Cricket: The Wonderful Chihuahua

When Cricket first came into rescue he was a challenge, but now? He’s changed. Love can do that.


Cricket is still a typical one person chihuahua, but he’s more accepting of company. He listens to corrections quickly and wants to please.

We’re very happy that Cricket is a happier dog. He climbs stairs, rides in the car and is more accepting of visitors, but it takes time for his to warm up to strangers.

On the sweet side Cricket is a champion cuddler, he’ll sleep snuggled with you all night on your bed and he’ll never be the first one up. He’ll sleep all day with you.


He’s doing very well with his housebreaking and takes himself out through the dog door to potty. He’s turned into quite a lovely little boy and gets along well with other dogs.

From the Foster Mom: I’d had a rough couple of days and was trying to rest, but couldn’t settle until Cricket came up on the bed and curled into my tummy. I could feel his warm body and I relaxed. He’s an amazing friend.


He’s not the typical nervous Chihuahua, he’s got a cool confidence that he voices on occasion, but he’s not a horrible barker.

He’s curled up sleeping beside me on the couch as the snow falls gently outside and I feel warm and loved. Good dog Cricket. Good dog.

Do you need a friend? A genuine friend who absolutely adores you? Consider Cricket. The cute four pound chihuahua.




5 thoughts on “Cricket: The Wonderful Chihuahua”

  1. OMG! CRICKET you are so cute! I am sure you will find that for ever home you are looking for! Anyone would love to snuggle and kiss that adorable face! Not sure if you need best wishes to find that home but wishing you anyway!

  2. Is Cricket good with cats, i have two large males. I would love to know more about this little fellow. Please let me know.

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