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Mud Taz

It has been raining for days and the ground is saturated with ankle deep puddles that wreak havoc on regular shoes. Rubber boots are in order at the farm. Super Taz Adventure Puppy loves the bad weather and has no problem splashing through huge mud puddles and then dashing into the house and jumping on the leather couch. At least I can wipe it off.

There was a five minute reprieve of rain where the sun came out and I sat outside reading the flyers.  I saw Taz out of the corner of my eye running at mock five diving head first into the puddles and racing through the mud. She ran back and forth across these banks of mud puddles for several minutes while I watched, laughed and soaking up a few rays of sunshine.

When I brought her into the house she looked like I’d coated her belly with chocolate pudding. She was coated with thick wet mud and was quite proud of herself.

I pick her eight pound body up and the first thing I noticed was she was shivering from being cold and wet, but the second thing I couldn’t help noticing was the mud oozing out from between my fingers. It was that thick.

She looked something like this:

This is a puppy story written for a little girl who’s mom is a co-worker and told me that her daughter is always asking if there are more “puppy stories” on the computer. Maybe I should put a book together that could be read as bedtime stories about puppies and horses and pigs. I wonder if anyone would like that?

Not so Super Taz

Taz is our five year old 8 pound blonde bombshell shih poo pup who gave us a scare this week. We are particularly sensitive since the death of our beloved Gizmo on Aug 2, 2011.

Taz had a bout of lethargy and weakness last Thursday and we took her to our vet who directed us to the Niagara Vet Emerge Clinic, then to Mississauga Vet Emerge Clinic on Friday when she rapidly deteriorated to life threatening. She was stable and brought home over the weekend. We took her to an internal medicine specialist on Tuesday in Orchard Park.

She’s doing much better. She still tires easily and takes long naps, but she’s getting better.

The internal medicine doctor, Dr. Brummer at the Orchard Park Vet Hospital in the United States, did a bunch of tests and this is what we learned.

Chest x-ray: Taz has a heart murmur (no other vet has picked up on this), but her chest x-ray shows a normal sized heart. The murmur is probably a very small mitral valve leak. Dr. Brummer is not worried about it.

Abdominal Ultrasound: All organs, vessels and structures are normal. There is no bypass or missing vessels that would impede the workings of her liver.

Liver blood work: she has elevated bile acids and still has elevated liver enzymes. She probably has Hepatic Microvascular Dysplasia (HMD). This genetic disease can only be confirmed by a liver biopsy, but Dr. Brummer does not recommend putting Taz through this process. HMD should not affect her life, but she cannot metabolize many medications, so she should never get medications that would affect her liver.

Dr. Brummer does not know why Taz initially became lethargic, but he believes she worsened because they gave her morphine in the emerge clinic. Dogs with HMD can’t metabolize narcotics, so she had a near life-threatening reaction. The treatment made her worse.

Dr. Brummer recommends we watch her and bring her back if she has another bout of lethargy.

One of the key things we’ve learned is the vet care is much more affordable in the US and it is much more advanced. If you have an emergency with your pet we strongly recommend the Orchard Park Veterinary Hospital. They are wonderful and affordable. 

Those Carmel Eyes

So many things occur to me while soaking in my bubble and oil scented bathtub. I was deeply submerged in the tub and my favorite Nora Roberts novel.

So, I’m soaking and emotional over one of my favorite scenes when I see something moving in my peripheral vision. I look to my left past my book and at first my vision is a little blurry as I make out a pair of carmel eyes.

As my vision clears those eyes shine bright with love and joy. Her face softens as she realizes I’m looking into her eyes. Her tail thumps twice with delight. I continue to look into her eyes and for a moment I feel peace and love. I feel all the sweetness of the world held between us. I feel the tears burning behind my eyes and the lump in my throat as the love for this little being comes to the front of my mind. I am so grateful to have this little soul show me how to love. I smile and her eyes soften to liquid. Wow, if this feeling could be bottled there would never be war. How can we fight when we are filled with liquid love?

There is a bond between Taz and I that is undeniable. We share a personality and vision: a love of life, a defender of injustice, a protector of the weak and a watchdog of the farm. I define myself more throughly through my puppy than I can on my own.

As I soak naked and vulnerable in the oil scented water and stare into the carmel eyes of my most trusted partner I feel alive and real. She is my reflection and I’m happy to see I’ve raised a being so full of love, but also willing to defend the weak. I’m proud to be like my eight pound puppy.

Taz Verses Mr. Smith

I love my ducks. I was watching them tonight flapping their wings and running around all excited. I crouch down beside them and they immediately started grooming me for all sorts of bugs and dirt. I must have been very dirty because they were very vigorous with their bills.

It feels so good to be welcomed by my winged friends. They ran over fully extended and their excitement at my return was palpable. I felt so loved. Their gently feathery touches turned slightly painful and I retreated to find some stale bread to distract them from my painted toes and shorts in need of laundering.

I returned with the bread and the brawl began. Taz and Mr. Smith began fighting over the bread. He nibbled her back until she snarled and then she snapped at his duck bill. He turned and snapped back, but she quickly withdrew and pounced towards his tail feathers. This dance continued for several minutes, or at least until Mrs. Smith had the rare opportunity to eat all the bread. With nothing left to fight over Taz wandered back to the house and Mr. Smith herded his Mrs. back towards the ponds.

Much like children, they only want what the other wants.