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Lacey 9 year old female shih tzu – Adopted

Sweet Lacey was napping in her bed when we went to meet her. There had already been so much change in her life and here we were to make even more.

Lacey was an owner surrender by a family unable to care for this sweet girl. There was nothing wrong with her… or so we thought.


Once in her foster home Lacey refused to eat and had diarrhea. We took her to our vet and did some tests to find out she has C. Diff – an infection in her intestines. Three weeks of antibiotics should do the trick! She’ll be retested prior to adoption.

DB77A827-9981-4ABC-B408-E8FA5C5B874ELacey was so sad and so sick initially that she would just lay in a corner with the most forlorn look on her sweet face.


After medications were started and a week went by Lacey started to feel better and began to play and look happy.

She is housebroken and even figured out the dog door in the first few days. She loves car rides and is good with cats and other dogs.

She’s smart, sweet, a cuddle button and a lover.


She’d love a home where her family was with her most of the time as she’s lived with a retired couple for her entire life. She’s calm, relaxed and excellent on leash. She’s a perfect little shih tzu.


We have an adoption pending for Lacy!


2016 Year in Review!

A new year is a time for new beginnings, and that’s what BCFS made in 2016.

It takes a lot of planning, hard dirty work, sweat, money, worry and hope to build a new sanctuary from the ground up. But that’s what we’ve done, building on the initial groundbreaking and construction we started in August 2015.


We’re proud of our bright red new barn and Q-hut, our beautiful stalls and fenced enclosures.




Work has continued all year to make our Little g Ranch a refuge for unwanted and unloved animals. Here in our care, dozens of permanent and foster animals have found healing, love, warmth, comfort, training and sanctuary this year.

zigtuckersawyeranimalsbcfscroppedProverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” BCFS goes together, with our supporters’ help

We made a new beginning by relocating to our new sanctuary in Wainfleet. It’s tucked away in a secluded, wooded location that affords our animals the privacy, peace and serenity, and safety they deserve.


In April 2016, the big day came and one by one, we moved the animals to their new home. Our blind pony Splash…

splashmovingdayapril2016Trusting blind pony Splash is led into her trailer on moving day

Hershel, our pot-bellied pig who was fostered while we built, came home to his friends here…

hershelandzigWe were glad for our old friend Gus to live long enough to experience Little g with us.


While we were busy building and relocating our permanent residents to our new location, we were also rescuing, fostering and rehoming many dogs, including one of our longest-term fosters, Verena.

Puppy mill mama Verena arrived in January frightened and unfamiliar with the world outside of the cage she’d spent eight long years in. During more than 7 months in our foster care program in 2016, yorkie poo Verena learned to love, trust and live as a dog, and found her forever home in August. Verena is just one of our success stories this year.

In all, during 2016 BCFS rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed – or provided permanent sanctuary to – dozens of animals. Including these souls for whom BCFS was their last chance:




We also successfully rehomed the mini horses we rescued in November 2015 – including an unexpected but beautiful fifth mini horse, Cooper who was born to mama Montana and papa JB, all of whom found forever homes through us.

amy montana cooper


We decided one of the mini horses we rescued, Heidi, was more suited to a permanent home with us due to her age and health issues. She’s happily living with our blind pony Splash here at BCFS.


heidibrentHeidi, Brent and Splash shortly after we rescued Heidi

Amy writes,

Heidi began to deteriorate in late September 2016 and we were very worried. Dr. Sherry (our large animal vet) came out to assess the wee mini horse. Heidi has swelling to the left side of her face and Dr. Sherry said it was likely a tooth abscess. 

We started Heidi on a regiment of antibiotics with little success.  After weeks of medications Dr. Sherry started talking about removing the tooth, but that’s a big deal with horses. They have to cut open the cheek to access the back teeth. It’s a big procedure and minis don’t generally do well with anesthetic, but we wanted to try.

