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Tralee: From Puppy Mill to Rescue to Happy Home!

Life wasn’t kind to puppy mill survivor Tralee during his first six years, but this plucky little boy has had a change of fortune. After months in BCFS’ foster care program learning how to be a dog, Tralee has found his forever home!

traleeadoptionseptember2018threesharpcroppedTralee’s “Gotcha Day” with Sheryl, David and Baylee!

Tralee has not only gained a new mom and dad this month, but a new brother — five-year-old rescued mini-poodle Baylee! Puppy mill dogs do much better when they have other dogs to learn from. Even better, new parents Sheryl and David have experience with puppy mill dogs. Their rescued bichon Bella was a puppy mill survivor who recently passed from old age.

We’re delighted to have just received an update and short video from Sheryl:

“Just a short note to let you know that Tralee is settling in just fine. The cooler weather today is so much nicer, and the boys have been out back doing mad acts and running like little bandits. He’s gaining more confidence every day and as you can see from the video, he’s pretty relaxed. :) He’s just a little cutie pie and we are really enjoying him.”

Cute video clip here:

During his endless long days and nights in a puppy mill cage, could Tralee have ever imagined the life he has now?

traleecuteSafe at BCFS, Tralee awaited his forever family

It’s a wonderful new life indeed to look forward to, from a big soft bed and toys to his new playmate and teacher Baylee, to a family who’s home much of the time with him, to a fenced-in backyard and when he’s ready, daily walks on a river path. Most of all, the patience, understanding, love and time he needs to continue growing, learning and trusting.

tralee side view

In his months with us, like many puppy mill dogs, Tralee has had a long road to learn everything that dogs usually learn from puppyhood. Caged in the puppy mill for most of the first six years, he’d clearly received no socialization or experience with the outside world.

At first, Tralee was anxious and would cower and shake or run, poop in fear, was terrified of men, and seemed flat with none of the joy dogs usually express. He didn’t seem to know he was a dog, or how to be one.


Over time, Tralee began to come out of the shell he’d withdrawn into, found his voice, began to cuddle and discovered he loves toys.


He learned from his foster siblings and took comfort in their presence, as well as taking his behavioral cues from them.


Tralee started showing curiosity, sniffing hands, wagging his tail, learning to go for walks on a leash, and welcoming affection. All good milestones for him to pass.


After many months of rehabilitation, Tralee bounced and played with his friends during morning walks with the sanctuary pups, and Amy knew it was time for Tralee to find his forever home.


His recovery from the deprivation and trauma he suffered for years will continue with his new family.

Sheryl and David have the experience and knowledge of puppy mill dogs Tralee needs, and have a plan for Tralee’s integration into his new home and family, including his own dishes and toys, gradual access through their home, yard and outdoor walks, taking their cues from him, sensing when he wants loving or when he needs a little space, patience and positive reinforcement.


Thank you to Sheryl, David and Baylee for welcoming Tralee into your home and hearts, and changing his world.



Rescued Kitty Marlo is Growing Up

A tenuous beginning

When BCFS brought a mama cat slated for euthanasia and her six tiny kittens into rescue in April, we weren’t sure any would survive.


Mama and three of the kitties didn’t make it, but we’re happy to have saved and found happy homes for the remaining three siblings. Marlo is one of them.

marloGingerAle2The three survivors: Marlo and siblings Ginger and Ale

Look how tiny he was in early June, when new mom Kailee adopted him!


Growing Up Fast!

Fast-forward to the present: Marlo has grown in leaps and bounds, and become a handsome young male.

marloadoptionupdateMarlo with happy sister Emma

Mom Kailee writes,

He is doing great! He is a wild child with the appetite of an army. Marlo and Emma are slowly learning how to play nicely with each other, but Marlo likes her most when she is still and sleeping, lol!


We predict Emma and Marlo will become inseparable friends! Thank you, Kailee and Emma for adopting this boy who got such a shaky start in life, and giving him a loving home.

Pet/Animal Reiki Fundraiser – Sept. 22, 2018

silvana cronier at open house october

Adoptions Coordinator & Reiki Master Silvana Cronier will be running another Pet/Animal Reiki Fundraising Workshop with half of the registration fees being donated to BCFS to help care for the animals.

animal reiki workshop horse

Calling on all Reiki/Energy Practitioners who are animal lovers and feel a strong connection with the animal kingdom to come out and learn valuable skills in giving Reiki to animals.


The Workshop will run from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at BCFS’s new farm location in Wainfleet.  Workshop fee is $100.00, with half going directly to BCFS and a charity donation receipt will be provided to each Practitioner.  Practitioners will receive a reference manual, a certificate and be able to work hands on with the animals at the farm during the workshop.  Practitioners will be required to have either their Level 1 Reiki or any other Energy Healing Certificate to attend.  Pre-registration is required before Friday September 14, 2018.  Lunch will be provided.

