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Our Dream Bylaw For Animal Sanctuary

When asked to contribute to the Fort Erie Animal bylaw we had to put a great deal of thought and research into the answer. There are a few ideas that are cutting age and a few ideas I wish would happen, but I am not in charge of changing the bylaws. The only people who have that ability are our town councillors and our collective community.

We’re grateful to have been given a voice! 2014 year end


George The Cat — Forever Home and Happy! Update

A few months ago we went through a rather long and complex surrender and adoption process for a cross eyed multi-toed cat named George.

From Anxiety to Day Long Naps

It took some time and he had some struggles in his foster home, but we’re thrilled at this latest updated.

Forever Home Update on George:

happy tail siamese george

thought you might like an update on George……He is doing amazing……l love him so much and l can’t imagine not having him……so this is how most of his days go…..he sleeps with me everynight….when l get up he does too…follows me to the bathroom and then to kitchen….by the time l have gotten ready for work he is already back in bed……now l know he leaves the bed during the day to eat and use the litter box but everyday when l get home he comes out of bedroom guessing off the bed…lol….and greets me at the door……till bedtime he is my shadow…..if l sit on the couch he must sit on me…if l sit at computer then he insists sitting on my lap but no matter where l am he is never more then a few inches away from me….he’s very social with company tho l warn them don’t touch his tummy….lol…l had some health problems a few months ago and it was like he knew…..coming up and licking my hand almost telling me he is here for me…..l love him so much…thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking me to be George’s mom…hope everything is good for you…..Donna

Helping Animals!


New Harassment from the Fort Erie SPCA

Yes, they managed to shut us down until we can change the bylaws.

Yes, they have been harassing us since 2012.

Yes, we have continued to fight to help animals, but we are not alone! We are strong.


Animal rescue takes it tole on your heart, your mind and your body. I am willing to sacrifice all those things if it means helping an animal in need. I am willing to fight for those lost souls and bring them home. I will wage war on those who would hurt animals. I am a fighter.


But, our latest enemy is one I’d like to friend. Our latest battle wages  not in the trenches of animal rescue, but with another registered charity.


All the studies show to save animals rescues and SPCAs need to work together to save souls, but the Fort Erie SPCA does not want to be our friend. We share the same goals — to help animals, but they focus so much attention on me personally and “my rescue” trying to not only shut me down, but drive me out of the town of Fort Erie.

Below is the latest letter from the FE SPCA trying to drive me out of town. Like the emotional strain of holding the head of a dying dog isn’t challenge enough, they are forcing me to walk away to let the dog die alone, unloved and forgotten.

FE SPCA Letter

FE SPCA letter June 2015

I will fight this latest attack with lawyers. I will fight with tooth and nail to keep Beaver Creek alive, because if we die than they all die alone.


If you want a little reminder of what we do, please, I insist you watch Nobody’s Dog, because we are the last line of defense.

Nobody’s Dog

Don’t tell me you can’t watch it. Watch it and remember everything that we do here at BCFS. We make a difference. Below is Mandy — from Lebanon — now in a loving forever home thanks to BCFS.

mandy in lebanon

Mandy today, thanks to rescues working together.

mandy lebanon pup


Bylaw What?! Council Update May 27, 2015

Keeping our supportive fans and champions up to date with events, here is more on the Bylaw Council Update of May 27, 2015. We received an email on May 26, 2015 asking for a meeting with the two councillors who have been assisting us with some positive bylaw change.

This time I did not sit alone. Our Adoption Coordinator and our Operation Manager joined me at the table to bear witness and give support. I felt less exposed and stronger with their physical presence.

reiki workshop silvana alpaca

Chris explained that they had a few meetings with the Town Clerk and the Fort Erie SPCA to work out some initial details regarding the bylaws.

We were worried when Marina stated that “the main bylaws for dogs are good.” Really? They weren’t going to work on all the animal bylaws to make them more progressive? Hamilton has added potbellied pigs to their animal bylaws allowing people to have them in their homes complete with pig tags and registration.

baby potbellied pig

I could almost hear the panic in my voice when I thought of all the charges coming my way. They wanted to write more bylaws, not better ones.

They want to write a bylaw just for Sanctuaries — including Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. There are exactly two registered charities in all of Ontario. The other one is in King City. Does that justify an entire bylaw?

