ruling the roost!

Who’s the Boss? 


Ann shares her new photos with us and reports that Roo Tippa is the boss and doesn’t tolerate any silly business from pooches Taffi and Lacey! Both dogs were raised with cats and Ann says Taffi would cry when she saw a cat and loves to wash Ann’s sister’s cat. How sweet is that?

Wee Roo Tippa is so adorable and has a good prognosis for her recovery from malnourishment that she didn’t spend very long in BCFS’ foster care program. Ann realized Roo Tippa was the perfect kitty for her and her pooches and is now Roo’s new mama!

rooimg_0678expcropresizedA perfect match: Roo Tippa in mom Ann’s arms

How could Ann resist an adorable, spunky and cuddly girl like Roo Tippa?

roo tippa close up

Roo Tippa is making herself right at home with Ann, Taffi and Lacey. The pooches are clearly enamored of their new family member.


Roo Tippa came to BCFS through our rescue partner the Niagara Falls Humane Society due to a problem using her back legs.

roo and brent

They weren’t sure if Roo would have bladder and bowel control but after we found a litter box with a low side, Roo was a champ and showed us that YES! she does indeed and uses it! Roo Tippa earned her name by tipping over so much at first, then jumping like a wee kangaroo with a good push of her back legs.  She loved cuddling up with BCFS’ foster shih tzu Tashi and after awhile, Jackson decided he had to snuggle with her too.

roo and jax

BCFS was fortunate to have two veterinarians and an animal physiotherapist visit, and as founder Amy wrote, “After an assessment and a lot of cuddling it was determined that the kitten had been malnourished and was unable to develop the muscles needed to walk. Good food and lots of exercise would get this kitten on the road to recovery!

Roo Tippa went to her foster home and by day five she was mastering the stairs! She strengthened her muscles by walking on the slippery laminate floors and gained some traction on the carpeting.


We’re hopeful that with a continued nutritious diet, exercises and love that Roo Tippa will continue her progress and enjoy life to the fullest. So far she’s reveling in her new home with her cocker spaniel friends and mom Ann.

rooimg_0681expcropLet’s play!!

Roo Tippa is well on her way, loving all the attention from her new family.


Thank you to foster mom Tonia, and to adoptive mom Ann for giving little Roo Tippa her forever home and adoring dog siblings to play with and boss around!



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