Chocolate Lionhead Rabbit Almond – Adopted!


The reward in animal rescue and providing temporary fostering to animals is when we bid farewell to them. When we successfully match a rescued animal to a loving person or family who will care for them all their lives.


That’s what BCFS did this past week for our foster bunny, lovely chocolate Lionhead rabbit Almond. Shortly after we posted about her, Almond found her forever home with new Dad Rob and his three adorable children!

We’re pleased to report that cuddly Almond has been adopted!


Home Sweet Home

She enjoyed her stay here at BCFS with our other foster rabbits but now she has a permanent home and a loving family to shower her with attention and snuggle up with.


Almond’s pretty eyes, her collar of long soft fur, and her sweet gentle nature were irresistible.

Her new Dad, Rob, is building a custom bunny hutch for Almond out of a wall unit!


Thank you to Rob and his children for giving Almond a new home and loving this sweet bunny. We look forward to updates!

If you’re thinking of adopting a rabbit, we still have four more rescued bunnies available for adoption! Bonded Lionhead sisters Star and Luna, Mini Rex male Magic whom we previously featured with Almond, and our Californian bunny, Donkey.

Please complete an Adoption Application and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at: Thank you for considering a rescue bunny!

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