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supertaz venice beach

Skipping Stones in the Waves

It’s difficult to skip stones on a windy day. The waves are big and the wind changes the trajectory of the stone.

You can find the perfect stone, but, if the stars don’t align and the throw is off the stone gets buried in a wave.

Then you find a stone you think will never skip, yet alone skip on a stormy day – and it does. The stone that is too misshapen, too jagged and not nearly flat enough, somehow skips eight times on your perfect throw.

Many things must align to get that perfect skip, and it rarely happens, but when it does – magic.

There are all sorts of days in rescue: great tragic days and wonderful miracle days. The ups and downs are more treacherous than an old wooden roller coaster.

Some days you just hang on for the wild journey and other days you force yourself to get out of bed to face tragedy. The worst days are the not-so-patient waiting for news.

Some tragic days are so powerful it makes you want to quit. It makes you want to throw in the towel and surrender. You start thinking about other adventures you could have, like dinners out or going to a movie.

Then the phone rings and you jump back in that roller coaster and hang on, because their life depends on it.


Because… we’re warriors and have innocent lives to protect and save.

tashi body

Because… we’re healers and there’s no shortage for healing.


Because… we’ve got a gift with animals and we want to use our powers for good.

roo tippa close up

Because… they need a voice. Our voice.


Because… they have run out of options and we’re their last chance.

naji and hershel

Because… we love them all.

elsa day 8 crate




Signed… Very Disgusted.

A letter from the public: 

Thanks for your prompt response about adopting Upsy Daisy. I am glad that you screen potential adoption parents, but I think I would have a much easier time adopting a child. This explains why so many animals are killed every minute day and night because it costs more to adopt than buy from a registered breeder! Wow. What a shame . Good luck finding homes for these poor animals. You are doing the animals a disservice and think you are by far going overboard on the application! It takes less to become a Canadian citizen than to adopt a dog.

Very disgusted.


carmel shelter

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barn and Q-hut

A Thoughtful Update – Little g Ranch

Building is an incredible endeavour! 

We lose sleep over weather, manufacturers, transport times, contractor schedules and funding.


We eat, drink, sloth our way through this adventure enjoying the highs and enduring the lows.

red siding east side

Little g Ranch has become its own entity with its own heartbeat and its own agenda. It has risen and became real, based on our dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations.

muddy boots

With desire we started and with sheer will we finish and create Little g Ranch – the home of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.

We build… We Dream… 

Our dream. How often do dreams come alive? How often do dreams become goals? Do you know why it doesn’t happen often?

 It’s a heck of a lot of work!

red siding

We’re tired. We’re a little snippy. We’re working our buns off to make this dream come true, while working full time, caring for farm animals and continuing to rescue dogs like Sundae, Zig and Lendra.


We’re doing it with the help of friends, family and volunteers.

a a at little g

We build as penance for not protecting those we vowed to keep safe and for the ones we can’t save. Love grows each time we place an animal in a new forever home. It’s no longer how we live – it is our life and we love it!


From Amy’s Desk

Yes, the farm is my childhood home. Yes, it is painful to leave this house. Yes, I’ve seen this house heal or bring peace to many souls.

The farm is a series of structures, fencing, roads and pastures. We can’t take them with us, but the love found at the farm will be packaged carefully and transported to the ranch.

2015 calendar beaver creek farm sanctuary

We’re taking a big leap of faith and hope beyond hope that this is the right decision for you, for us and for the animals.

While the gears of rescue click and roll,  the creation of the future home of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary at Little g Ranch is the constant background noise of wheels on a gravel road.

Thank you for tagging along our journey.

ashley T silvana

red siding wicked witch

The Wicked Witch Theory

Everything is whirling around me and most of the time I’m whirling around too, but every now and then I have a moment of intense clarity.

Eye of the Storm Gives the Best View

When I stand still in the eye of the tornado and watch each item spin by like a scene from the Wizard of Oz I get a strange tingling sense of incredible detail.

Like when Dorothy is sitting at her bedroom window watching familiar objects fly by, complete with wonderful music – a chicken, men in a row boat – and then the music changes. A woman on a bike turns into an evil witch. The chicken makes Dorothy laugh and she waves to the men in the rowboat, but when the witch comes into play she screams, the music changes and suddenly she’s thrown all around her room.

Out of Control.

black and white dorothy

Dorothy doesn’t go out of control all on her own, its the wicked witch that causes her to be thrown about her bedroom. The witch is also the catalyst that lands Dorothy safely back on solid ground, unfortunately on top of the witch’s sister, but she did get some great shoes out of the deal.


Most of the time I’m swirling along with life watching the Auction begin to grow, the Halloween Carnival come to life and the rescue of a beautiful pregnant husky from the far north of Ontario named Roxy…. and then… the witch lands.

The Witch

black and white witch

Then a wicked witch comes in and throws me around my room and I’m stuck on a two hour search along the yellow brick road. But, at the end of that brick road is OZ or in my case Little g Ranch.

It’s been a personal struggle for me to not be accepted in my home town. To be unwanted and asked to leave.

black and white toronto

It’s a little embarrassing and a lot painful, but through the grief and shame blooms a new flower. It is difficult for me to even consider selling my childhood home. A place my father built from his two work scorn hands. A place where the framing 2x4s are soaked with my family’s blood, sweat and tears – literally. A small piece of my heart breaks away at the thought, but the rest of my heart swells with pride and my eyes burn with tears as I look upon what we built together.

red siding west side

Little g Ranch.