This was on a Friday afternoon and Dr. Sherry promised to make some calls on Monday. On Saturday afternoon Heidi showed signs of colic and severe discomfort. She was drooling foul smelling pus from her mouth and was rolling in the stall.

We called our emergency vet line and Dr. John came out to see our skinny little mini. I told Dr. John that we’d been fighting a tooth abscess for weeks and he said “… well, lets have a look.”

Dr. John stuck his big hand in little Heidi’s mouth and searched blindly for the offending tooth. “Ah” said Dr. John as there was a popping sound and Dr. John pulled a molar broken into four pieces out of Heidi’s mouth! Pus and blood oozed out of Heidi’s mouth as she dropped her head to the ground. I stared in amazement at Dr. John: he was our hero!

Dr. John treated the colic and gave Heidi more antibiotics, but he said she should be just fine.

It’s December and Heidi is doing great! Eating and pushing around Hershel the pig just for fun. It was touch and go through the fall for Heidi, but she’s made a full recovery!



Speaking of Splash, we’ve worked to ensure her lack of sight doesn’t prevent her from living life to the fullest. This year we’ve been fortunate to have our volunteer Megan come work with Splash, taking riding lessons, building a relationship of mutual trust, and making some pretty impressive strides together.


Splash relies on Megan to be her eyes, and that’s enabled Splash to take walks and even canter on the shores of Lake Erie. Splash has happily gotten wet in the water’s edge.

splashmeganseptember24th2016Splash also learned to pull a wagon, no small feat for a blind pony. Click here for video! The exercise and new learning experiences are part of what we do in providing lifelong sanctuary for this sweet pony.



In February we rescued a baby goat we named Elsa whose mama had abandoned her in the snow. Elsa got ‘round-the-clock care with bottle feedings, naps on Brent’s chest, and a village of caring volunteers who came to feed, play with and socialize Elsa.

Even though Elsa is growing up, she still thinks she’s Amy’s lap goat.



Elsa outgrew her hijinks in our dishwasher and on our kitchen counters, and eventually moved to the barn to hang out with our senior goat Nelly and beloved pot-bellied pig Hershel.



Believe it or not Nelly is still hanging in there! She’s going to be 18 years old in 2017 and she’s still the boss. She’s battling tumours in her udder; one burst at the end of September 2016 and she’s been much more comfortable since.


She’s on pain killers for her arthritis and manages to make her rounds.


Hershel is still going strong and you can hear him greet you in the morning with his happy snorts. He had his tusks trimmed in September 2016 by Dr. Sherry who trimmed his hooves then as well.


With he cold weather he spends most of his time in the heated barn, inside his igloo (when Nelly isn’t napping inside the igloo). He still loves his people and his treats.


Blue is a white husky with blue eyes who came to BCFS as an adult from the far north. He was special to our northern connection and was the pack leader in his home town.


This means Blue has some issues, so he’ll be staying on at BCFS to manage his behavioural issues.


Blue’s favourite thing is to run through he bush and patrolling the fence lines of HIS FARM.

Blue has taken full ownership and responsibility of the property and animals of BCFS. He tolerates little shenanigans and we’re thrilled for the extra protection.


Zig has also come a long way in his quest to find his place at BCFS. He’s friendly with strangers and we’re 57 days without a bite!

img_2422Zig has a special attachment to Amy and Brent and demands pick up cuddles every morning. We’re happy to have found a place for a dog that had no place left to go.


Sanctuary and Donations

Our sanctuary has large areas to run, play and heal. Where animals are given the time and direction needed to feel good and to feel loved.


Our biggest cost aside from veterinary care is hay for the large animals. The price of good Hay has gone up to $7 bale and it’s only December. If anyone knows a good hay supplier who can help BCFS please contact me at


These forever residents rely on us, and on you and your support, for their lifelong care.img_2420




A Forever Family and New Sister for Ruger!

Ruger is the eldest son in a family of five that BCFS brought into our foster care program through our good rescue friends at Furever Friends Rescue of WNY, and we’re happy to announce Ruger has found his forever family!


