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Sundae day two

Unwanted, Unnamed, Unloved Shih Tzu

I had arrived at the shelter several hours late, but the waiting volunteers were kinder than I would have been to be kept waiting for so long. Lisa couldn’t hide her excitement and she strode off to bring me a ball of stinky sweetness with boatloads of charm. This was the unwanted shih tzu with no name. The shih tzu was a last minute addition to the transport that came with a frantic phone call asking if we could take just one more dog?


1scaledsundae She was sick and had been dumped at an Ohio shelter by a mass breeder with instructions to euthanize. Clearly she was useless and discarded. She was under five years old, her belly was still swollen from being pregnant and she had a bit of milk. Her body sunk low to the ground and her eye contact was fleeting, but her tail never stopped wagging. Lisa walked over with the shih tzu in her arms and plopped her on my lap. She looked into my eyes for a fleeting second before her body shook with the effort of wagging her tail.

Sundae Video at initial intake. 

Hot Mess

I felt my eyes well up as I smelt the horrible infection in her ears and skin. Her muscles were atrophied from being cage-bound and her eyes were cloudy with scar tissues. My heart nearly tore open when she looked at me with those eyes and stuck out her tongue in a very Jackson-like way. I ran my hand over her matted hair and could feel all the lumps. Her teeth were rotten and added to the smell of infection. This young dog was a big hot mess, but we help heal big hot messes, so she was in the right place. She was quiet as we loaded her into the crate for the trip home. The only sound was of her tail thumping against the floor. That tail just didn’t stop.

Did she know?

Did she know this was rescue? Did she know she was saved? Did she know her life was about to get incredible? Did she know we gave her a name?

Sundae – like an ice cream treat

sundae intake Her feet were wide and swollen from standing on a wire floor bottom and they soon erupted into pus filled abscesses that made it nearly impossible for her to walk.

She looked sick – except for that tail.

We took her to see our vet Aunt Rachel who was very concerned over her physical presentation and declared she was too ill to be spayed. We took blood and urine for analysis and swabbed her ears to determine what horrible bacteria was causing this infection. The results came back surprisingly good, except… there were basophils in her blood work. I asked Aunt Rachel what that meant and she said “I’ve never seen it before”.

It either meant nothing or something — we’ll have to wait and see. After a few days Aunt Rachel called and asked how Sundae was doing? Happier was our answer. Less sick, but very visually impaired.

Partially Blind & Lumpy.

Sundae went in for her first surgery on September 28, 2015 where Aunt Rachel completed the spay and removed at least ten cysts – one on her chest looked like cancer, but Rachel gave it a wide margin and declared her cancer-free. 1scaled They also lanced the huge abscesses in her paws and let them ooze dry. We’re hoping they won’t be a long term issue, but Aunt Rachel feels whoever adopts this sweet treat should be aware that it might be an ongoing problem. Sundae is resting now and looks a little like Frankenstein as she heals, but she’ll be free from lumps (at least for now) and cancer. 1scaledtwo Next up in a few weeks Sundae will have a much needed dental and more cysts removed…

Sponsor Mama Danielle! 

Danielle is kind enough to sponsor sweet Sundae! We are so grateful to know her vet care will be covered by this kind and generous person! Many thanks to Danielle for her kindness and generosity. Danielle has a young daughter and she’s teaching her a wonderful lesson about paying it forward and giving back! It was a pleasure to meet you both! Danielle and sundae

 Sundae’s Medical 411

Medical issues: corneal scarring – she’s partially blind and there will be costs involved in her future for eye care. Infected skin, ears and uterus. Common in puppy mill pups. Multiple cysts and one cancerous tumour. Has been developing abscesses between her toes – unknown etiology.

Sundae is under five years old.


Reece Finds his Forever Home!

What more could a dog who loves people ask for than a big family to join! Reece will have no shortage of attention from his family including two children over six years old!

I envision Reece being loved and cared for by his new family who were so excited it was difficult to contain their enthusiasm for their new dog.

reece intake

Reece will spend his days chasing, playing, eating and napping with a family who loves him to pieces!

We look forward to an update from his forever family – especially bedtime pictures with Reece tucked in with his human siblings!


Congratulations and best wishes to all!

