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lebanon lab fletcher adopted

Fletcher the Lebanon Lab Now A Canadian Happy Tail

Is there such thing as love at first sight? Who knows, but we do know there is definitely such a thing as “super immediate mushy love” on Gotcha Day! Fletcher had met his new family just once before – a meet and greet is part of the adoption process – but you’d think Fletcher had known them a lifetime considering the adoring eyes and big paw-ful hugs he was wrapping around John and Jenifer!

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adopt a senior month gets real

Adopt a Senior Month Gets Real; Tia’s Happy Tail

Brian and Elizabeth probably did not set out to do anything other than what they usually do – adopt a dog, save a life. But their extra-special take on dog adoption was just a little bit more special for the fact that they adopted Tia, one of our senior adoptable dogs here at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, and during Adopt a Senior Month too! Could we ask for any more of a real world blessing?

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bentley adopted to furever home

Big Red Rhodesian Bentley is Off to Furever Adventures!

Gone for Bentley are the hours pent up in a crate; gone for him are anxiety-ridden days and nights due to owner insecurities. Here come fun filled hours in parks, running alongside his equally energetic doggy brother, and attentive training from his new-to-him furever mum and dad.

Here’s a little happy tail snippet they sent to us the morning after Bentley’s adoption ….
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mama adopted with help of adoptions coordinator silvana

Mama Adopted, Her Furever Name is Mia

In a tip of the hat to Abba (intentionally or otherwise! ) Mama, now Mia, has been adopted!

Northern Dog Mama

Yes, that’s right, the team here at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary are incredibly happy and proud to announce Mama has been adopted and has gone to her forever home. 

Happy furever home Mama, you now have a family of your very own. No more foraging for food scraps, now more having to protect your puppies from monsters, now more sleeping with one eye open and hyper vigilant all the time. Doesn’t that sound great for you, our little * former* Northern Dog?

Mama – Mia will be safe and loved.  We thank all of the dedicated volunteers that helped make her adoption happen, and the sponsors that help us keep the rescue going day in and day out. 

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solo adoption happy tail

Solo’s Going Furever Home

Beaver Creek Open House Leads Families to Lebanon Dog Adoption

When it works, it really works! Solo and his furever family found each other at the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Open House, and we could not be more thrilled to announce our the adoption! November 4 will be Solo’s Gotcha Day, he’s the second of the dogs from Lebanon who have found their permanent place in Canada. Continue reading

lucky lebanon dog adopted

Lucky Found His Charm in Canada, A Lebanon Dog Happy Tail

A poodle terrier mix. He’s around 1and ½ years old. Simply calm and sweet. For Lucky it’s the usual story for a stray dog, a family who gets a small dog and then decides to dump him for lack of time or whatever. – Mona Khoury, BETA Lebanon

Mona promised Lucky that his luck would change with his immigration to Canada, and she was not wrong! The day after he arrived in our country, he met a family willing to take him home to foster care. It was not long before his sweet nature and friendly disposition charmed that foster family into giving him a furever home.  Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is pleased to announce the news – we are no longer taking adoption applications for lucky Mr. Lucky!

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