Ruger is the quintessential bossy big brother who likes to push around other male dogs like he did his younger brothers, especially his youngest brother Fenton, while in our foster care. BCFS recommended that a family with a strong female dog would be ideal for this tough guy who was known to be a bit of a bully.

A strong female dog will keep Ruger in line and not let him get away with any shenanigans, especially since Ruger prefers the ladies and treated his mama Delana with respect.

ruger1expclarityRuger with his mama Delana behind him

We got lucky! Ruger now lives in an all-female household with his new mom Allison, her daughter Shannon and their lovely dog Mabel!


Ruger is only three years old, a shih tzu cross who’s a little shy but thinks he’s a whippersnapper. His new sister Mabel is the perfect match for Ruger.


His sweetness and vulnerability came through when we groomed and bathed this little guy..

ruger4Ruger still damp after his bath

Thank you to Allison, Shannon and Mabel from BCFS for giving Ruger his loving forever home!  Happy trails, Ruger!



Pippi Adopted!

Never have I see a dog “fly off the shelf” like Pippi. We’d barely gotten her dental done before she met her new mom and dad.


Pippi first jumped on the couch in her foster home to sit next to her soon to be mama; then she walked demurely over to sit with her soon to be papa.

Not, so much sit with papa as curl up on his lap for a sweet slumber. It was as thought Pippi had chosen her new family.

pippiadopted11-14-16newfamilyPippi’s right at home with her new mama and papa


Pippi is a sweet kind soul without an ounce of meanness. If you want her food, I believe she thinks:

Please take it. You must need it more than me.

If you want her toys, her water, her sweater or her leash?

Please take it. You must need it more than me. My cookies? Of course, please take it as you must need it more than me.


We all could learn a lot from Pippi.

Congrats Pippi on your new family. You certainly deserve it.


Nestled in Love – Allura’s New Family!

BCFS is happy that our rescued shih tzu/Jack Russell cross Allura has not only found loving new adoptive parents, but she’s gained a big furry canine brother named Murphy and two kitty siblings, too! Puppy mill survivor Allura is now playing and snuggling with her new family!

allurafromadoptivemomamanda2expHow sweet it is: Allura, left, and her new brother Murphy

Allura’s new family has renamed her Molly and mom Amanda sends us these sweet pics and updates – her first one came shortly after her adoption:

I wanted to give you ladies a quick update and let you know that everything is going really well and we had a great first night. She and Murphy are really enjoying each other’s company and they’ve had a few good plays together. It’s quite funny to watch them romp around together. We lifted her into our bed last night and she plopped right down in the blankets beside Murph and slept the whole night. It’s a good thing we have a king size bed, so there is lots of room for us and the fur babies. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a sweet dog. We are so happy to have her here and look forward to our future together.

Allura/Molly is settling in beautifully with her new family and we’re especially glad she has another dog to play and live with and to learn from. Dogs are the best teachers for other dogs, especially puppy mill survivors who are shy and just learning what it is to be a normal dog.


As happy as we were with Amanda’s first update, her new one makes us smile from ear to ear:

Now that we’ve had Allura for a week I thought I would give another update. We did decide to change her name to Molly and she is already responding to her new name! She is such a smart little girl and she catches on very fast!

In the week we have had her she has come a long way. We crate her when we go out and if I say “Molly, cage” and snap my fingers by the door of her kennel, she goes right in. She also now goes up and down the stairs mostly on her own with a little bit of encouragement.

Murphy loves having a friend and Molly looks to Murphy for guidance and cues on how she should act in different situations. We couldn’t have asked for a better match with Murphy and Molly.


We also went to Grant’s parents’ house yesterday for his grandfather’s birthday. We brought Murphy and Molly so we could expose Molly to some new people and a new place (this is where the dogs will go when we need someone to puppysit). They have a massive backyard and they both ran around all afternoon and they had an amazing time!