1reece with forever family


Magic Bunny Adopted

We were so happy at BCFS when we got the call from a family who was interested in adopting Magic. We were even more excited when we learned the family was very bunny savvy and they already had a little female they were looking to bond with a neutered male.

Magic is that Lucky Boy! 

1with newmama

Magic with his new Mama!!

Taz and Magic 

Taz, our blonde bombshell forms bonds with all the animals that come into BCFS regardless of species and Magic was no different.


During the photo shoot for Magic Taz just couldn’t help herself and had to be involved. Even at the most inopportune times!


1magic photobomb

We wish Magic happy hops in his new home and look forward to pictures of him with his new BBF (Bunny Best Friend).

Congratulations to all!

1magicand tazUpdate: One hour home 

 Magic was too timid to leave the carrier himself so I ended up taking him out. He had a long scaredy cat snuggle then went exploring his new cage. He quickly found his bowl of pellets then made himself comfy in his nest box. I’ve been sitting in the cage with him during his explore, I think he may fall asleep already! Very calm little guy. Not too hard to fall in love with this one!

I will keep you posted on progress with Bella 



reece intake

Reese Chocolate Yorkie Poo! – Adopted Oct, 2015

Reese is a small 8 pound yorkie poo who is between 5-7 years of age. He lived with a family and was surrendered to a shelter because he was in dire need of dental surgery and the family was unable to afford his care.

Brave little Reese made the journey into the safe care of BCFS all the way from Ohio.

Reese’s Health 411

He had dental surgery on September 21, 2015 and has 7 teeth left. Reese also had an abdominal x-ray due to his swollen tummy. The results are pending and we’ll provide an update on him once we know more from his veterinarian.

He’s been microchipped, brought up to date on his vaccinations, dewormed and tested negative for heartworm.

Reese’s ideal home is one without cats, other small dogs or small children.

He’s a very sweet boy, but has a strong desire to  hump other little dogs who let him. He’s fine with bigger dogs (over 20 pounds) who will stand up for themselves.

He will chase cats.

Reese was groomed this week and we think he looks dapper. Those adorable ears!  You can see from his new photos how small this handsome boy is.


What Reese Needs

This small boy with endearing ears is too frail to be with young children.  We recommend a family with children over age 6 for Reese. He is sweet, but does not tolerate intrusion into his crate. Reese’s crate is his little place in the world just for him.

He loves his crate and puts himself in for naps and bedtime.

Reese needs at least two walks a day. He does have some energy, but not excessive.


He’s housebroken and will let you know when he needs to go out by spinning in a circle! Reese is a good little traveler, he’s fine in cars inside his crate.

Once Reese’s veterinary care is complete and he’s healthy for adoption, he’d love a forever home with a devoted family who can meet his simple needs.

If your home could be Reese’s forever home, please download and complete an adoption application from our website, and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at Thank you for considering this darling yorkie poo!


carmel farm

Carmelita – Sad Puppy Mill Yorkie – Adopted October, 2015

Carmelita was part of a large intake from a breeder by the SPCA Serving Erie County. She was particularly fearful and was not doing well in the kennel environment.


Carmelita is now in a BCFS foster home where she has the chance to relax and socialize free from shelter stress.

carmel shelter

She’s believed to be under five years old and in good health. Yorkies can live to 16 years so Carmelita could make a wonderful family member for many years to come.

She was spayed and had dental surgery on September 17, 2015. She was de-wormed, treated for fleas, microchipped and brought up to date on her vaccinations.

carmel day two

Spa Day for Carmelita – Her First Grooming

We took Carmelita for her first grooming this week.  She posed for her “before” picture the previous day:


Though this former puppy mill girl was fearful of grooming, our Adoption Coordinator Silvana says all in all Carmelita was quite good. She was a little antsy about her body being clipped but didn’t bite, just squirmed a bit, and groomer Tammy was superb at handling Carmelita with patience and taking it slow.


Carmelita was resistant when Tammy tried to clip her legs but again Tammy took it slow, talked to her calmly, put the clippers away and just handled her legs so Carmelita could see nothing bad was going to happen to her. That helped earn Carmelita’s trust and Tammy was then able to clip her legs. Tammy didn’t clip her face too much because, like many dogs, Carmelita was quite fearful of this area.


