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Maggie the Maltese ADOPTED – Update

Just like none of us would want to be abandoned in our old age, neither do dogs. But at sixteen years old, wee Maggie found herself dumped at a shelter.


We can’t imagine what that’s like for a senior dog.  How could we say no to this endearing little old lady Maltese who needed rescuing? We couldn’t say no!


Maggie came into Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s dog foster program in July and received veterinary and chiropractic care to help put the spring back in her step.


Thanks to good blood test results, she also had a dental procedure to remove her last four abscessed teeth.  Maggie didn’t seem to mind, and this sweet senior enjoyed recovering with lots of sleep at her foster home.


Maggie found her forever home on Labour Day weekend. The unofficial end of summer but a new beginning for sweet Maggie with her adoptive mom Lynne.


We’re beyond pleased to share this happy update from Lynne:

“First of all, thank you for the gift of Maggie! She has brought so much joy, laughter and yes, some frustration to my life in the short time I’ve had her.

I’m not a morning person but I can hardly wake up at 7:00 a.m. to that beautiful face without feeling so lucky to have her.

She’s the star of the building and through her I’m meeting a lot of people with their dogs. They all think she’s a puppy and are quite surprised when I tell them how old she is. She’s aged well even though she previously had an unpleasant time.

She enjoys her walks and rides in the car well. I’m still looking for a harness for her that fits and will come for a visit at the farm when I return the one I have here. Thank you again.”


We’re thrilled for Maggie and Lynne that they found each other and Maggie is now a star! Thank you to Maggie’s new mom Lynne for giving Maggie the loving home, attention and care she deserves!


We know at BCFS that there’s something special about caring for senior dogs who’ve seen and lived a lot in their lives. They deserve a warm lap, short walks, good food, a comfy bed and love in their old age.

Maggie shows us that every dog we rescue, though they may need a little extra time to be adopted, makes the most of their fresh starts and the kind-hearted people who adopt them. Thank you, Lynne, for loving Maggie!

maggie with new mama

Maggie Adopted!!

Doing the impossible — finding a loving forever home for a sixteen year old maltese with no teeth and a wobbly gait.

1cuteby thetree

These adoptions give us such hope for mankind. After seeing so many horrific things done to animals we consider finding a loving forever home for a senior a point for the good guys!

Maggie is one such dog and we give a big thank you to her forever family for finding room in their heart for a lovely little girl with a lot of life left to give.

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Frost - unusual combination of terrier, poodle and husky (we think). Positive for giardia and worms.

Northern Dog Frost Adopted!!!

Frost came to us through our northern Ontario contact — and we mean far north —  polar bear north.

He was born into a home where the family poodle / terrier cross had a tryst with a husky. Spaying and neutering is not common in the far north and this is a frequent occurrence. They will be having their first spay and neuter clinic this fall 2015!

close up frost

Our northern contact met with the family and asked if she could take the pup to a rescue in the south. The family didn’t initially agree, but with some persuasion they allowed the puppy to be released.

During the waiting our contact became concerned as she watched little Frost start to struggle physically. By the time he reached BCFS he had vomiting, diarrhea and was on the skinny side.

frost on lap

We immediately took him to our vet for neutering and treatment for worms and giardia – very common in the far north in people as well as dogs.

Like any good puppy he turned around quickly and his personality went from cautiously lethargic to slightly bouncy… with a side of trouble.

frost dirty face

We’d had him for 8 days before the first application and then the second rolled into BCFS. We process all the applications we receive and match the best home to the dog. This is one time where the needs of the dog supersede the needs of the people.

One application listed agility and therapy dog as a future for Frost. There were five people who took part in the discussion of Frost’s future including our board of directors.

Given Frost’s personality and love of people we felt he would be an excellent therapy dog. Getting a job for a rescue dog is always an extra bonus that helps educate with the added bonus of bringing people and rescue dogs together.

With joy we announced Frost has joined Linda’s family and we couldn’t be happier!


Congratulations Linda & Frost and we look forward to the updates in his journey to becoming a therapy dog!