Molly also met some new people of all ages and she was really good with everyone. She is shy at first, but after a pet or two, there was a couple people she kept going back to for more pets. She is such a wonderful girl! When she was running around with Murph yesterday with her tail wagging and a big smile with her tongue hanging out, it actually made me tear up a little to see what a happy little girl she is. I know, I’m a sap :)

Also, this morning when we woke up, she was bouncing around on the bed wagging her tail and she gave me my first couple kisses on my hand. That was a great start to our day!

Thank you so much for allowing us to give this special girl her forever home! We couldn’t ask for a better furry addition! :)

And we at BCFS couldn’t ask for a better forever family than Amanda and Grant, Murphy and their kitties. A perfect match!

Allura/Molly is five years old and came into BCFS’ foster care program in September along with her mother Delana, seven years old. Both girls were shy and scared.


Allura had known little of the outside world and was initially fearful.



A strange new environment, new people, new sights, smells and sounds – getting used to the peace and safety of BCFS. Our other rescued dogs like Naji and Walter helped Allura and Delana come out of their shells. Both girls made big strides in just weeks.


Allura’s mom Delana and her brother Fenton were adopted recently and now Allura (renamed Molly) has a forever family of her own, too.

Thank you to new parents Amanda and Grant and to their dog Murphy for making Allura/Molly their own, and for your wonderful updates and photos!

Please remember to adopt, don’t shop. These are the precious lives saved when caring people choose to adopt.



Adopted! A Family for Delana

Delana is a seven year old shih tzu/Jack Russell cross who has gone from living in a box to fostering at BCFS to her loving forever family and walks in the park!


Some big and very happy changes in a short time for this puppy mill girl we rescued in September along with her daughter Allura and later, her three sons Bergen, Ruger and Fenton.


Delana was initially very shy and fearful when she arrived in our foster care program but it wasn’t long before she was romping around, enjoying her newfound freedom.


Puppy mill dogs always do better when they have other dogs to socialize with, and both Delana and Allura were happy to hang out with our other rescues like Naji and Walter.



Have we mentioned how grateful we are for people with big loving hearts who adopt older dogs like Delana? Her new mom Marilyn sent us this short update on how Delana is doing in her new home:

Dalena is adjusting. She had a walk in the park this morning and she did all her jobs outside. She is very curious about her surroundings in and out. She certainly is food oriented both for wieners and cheese but not dog food yet. At the moment she is enjoying private time behind the couch. Thank you for our beautiful girl!

Delana may always have a shy streak but with patience, kindness and love, she’ll continue growing and learning what it is to be a dog and living a normal, happy life.


No more boxes or puppies for Delana. She’s been spayed, brought up to date on her vaccinations and is a healthy girl with lots of life, lots of love to give and a future to look forward to.


Thank you to Marilyn for adopting Delana and giving her the second chance at happiness she deserves!


A Family for Sabre – Senior Rottie Adopted!

Sabre epitomizes what rescue is all about: saving animals, healing their ailments and wounded hearts, teaching them to trust again, and giving them the time they need to find loving homes.

We knew Sabre is a treasure whose sweet personality would win over the perfect family, and we were right.

BCFS is thrilled that Sabre has just been adopted!
sabre foreverfamilySabre and her new dad Chris

Sabre’s healing journey to her forever home began in January, when BCFS rescued this senior Rottweiler. Life had not been kind to 11-year-old Sabre. Her people beat her up and let other dogs beat her up, too.