Carmelita put up with bathing afterwards for the most part. She squirmed again a little but with Tammy’s patience, she managed quite well.

Then it was off to her crate with the blow dryer to get dried and fluffed, then relax on the couch.


Tammy has worked with puppy mill dogs before and feels that Carmelita will be fine.

With time, trust and patience, we think Carmelita will be more comfortable with grooming. This was a new experience for her and she came through like a trouper!

Ta-da! Gorgeous Carmelita shows off her new look!


Carmelita would do well in a home without children. She would thrive in a home with another small dog.

Can you help Carmelita become the happy girl she was meant to be? After years in a puppy mill we hope she’ll find true love with the right family and learn what it’s like to play and do all the things dogs do.

If Carmelita’s soulful eyes and kissable button-nose make you melt, please fill out an adoption application and email it to BCFS’ Adoption Coordinator Silvana at



halloween redone

Halloween Creepy Carnival Fundraiser 2015!

Sunday, October 18th, 2015 from noon till 4pm  BCFS is planning a family friendly Halloween Creepy Carnival Fundraiser at 5 Forks Rd in Dain City, ON just east of Welland.

There will be games and fabulous Prizes Like… 

The Pumpkin Toss


Bottle Ring Toss with Witch Hats

ring witch

Pin the Bow on the Skeleton


Pumpkin Bowling with Gourdes Creepy feeling food exhibit

gourde bowling

Guess the number of candies in the jar.


There will also be a Bake Sale

(We appreciate any baked goods donation!)


Halloween Costume Contest! 

Prizes for Best Costume, Funniest and most Original Costumes


Come dressed in your Halloween costume and get a free ticket to win a prize!

No pets to this event due to the location.


Like our beliefs in spay and neuter — this event will be nut free!

nuts sign

 Hope to see you there! 

Bring the kids and come join us for an afternoon of spooktacular fun! BCFS is all-volunteer and 100% of proceeds will support helping BOO-tiful animals!

BCFS Fundraising Team


carmel farm

Dog Rescue Import Rules

BCFS strives to build relationships with other rescue organizations and in doing so we often share the workload of dogs in need.  The United States is often overwhelmed with dogs that are considered unadoptable due to medical or behavioural issues.

At Beaver Creek we specialize in these cases and through fundraising and donations we care for these animals with extensive medical issues. Please consider sponsoring a BCFS foster dog with a donation towards their veterinary care.

BCFS sees the Diamond in the Rough

We got a message a week ago asking if we could take in a small yorkie from a puppy mill. She was failing miserably in the shelter and needed to be in a foster home with another little dog.

We barely hesitated before we said yes and called one of our trusted foster homes in hopes they would give this girl some much needed love.


carmel shelter

Since we were taking one dog they asked if we could take two? Off to the phone lines to find a foster home and that’s how this Ohio chocolate love came to us!

Reese Pieces! 

reece intake

The last plea for a third dog came the day before we were to do the transport for Carmelita and Reese.

They asked if we could take a big soft eyed shih tzu with no name. She was dumped at a shelter in Ohio with a request to euthanize.

No Name…

sundae intake

All three of these dogs have medical problems that need costly veterinary care. All three of these dogs are considered unadoptable due to their medical needs or behavioural issues. All three of these dogs deserve a chance.

Importing Rescue Dogs 

Our first battle was getting these dogs across the border and into Canada. We applied for our importer number and did all the paperwork. We worked with two other rescues to help get these animals as close to Buffalo, NY as possible.


One of our trusted foster moms Claudette and Amy (our fearless leader) armed with three crates and reams of paperwork headed over the river to retrieve our new BCFS foster dogs.

Once we arrived at the shelter it took an hour to get all the paperwork in order. We used calculators to adjust import duty based on that day’s exchange rate on the US Dollar — which has been a wee bit high lately.

We got to see the three dogs and the most impressive thing was the smell from the dog with No Name, but we cuddled her tight and told her she was safe and loved.

Powerful Odor – No Name

sundae intake day one

We pulled the tiny car into the commercial truck lane and waited between massive running diesel trucks for our turn. It took about thirty minutes to make our way up to the first booth.

I had to get out of the car and stand on my tip toes to talk to the customs officers. My heart was pounding as he looked at our paperwork.