Collage 2018-08-29 15_12_15

Click on link below  to register on-line

Registration Form

Follow link below to read about previous workshop

Previous Workshop



Goodbye Bill the Cat

Bill the Cat died peacefully in sleep on Tuesday afternoon while it rained outside. He was napping in the computer room when his heart must have given up and he passed. This was not expected and we’re suffering from shock at the sudden loss.


What we will miss about Bill the Cat…. 

Seeing him sleep in the garden.

The crunching sounds he makes when he eats.

The kitten alarm clock. Walking us at all hours.

The kitten snooze button was Brent putting a hand on his body and he’d start purring and enjoy a cuddle.

bill brent amysharp

Bill the cat walked heavy. We could always hear him coming or wondering if we had an elephant in the house.

The way he’d claw his way up the side of the bed to sleep with us.

He would gently paw Brent’s hand to get attention. If that failed he’d lick your head or claw at any available body part.


How he loved to hide in the hostas.


When he would sleep outside he would be so still we often said we should draw a chalk outline.

Mostly we miss Bill the Cat’s breathing and heart beat.

He was a nippy cat and would often nip at Brent when he was giving him attention. Or scratching.



Kitten in a basket


Kitten in a box.

Kitten belly rubs were a big no-no

Worrying about him when he would go on his adventures.


We’d be searching for him around the cottages and he would meow and run to us.

How he welcomed our new tenants and the impact he had on visitor’s lives. Everyone always asks about Bill the Cat.


Cat hair on everything.

We miss booping his nose.

That he was an internet sensation:

bill plays piano

We love and miss you Bill the Cat.




Sibling Kittens Ginger and Ale – Update!

We love getting updates on our adopted rescues, and were pleased to hear from Ginger and Ale’s adoptive family, with new photos of these adorable kittens.

kittenupdate3Ale, left, and Ginger have settled into their new home

You may remember these siblings came into BCFS rescue in April, along with their four siblings and mama.

kittenupdate-originalpicwhentheywereinrescueGinger and Ale were just wee kitties at rescue

Sadly three of the weakened kittens passed in their sleep and mama had to be euthanized, due to a spinal cord injury caused by trauma. Ginger and Ale were adopted together in June and their surviving sibling Marlo went to a different home.

Cuties Ginger and Ale are growing up!


Ginger and Ale’s mom and dad Denielle and Liam write,

“The babies are doing well and we are very happy to have them.  They love to nap and play and sleep together all day.  They also love to wake us up at 5 every morning for their breakfast.”


Ale has the prettiest green eyes…


And Ginger is a big fan of naps…

Who doesn’t love pretty pink kitty toes?


kittenupdatecollage2Surveying their domain from atop their tree is tiring. Time for a snooze!
kittenupdate9Ginger gets a belly rub from mama Denielle
kittenupdate5rotatedEvery kitten deserves to be cherished like Ale

Thank you Denielle and Liam for your wonderful update and the sweet life you’re giving Ginger and Ale!


Adopted! Sweet Pea Finds the Perfect Home!

We’re delighted that our little Sweet Pea has at last found her forever home, and she lucked out with the perfect new family, two-legged and four-legged!

sweetpeasent8-9-18IMG_2517Sweet Pea, her new dad Jim, and four donkeys Jim and his wife Faye adopted from The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

This adorable goat came to BCFS in the summer of 2017 along with MT, her duck friend.


They were enjoying life with our animals in foster care while awaiting their forever home, when MT sadly suffered life threatening injuries last month and was euthanized.


Fortunately, we heard from a lovely couple experienced in animal rescue that they were interested in adopting Sweet Pea. They’d just lost one of their goats and wanted to give Sweet Pea a good home with their female goats, donkeys, ducks, chickens, cats and dogs who were also rescued!


Sweet Pea off to her new home

Sweet Pea may find her new family of kindred spirits helps ease her loss of MT, with whom she was closely bonded. She’s already making friends with all the animals, and Jim writes, “I should note that neither Isabella or Betsy had ever shown an interest in being elevated, before she arrived.”



They have a spacious farm and barn that’s heated in winter and cooled with fans in summer, which Sweet Pea has already made her home sweet home. She has two acres of fenced pasture to graze and romp in with her new friends, too!


They write, “First pasture with everybody at 4:30″.  Sweet Pea fits right in!

We’re thrilled to already have new photos and updates on Sweet Pea from her adoptive dad and mom, Jim and Faye, whom Sweet Pea has clearly taken to.



Inside the barn. “Our dogs don’t seem to be an issue for her, and the donkeys and goats think she’s swell.”

They understand rescues have a period of adjustment in a new home, are patient and say their own animals introduce new ones into the family. Sweet Pea should have a smooth transition and her happily-ever-after with such a friendly welcoming committee!

We couldn’t be happier for Sweet Pea, and are grateful to her new family for giving her the loving home she deserves. Thank you, Jim and Faye!