It’s not done, but the foundation is solid, the framing is new and the steel will keep it protected for decades to come. I’m watching my childhood Barbie Dream Barn come to life. Through the hurt, doubt, pain and love shines something unbelievable to me. It’s tangible. I can touch my dream and I am proud.

black and colour land of oz

Don’t worry – I won’t get cocky with my new found dream barn and I won’t stop struggling for the funding to keep animal rescue alive, but you will find me standing with mist in my eyes and my heart on my sleeve as I gaze at what we have built. We made a dream come true and that’s an incredibly hard thing to achieve. Just ask Dorothy…

red siding

Now, I know the moral of the story from the Wizard of Oz is that Dorothy didn’t need to go farther than her own door to find everything she needed, but I’m going to stop that movie when she arrives in Oz and has her eyes dyed to match her shoes.

blackeyes to matchshoes

It’s not that you can’t go home again, but… should you? 



Master of all she sees, Taz takes it in!

My Dog Taz Shows Me How to Live with Love

I have a friend. A friend I tell all my secrets, my fears, my worries, my wishes and my dreams. My friend’s name is Taz.

Taz doesn’t judge me. Taz doesn’t reprimand me. Taz just shows me the way you’re suppose to live. With love and forgiveness. With caring, understanding and kindness.

When I find myself in a place where there isn’t a lot of love or compassion; a dark, dank place full of cruelty that challenges the limits of human depravity, I push away the grief and bring love, strength and compassion to the trapped souls.

That’s what I try to do – bring love into the darkest places.


When we started Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, Taz  became a shining example of how to think, what to believe, who to trust, when to howl, why to fight and where to live life.

How to shake off the old stuff and embrace the new. How to not feel sorry for ourselves, how to carry on and never give up hope. And to always love.

Taz is that little conversation we have when we’re working through some dark things. Its the cool pool of sparkles that helps me forgive abusers, because without forgiveness the hatred and anger would burn us up inside. We’d be left a damaged shell able to help anyone.

If you want to volunteer with BCFS bring with you the very best person that you can be. A you that is full of love and hope, because animal rescue will challenge you down to your very core and shake your beliefs.

2014 year end

Rescue will make you angry, but let that anger float away and think about the goodness. Don’t pity the animals that are damaged, rather give them what they need to find hope: love, patience, strength, confidence  and kindness.

Be their voice, but let that voice be laced with love, not the anger that often clouds our path. Fight these battles with wisdom and not revenge.

Find your best YOU and hold tight, because there are moments as you drift off, when your mind is relaxed, that images will startle you awake with grief or anger. Give Taz a hug and remember to find love and forgive. Be strong for them, for you and most of all for those that hurt.

volunteer meetup 24 jan 2015



pot-bellied pigs as pets

There is No Such Thing as a Micro Mini Teacup Pig

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary currently has three Pot-bellied pigs as forever sanctuary residents. We are often called to take in pot-bellied pigs in need; in fact, we received another call just this week. We do our best to provide assistance and direction to sanctuaries that can take on more. I thought I’d take this opportunity to reinforce a very true statement that often gets forgotten in the face of overwhelming little pig cuteness:  little  pigs don’t stay little. Here’s the scoop …


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Storm Alert System

I was laying in bed having one of those rare deep sleeps when I heard a loud commotion downstairs with Taz barking like mad. Rather than wake Brent, who is a very sound sleeper, I raced down the stairs and searched for Taz. Without turning on the lights I scanned the kitchen and realized Taz was outside barking as thunder boomed and the door shook  in its hinges.

Was someone trying to break into my house? I crouched down to the small dog door and stuck my hand through, felt soft fur and quickly withdrew my hand in surprise. I hesitated only a moment, thinking of an intruder, but knew I had to save my puppy! I was pumped as I grabbed the handle and wrenched the door open to meet whoever was smashing into it on the other side.

As the door flew open there was a loud crack of thunder and I was knocked backwards by one hundred and fifty pounds of fuzzy white dog, who was tightly followed by eight pounds of Super Taz furry.

The Gus

Apparently Gus does not like thunderstorms and was kind enough to let me know there was one on the way. Taz was not too fond of having her sleep interrupted and kept a close eye on her giant brother while I glanced out the window to see a flash of lightening.

My “Storm Alert System”  turned out to be very handy as the horses were having a night out in the paddock. I glanced out the window and saw another flash of lighting, so I grabbed my raincoat and shoes and started running into the horse paddock screaming “ponies!” I always call them ponies.

Ponies!. I came across a very startled Splash who was enjoying the round bale and not the least put out by the lightly falling rain or light show. Silly me, why would a blind horse be the least bit bothered by a bit of lightening?

I found Turtle and Autumn hiding in the leanto out of the rain. I dragged them both towards the gate and they picked up their ambling pace when the thunder boomed and the rain got heavier. I managed to get all three horses in the barn before the deluge started.

I was standing in the barn panting when I made a startling realization: no pants. In my rush I managed to remember my coat and shoes, but no pants. Thankfully is was before 5 am.

Standing outside in the barn enjoying the storm I had a funny childhood memory: My father was a volunteer firefighter and we lived half a block from the hall. When the fire alarm would sound (the fire hall had an outside alarm that would sound when there was a fire) my father would startle awake from his nap on the couch where he was most comfortable with his pants on the floor, and race down the block with my mother hot on his trail yelling “Frank! Your pants!”

Damp and sweaty I giggled as I watched the storm roll in and thought having animals is really worthwhile.