Cole Finds Foster Home – Ready for adoption!

Cole has found himself with a lovely senior lady looking for a bit of company after her best canine companion passed away.

She has some challenges walking, so we thought our ambling ole man Cole would make a dapper companion to our new foster home.

Cole has been living in our barn, and its a lovely barn with rugs, mats and heat, but its no home. Cole deserved to live in a home with his people. To curl up at night and enjoy a nice warm fire.


We’re so happy Cole has found a safe spot to rest with no other dogs, where he can bask in the quiet life for his retired days. Cole is still looking for his forever home and we’re grateful his foster mom is in no rush to see him adopted.

cole and bailey

Hugs and thank you Ms Lady for accepting Cole into your home. We greatly appreciate our foster homes! Cole is available for adoption to a home with no other pets. Please fill out an adoption application and send it to us from the documents page on our website

One thought on “Cole Finds Foster Home – Ready for adoption!”

  1. This is ideal for Cole and his new foster Mama I’ve been praying someone would love him So heartbreaking when you know a pup has had a love with someone and then life deals a different path…. he’s likely heartbroken and confused. Hope he finds his forever person but in the meantime recovers from his losses … good job all ❤️

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