Cricket: The Deeply Misunderstood Chihuahua

When Cricket first came to BCFS months and months ago, when summer was just a flicker in the distance, we thought he was one tough case.

He was all teeth and nails, and no cuddle. He was four pounds of cute as a button, I swear I’ll take your toes off with my teeth… sweetheart?


Cricket was picked up as a stray from the streets and street life made Cricket a little ornery. Maybe even down right mean. He didn’t trust anyone and there was nothing anyone could do to gain his trust… or so we thought.

He didn’t think I was watching one day as he laid on his back in a stream of sunlight and mouthed a plush toy pig. Wiggling back and forth he looked joyful. He looked happy. I didn’t intrude, but I had the key to unlock his closed heart.

You see, there’s always a key, its just a matter of finding it. Sometimes its food or a toy or patience or love. With some it takes years to find, with others it takes a day.

With Cricket his weakness was plush toys.

IMG_3565A few weeks later I sat on the floor and picked up a plush toy and squeezed it once, it squeaked delightfully. Cricket stopped in his tracks and looked at me, while Jackson ran over to play with unabashed delight.

I squeaked and Jackson gave a little woof before bounding after the toy. Cricket watched for a moment looking from me to Jackson until he caved and bounced over stealing the toy.

He ran off, so I grabbed another toy and started squeaking. Day after day we had our play time until Cricket started following me around the house, guarding me in the shower and going for walks.


No more teeth. Cricket was actually a little ball of cuddling love. Please read on….

We quickly learned that I was Cricket’s person. He loved me most and tolerated Brent. What he didn’t tolerate well was intruders, or as we call them: guests.

We’ve done our best to curb his desire to snag pant legs in his teeth and nip at ankles, but the truth is Cricket will see every stranger as an intruder. He’ll need a special quiet home with little activity.

We are confident we can transfer his love to another as long as another is chihuahua savvy.


Cricket gets along well with other dogs (regardless of size) and dog savvy cats. Cricket and our cat Bill have a love-hate relationship antagonizing each other – usually at 2am on top of our heads as we try to sleep.


Cricket does have a high prey drive and wouldn’t do well with small animals. He also has little tolerance for children. He would make a good apartment dog as long as he wasn’t left alone for too long.

Do you have the patience and love to fill four pounds of fury? Could you be the right home for Cricket? Think carefully, he’s a firecracker with a cuddly side.

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