Christmas Videos

Children make the magic on Christmas morning. The shining joy on their faces and the pureness of their spirit. I would never argue the truth behind those statements, but often there are other unencumbered souls who share the joy and magic of Christmas. For our family nothing makes Christmas more entertaining than puppies opening presents…

… and getting treats thanks to GE and GB!

Gifts from the California Kitty Lindhursts.  We were grateful to get gifts from our feline relatives in California and the puppies showed their joy at the squeaks! My floors are happily covered in squirrels.

And finally… the last gift on Boxing Day! We saved one gift under the tree for boxing day and Taz didn’t waste any time trying to tear it open. Can you imagine if she weighted eighty pounds?

Christmas was filled with special moments. We did share a particularly amusing moment when Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Brian gave the puppies a six pack of little tennis balls. We opened the package while sitting on the floor and threw all the balls at once. It was puppy craziness, but we were all too busy playing to grab the video camera.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays.


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