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Bailey Adopted Shih Tzu

Bailey Scores One for the Senior Dog Team! Happy Tail Adoption

Have you ever made a decision, then realized it was exactly the WRONG one just by having made it?  That’s what happened with Bailey’s now furever family. And they almost missed out! But in the weird and wacky world of animal rescue, the gods of goodness often prevail in spite of us silly humans. Bailey is now safely ensconced in the perfect-for-him furever family. Here’s what happened!

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lebanon lab fletcher adopted

Fletcher the Lebanon Lab Now A Canadian Happy Tail

Is there such thing as love at first sight? Who knows, but we do know there is definitely such a thing as “super immediate mushy love” on Gotcha Day! Fletcher had met his new family just once before – a meet and greet is part of the adoption process – but you’d think Fletcher had known them a lifetime considering the adoring eyes and big paw-ful hugs he was wrapping around John and Jenifer!

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adopt a senior month gets real

Adopt a Senior Month Gets Real; Tia’s Happy Tail

Brian and Elizabeth probably did not set out to do anything other than what they usually do – adopt a dog, save a life. But their extra-special take on dog adoption was just a little bit more special for the fact that they adopted Tia, one of our senior adoptable dogs here at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, and during Adopt a Senior Month too! Could we ask for any more of a real world blessing?

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