We were shuffled over to the office where I walked in with a file full of information and was directed to a computer where I filled out a form B3-3 while Claudette stayed with the dogs.

I managed to get the paperwork filled out with little difficulty and was told by the clerk to wait for a customs officer to speak with me.

It wasn’t a long wait before they called Beaver Creek up to the payment booth.

He was friendly as he gathered my forms and then said “That will be $22”.

Twenty two dollars to save three lives.

I used the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary card to pay for these three lives and walked back to the little car smiling.

I climbed in and was struck by the powerful odor of No Name shih tzu – wow – she needs a bath.

Sundae day two

All three dogs have foster homes and all three are slated to see the vet this week to determine the course of care.

Please stay tuned to read about each of their stories and we promise happy tails….





BCFS Third Annual Facebook Auction

Looking for Loot! 

Hi all! Its time once again for our annual facebook auction! We’re hoping to out do ourselves this year when the bidding begins!

Items must be received by October 4th, 2015 to be used in this year’s auction. Anything after October 4th will be held for the 2016 auction.


If you have something you’d like to donate please drop it off with a note containing your name and address (for thank you cards)  at any one of the following locations:

EMS Fleet – St. Catharines 

Please see Helen Coyle at 2 Westwood Court – Unit 300 Niagara on the Lake, ON L0S 1J0. Her number is 905-984-5050 ext. 2100 if anyone wants to check before they come by. She’s usually there 0700-1515 hours. Glendale and QEW area.

St. Catharines

Please see Lauren King at 67A Greenwood Avenue.


Please see Raye or Paul at 519 Regal Court,  London, ON…  or 1412 Mcdowell Rd. Simcoe, ON ( if no answer go to back door)

Fort Erie/Ridgeway

Please see Katrina at Thrive 246 Ridge Rd N, Ridgeway ON open Monday to Saturday check daily hours.

Welland / Niagara Falls

Please see Silvana at 12131 Crowland Avenue at corner of Schisler and Montrose Road. You can pop your donation into her covered front porch. Silvana has offered to pick up in Niagara Falls area if needed, or drop off with Terry Chambers below.

Niagara Falls

Please see Terry Chambers at 7863 Trackview Street.

City of Welland

Beth Hill 16 Woodrush Ave, Welland, ON. Close to Niagara College.

Stevensville / Fort Erie

See Amy or Brent at 2930 Bowen Rd, Stevensville.

Stoney Creek / East Hamilton

Global Pet Foods, 184 Highway #8, in the plaza at the corner of Hwy. 8 and Gateshead Crescent. Located one block east of Grays Road.  See Manager Steve.


If we all do just a little bit that becomes a big difference in the lives of the animals we are helping! 


Thank you!!! 

The BCFS Auction Team 

ps… we are looking for a photographer to help take fetching pictures of the foster animals and the auction items. Please email if interested.

Sundae day two





Guest Writer Sandy Moore on Animal Rescue Bylaws

Sandy is a familiar face in Fort Erie, ON and she’s adding her two cents and a bit of research to our current animal bylaw situation.

Food for Thought 

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

I am writing with respect to Beaver Creek Sanctuary and the proposed, reduction in needed services in the Fort Erie jurisdiction for both livestock and domestic animals.

Alpaca and Llamas

The issue applying to alpaca and llamas has clearly been a violation of standard. Both species have been designated regulated livestock, in their own group, under the division which includes sheep and goats, for some time.


We have our own alpaca supplier in our agricultural area, the removal of alpaca from the rescue, justified as exotics was not supported under any current law and could be construed as uneducated discrimination.


The outdated fostering regulations and fee are unique to Fort Erie. A quick sampling of surrounding areas show that neither fostering fees, nor impossible fostering property requirements are part of any bylaw.

rob, Piper, red shaggy

In fact the fostering property laws and fees that are peculiar to Fort Erie prevent additional resources being made to this area in terms of animal intake, socializing and successful permanent or long term adoption.

Mississauga Toronto and Welland

Mississauga : No fostering fees . No fostering property restriction. Fostering determined by The Mississauga animal control. Alternate rescues within jurisdiction.

Toronto: No fostering fees. No fostering property restrictions. Alternate rescues operating within jurisdiction.