So, council wants to write a bylaw for BCFS. The next day an email comes requesting my wish list for a “Sanctuary Bylaw.” Should I be happy? I feel like I am writing my own suicide note.

I have to take a deep breath and appreciate that BCFS has been invited to participate in the creation of something new and positive. Bylaws that will help us rescue animals? You can see our trepidation.

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.jpg3

I understand their point of view. They don’t want to give rights to just anyone who wants to start a Sanctuary. There have to be laws and regulations to prevent hoarding and promote animal rights. We’re still worried about the policing part, but we’ll come to that bridge when it’s set on fire.

Sorry. Three years of fighting makes me a little punchy.

pot-bellied pig

Chris promises to look at the foster dog licence. The  bylaw listing alpaca as an “exotic” animal is going to be updated. I’m very happy to hear this news. We offer two experts on alpaca who will explain scientifically why alpaca are not considered exotic, but the councillors state it won’t be necessary. No other town in the Niagara Region lists alpaca as exotic. Slam dunk.


I have been asked to provide an outline of what BCFS would like to see in a Sanctuary bylaw and I’m grateful to have a team of people researching.

So we started focusing on what our “dream animal bylaw” would contain. Let the research begin….

Brent Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Baked Goods by Helen


For more about Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary and its interactions with Fort Erie SPCA and Town of Fort Erie Bylaws, read these related posts:

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town of fort erie team

The Saga of the Town of Fort Erie

Our trouble with the Town of Fort Erie and the Fort Erie SPCA started when we were fostering dogs for the Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport back in 2012. The representative for the OSPCA came to my door and told me there were complaints about the animals on the farm. So much more has happened, then and since. Here’s just a summary of the saga of the Town of Fort Erie and Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.

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volunteer meetup feb 2015

Volunteer Meetup & Dog Foster Workshop, Sunday Feb 22

The next BCFS Volunteer Meetup is scheduled for  Sunday, February 22  at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, 11am to 1pm.

PLUS Foster Dog Management Training with Guest Dahlia Ayoub, Master Dog Trainer, Mighty Mutts.  Dahlia will conduct an interactive workshop to help our foster families (or those considering fostering) manage all manner of tasks, from introducing new fosters to resident animals, setting up your home for success, foster care expectations, reading dog body language, managing meet and greets, and best practices for transport.

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cushings disease diagnosis

Shih Poo Diagnosed with Cushings Disease, Support BCFS Harriette Fund

Our sweet senior lady Shih Poo Harriette has just been diagnosed with Cushings Disease. If you are not familiar with this affliction, know that it’s a particularly challenging one.

Here’s a good synopsis from Kate Connick’s blog post:

Cushing’s Disease (hyperadrenocorticism) is a common condition in older dogs, often mistaken for the aging process itself. Dogs gain weight, lose hair, urinate in the house, and make owners begin to prematurely consider euthanasia. Yet Cushing’s disease is treatable and that treatment can result in a longer, more comfortable life for the dog and its owner.  [link to full article here]

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furever home tv series teaser puppy mills episode

Video Teaser, Furever Home Featuring Daisy Mae and The Cast of BCFS

It’s been a fascinating experience to be first hand participants in the making of a documentary TV series. From interviews to broll, learning the lingo to setting up shots, the television project is coming together minute by minute.

Here’s a little teaser from the first episode of Furever Home, the TV series being produced by Judith Keenan and Furever Network for broadcast on The Pet Network, featuring our hard working volunteers and the rescued dogs of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary!

This episode is all about puppy mill survivors. The story of rescue, rehab and re-homing our fostered American Bulldog Daisy Mae is the narrative that forms the heart of this episode. Daisy is now leading a wonderful life in her furever home, thanks to her new mom Jennifer!

furever home tv at beaver creek sanctuary

Judith is working double time to get the entire episode done early this winter, then it’ll be off to The Pet Network for their review, feedback, final edits before scheduling.

But don’t hold your breaths quite yet folks, it can be quite some time from completing Episode One to finishing all SIX episodes, then awaiting the broadcaster’s air date.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to get “sneak peeks” to keep you in the loop!

With special shout outs to Amy, Brent, Megan, Laura, Jennifer Martin and the entire cast of characters who have made an appearance, lent a hand, watched some footage, or posed for a picture – it takes a team to make a show!

More about Furever Home here!