Gathering our Resources

Hello supporters!

We’re not done! We just need to take a little breathing room and gather our resources. We’re still nursing broken hearts over the loss of the bunnies and our silly Duck.  We miss them dearly.


In addition to our emotional broken hearts, we are slowing down as our master of maintenance must go for surgery and we’ll be losing his support for several months. Not to fear my friends, he’ll be back and ready to work in 2019! tumblr_mhmekrQNDC1qj6wguo1_500

Full disclosure has always been our motto and we stick to the truth regardless how painful it can be at times. We’ve been judged, both succeeded and failed, yet we continue to trudge forward.


What does a breather, a break or gathering our resources look like?

It means we won’t be accepting any more animals into our foster care program for the next several months. We still have our permanent residents to care for and our barn to maintain. We will carry on status quo.

splash walking

We greatly appreciate your support in the coming months and the years that follow.

ps… start thinking about auction items for our annual Facebook auction starting in October 2018! After all, its hay time and hay is big $$$ and huge part of caring for the horses and goats.


Illness Sweeps the Bunnies

This is a sad and tragic week for BCFS, not only did we lose our silly duck, but three of our rabbits succumb to a deadly upper respiratory infection.


We took them to the vet and started on antibiotics and pain killers. We gave supportive care, gently feeding them with syringes to keep their digestive system working.

We sweated and cried when the vet said there was not more they could do to help our sweet bunnies.


There is a heaviness surrounding the barn, but everyday we carry on feeding, loving, grooming and cuddling our charges.

We are deeply saddened at the massive loss.




Farewell MT the Friendly Duck

MT, the wee black duck, came into rescue with his best pal Sweet Pea the goat. Clearly these two had a very solid relationship.

This morning I came out to the barn and found MT laying down in a doorway. I walked over and he didn’t get up, but quacked at me like he greets me every morning. I smiled, and then frowned, when I saw his back leg.


Sometime in the last few hours MT was injured. His right back leg was unusable. I picked up MT gave him a cuddle and put him in a stall by himself with food and fresh water. He was thrilled and played in the water while gobbling up all the food.

I called the vet and made appointment to bring MT in for an assessment. Little did I know his injuries would be fatal.

I was smiles when I walked in and tears when I walked out. MT’s injury was too extensive to heal and his prognosis was not good.

Humanely Euthanize.

I cuddled MT as I watched the light leave his eyes. I cried on his weatherproof feathers and then felt silly when I saw both vets watching me quietly.

“I know its just a duck, but…. he was a really nice duck.” 

Dr. Marissa at Dunnville Vet Clinic gave me a hug and I took MT to the car to collect myself. I was starting to sob.

I stood by the car and cried over this silly duck. He really was a silly duck too. He would follow me around while I cleaned stalls and ate grain right from my hand. He talked to me when I was in the barn and his lovely quacks will be sorely missed.


I’m sad, but grateful we did not let MT suffer. Maybe you can finally learn to fly MT. Our hearts are with you.


Roscoe, 5 years old with Endless Border Collie Energy – Adopted

One word to describe Roscoe: heart. He’s got a big heart and loves his people.

Roscoe would be considered a project dog, meaning he’s going to be a lot of work. He’s not one of those easy dogs that lounges around the house and asks for belly rubs.


Roscoe is busy.

He hardly stands still for a moment, but he’s one incredible boy. Roscoe has been professionally trained by Scott Conway and is obedient and excellent on leash. A real “rally O” dog given more training.


Roscoe can do it all!

Agility, fly ball, barn hunt… this dog can do anything and he likes to be busy. He loves hiking, camping, swimming and is incredibly brave.

Roscoe is a ball of energy and will stick by you off leash wherever you go. He’s a hang around the property kind of dog who simply wants to be with you.

He’s very excitable in the car and isn’t the best passenger. He would benefit from another similar sized dog to play with, but this isn’t necessary. His ideal home would be where he had a job.


Farm life would be a great thing for Roscoe. He’d follow the farmer around all day long and never lag. I’m sure he’d pick up on herding and he gets along with all our farm animals.

Roscoe’s recall is amazing and I was even able to call him off a rabbit that had run out on the trail. He’s very devoted to his people.

Because of the nature of the border collar to nip we recommend a family without children with lots of space to run.


Roscoe does have his down time and sleeps well through the night. He is crate trained, house broken and has impeccable leash skills.

If you take time with Roscoe and show him how to be the dog you want him to be, then you won’t be disappointed. Roscoe requires a great deal of exercise, so if you’re a couch potato he’s not the dog for you.

Roscoe requires a fenced yard, no kids and adults who are very active. He’s incredibly high energy. We want to find the right home for Roscoe and know that there is a perfect home out there for him somewhere. Don’t be shy! Come see this handsome fellow and decide for yourself.


One white front paw and one brown front paw!