Cricket 7 year old Chihauhua

Cricket was found as a stray on the mean streets of Buffalo, NY and spent some time in the kennels at the city pound. Cricket did not handle the stress well and would lash out biting at the staff.


Cricket is not quite five pounds and has little in the way of defence, so when he feels threatened he goes straight to teeth.

In Crickets best interest he was moved to the SPCA Serving Erie County to see if they could rehabilitate the little ball of fury.


It didn’t take long to realize that Cricket would not thrive in a kennel situation and that’s when BCFS got a phone call asking if we had any space.

Cricket Bites

“He bites” said our contact at BCFS.  “He’s territorial and guards toys & food” continued our contact “did I mention he bites whenever we try to handle him?”


The BCFS Board of Directors discussed it and decided to accept this tiny powerhouse into our Foster Care Program for rehabilitation.

Cricket is a work in progress and we’re hopeful he’ll learn to trust again.

One thought on “Cricket 7 year old Chihauhua”

  1. Cricket……I think I would bite to, if I was left to fend on the streets for myself! Adults carry guns/knifes etc. to defend themselves on the street! (not that that is right) You will learn to trust and love again Cricket …you just need the right environment and the right fur-ever home! You look soooo scared but little do you know you are in the best place BCFS!!! Good luck pup!

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