Welland /Port Colborne: No fostering fees. A direct quote “Why would we charge them? They are contributing time and attention to the animals.” No fostering property restrictions. Alternate rescues operating within jurisdiction.

Fort Erie SPCA

Furthermore , I would challenge all Councillors to ask whether the Fort Erie SPCA has absolutely adhered to all regulations required for fostering at all times in the past. I would suggest you may find the accurate answer does not support the current law.

I have been an avid supporter of the Fort Erie SPCA since 1988. Many of my animal family have come from there and many others I have known have received their support.

I have been involved here long enough to know that there could be much more done well in our area. We are a horse race center and rescue is a complimentary service and optic in support of our equine ambition.


Our SPCA (always open to more funding, and hard working in alternate fundraising), has cement cells, limited opportunity for socialization, and you can sign a dog out on spec, without home checks. (This is because of staffing, financial constraints.)

dog behind bars

They do their level best to keep animals as long as possible , but seasonal intake ( i.e. feral cats ) mean that some long term residents may be in danger of euthanasia.

Shelters and Rescues 

Beaver Creek has limited intake, excellent socialization, home checks, adopter support and vet and orthodontic services performed prior to adoption. They have dedicated assessed fosters, and documented adoption and re adoption successes.


Both Fort Erie SPCA and Beaver Creek Sanctuary have a capacity for international intake and participate in excellent public education events.

These two entities have the same concern for animal welfare, stringent regulations and policies and could be working in complimentary fashion to ensure the best outcome for abandoned, unwanted animals.

Pictured is Wendy Trombley - Head of Fort Erie SPCA. Her husband Ken is the OSPCA enforcement officer for the Fort Erie SPCA catchment area.
Pictured is Wendy Trombley – Head of Fort Erie SPCA. Her husband Ken is the OSPCA enforcement officer for the Fort Erie SPCA catchment area.

A change to outdated by laws, would be a great start. An open discussion with regard to the fostering land and fee requirements would be essential and a conversation with regard to transfer of private information in the interests of all parties (including new owners),could smooth out a process that would be acceptable to both Fort Erie SPCA and Beaver Creek Animal Sanctuary.


Fair Decision

I also feel that, if a fair decision cannot be made today, I suggest a trial window of operation for Beaver Creek Animal Sanctuary be established while the old by laws, which are prohibitive to both local rescues and animal welfare, locally be rewritten in favor of better animal prospects in the Fort Erie district.

1cuteby thetree

During that time councilors from the Town of Fort Erie should make visits to both facilities to ensure that they conform to the high standards of both animal welfare group and then make EDUCATED, substantiated determinations.

I am very much impressed and in favor of the continuation of Beaver Creek Animal Farms’ work with both livestock and companion animals. They are a long needed addition to our area and are a complimentary function to the Fort Erie SPCA.

Beaver Creek Animal Sanctuary meets and exceeds the high standards required by the town and operate at no cost to the town.

It’s time to change the way we deal with animal welfare! 
Amy Addresses Town of Fort Erie Council
Amy Addresses Town of Fort Erie Council

Regards ,
Sandy Moore
Fort Erie

Amy Addresses Town of Fort Erie Council

YOU can Change the Future of Animal Rescue!

On Monday July 13, 2015 Founder and President of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Amy Bremner gave a presentation to the Fort Erie Town Council in hopes of changing the animal bylaws to allow easier fostering of animals for the residents of Fort Erie, to add Registered Charity Rescue to the bylaws and request a no limit bylaw for spayed / neutered and microchipped animals in agricultural property.

Link to PowerPoint Presentation: Fort Erie Council regarding Animal Bylaw Changes July 13, 2015


Write a Letter in Support of Animal Welfare! 

Please write a letter to the Mayor and Town Councillors of Fort Erie to let them know its time for a positive change for animal rescue! The Councillors will vote August 10, 2015, so start writing!

Use the website below to write to the following members of council.

Mayor – W. Redekop
Regional – S. Annunziata
Ward 1 – G. McDermott
Ward 2 – S. Passero
Ward 3 – K. Zanko
Ward 4 – M. Butler
Ward 5 – D. Lubberts
Ward 6 – C. Knutt
Wards in Fort Erie

Mayor of Fort Erie
Mayor of Fort Erie

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