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Love at First Sight, Chichi’s Adoption Makes the Heart Sing

There is no happier moment in a foster mom’s life than when your foster dog suddenly gets amnesia. That is exactly what happened when Dennis walked into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. No word of a lie, it took less than 30 seconds for Chichi our little senior black chihuahua to leap into Dennis’ lap, wiggly and ecstatic, and claim this man as his new furever companion.

Adoption at Jaw Dropping Speed

Adoptable AKC Chihuahua chichi

Our jaws dropped as Chichi made a beeline to sit with Dennis. Our “previously” shy, snappy senior could not get close enough fast enough. Dennis has a lovely calm, warm energy that every single creature in the house responded to, including my co-volunteer Megan and I.  Yes, there were treats involved later, but that was just icing on the proverbial cake. It was love at first sight for Chichi, and it didn’t take long for Dennis to agree.

dancing senior chihuahua


Love at First Sight

Dennis had done his homework thoroughly, reading everything available about Chichi before he arrived at the Farm. And the BCFS volunteer team had completed all their due diligence too – home visit, reference and vet checks all done before the meet and greet. That made for a very happy pair of new friends, because when Dennis said “yes” Chichi could ride home that very day with his new furever companion.

chichi adoption


Long Term Rehabilitation Pays Off

Being a foster person means sticking with your charge through thick and thin, when it seems they are making progress, and when they are biting the hand that feeds them. Our six months together has paid off in spades (pardon the pun).  In the past few weeks, Chichi’s increased confidence has seen him greeting strangers rather than running into another room, allowing hands to pet him rather than growling them off, and seeking out the company of visitors and residents alike. A far cry from the roach backed, anti-social fella that came into rescue last summer.

chiropractic care for dogs with Dr. Tracy Drynan

It takes a team, and Chichi’s is the best. His extended foster family Janet, Raye and Paul and me, Judith; BCFS co-founders and house-mates Amy and Brent who make it all possible; Chiropractor Tracy J. Drynan of Stride Forth Chiropractic; vet Dr. Rachel Thomas; Reiki practitioner Silvana Cronier; and the whole extended BCFS team that gave him love and support throughout his time with us.

Read About Chichi & Chiropractic Care here

Happy Furever Life Chichi, your adoption is an inspiration to us all!



5 thoughts on “Love at First Sight, Chichi’s Adoption Makes the Heart Sing”

  1. Dennis is my next door neighbor and friend. When he told me about ChiChi I was thrilled for him. You couldn’t ask for a better pet owner that will show ChiChi the love and care that he needs. I just want to say thank you for joining the two of them. It is a perfect match and you won’t have any regrets. Well maybe one and that would be missing ChiChi. I adopted 2 cats awhile ago and I love them both.

  2. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Chi Chi is so happy in his new home I really love him. He’s very energetic and loves to play with his toy mouse. He’s helped me so much as I am healing from the passing of my 14 year old Maltese Toby. Here is a you-tube link to a video I uploded,

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