Six months later, Sabre looks amazing compared to when she came in: recovering from abuse, suffering from ear and eye infections that wept and oozed, a flea infestation, mammary gland tumours and a dull, thin coat.
Sabre after intake at BCFS
Safe in BCFS’ foster care program, Sabre received veterinary care to treat her infections, gentle hands to stroke her, and tender loving care. She was finally able to get a bit of sleep, able to close her eyes and not worry about her next meal or a safe place to call home. She seemed surprised to find her bowls full of food and fresh water.
Though fearful when faced with new situations, Sabre began to relax. She surprised her foster mom by gently carrying around a small plush toy in her mouth that she set in her lap as a prize. Sabre was proud of that stuffed toy and did not even attempt to tear it up.
Today, Sabre doesn’t look 11 years old, she looks and moves like a young dog. Sabre blossomed in foster care; she’s put on a great deal of muscle and has relaxed so much since her rescue. BCFS knows that dogs who are abused can learn to trust and love again regardless of age… and we were determined to prove it.
 Sabre has done just that, she’s learned to trust and love again. She’s a beautiful soul who loves people and is safe with children.
Sabre will happily greet new people with tail wags and by pressing her face against their legs to be petted. She’s the regular old rottie that we’ve seen before… the one who loves a good bum scratch and does the lean against your legs. She sits on the floor and lets kids hug and pet her with love shining in her eyes. Sabre will now have two children to love in her new family!
Sabre has had a rough life, but landed at BCFS where we took care of most her physical problems.

Her ear infections are under control with a fish diet, and we removed six mammary gland tumours. She’s been spayed and brought up to date on her vaccinations. Her flea infestation is gone and her coat shines with health.  Sabre is hearing impaired but the sound of silence doesn’t hamper her ability to love and enjoy life.

When Sabre was spayed they found a large tumour on her ovary and it was a lifesaver that we spayed an 11 year old dog. Six mammary gland tumours were removed and one was found to be cancer, but they excised it with a solid margin. There’s no guarantee it won’t come back, but spaying reduces the chances of cancer by 50%. Another reason to please spay female dogs!
Sabre, healthy and ready for the next chapter in her life
Sabre initially showed fear aggression with other dogs in foster care, but was convinced to make friends with Taz, Jackson, Zig and our late Gus. Since she is generally still very dog aggressive, Sabre’s new family is suitable since they have no other animals. Sabre still has a bit of anxiety in new situations, but is fine by herself without any separation anxiety. She’s completely house-trained but not good on a leash, but she’ll have a fenced-in yard to run around in. This senior girl also doesn’t like the cold.
 Brrr! Sabre prefers cozy, not cold
Sabre flourished in six months of BCFS’ foster care, and today she’s a friendly and loving girl who adores people and has learned how to trust again. Sabre’s new family will never lack for that old fashioned rottie love.
BCFS is pleased that Sabre now has her very own family to love! She’s doing great in her new home! New dad Chris writes,
Sabre is doing awesome a very playful dog for her age she seems to be very happy.
He adds that Sabre is a perfect addition to their family. Thank you and congratulations to Sabre’s new family!

Frisky Mini Horse JB Adopted!

JB is a little fella with a big personality! He arrived at BCFS last November, a rambunctious paint colt just shy of his second birthday.


JB was largely left to his own devices as a young colt and was a handful when he entered our foster care program. But he learned to walk well with a halter and no longer rears when excited while being led.


JB’s foster family fell in love with him and we’re happy to announce they’ve adopted JB!

BCFS rescued young JB along with three mini horse mares, one of whom turned out to be pregnant at the time of her rescue and later gave birth to JB’s foal. We adopted both mom and foal to a forever home. We had JB gelded in December, so no more mini-JBs, and this flashy fella turned two in January.

This lucky young gelding has found his forever home on a farm to share his life with new mom Kirbi’s horses and alpacas.


We love this series of photos of JB and his new family so much we made a collage to share them all! JB has a beautiful new home.


New mom Kirbi writes,

JB has been nicknamed Jellybean by my kids. We don’t have experience with driving minis in front of a cart so he will just be “flashy” rather than a flashy cart horse lol.  He became fast friends with True North (“Northy”) my Arabian. IMG_2720resizedIt took a bit longer to win over my Clydesdale, Daisy.  But he persisted – you could tell he liked her – and she came around after about a week. 

He is definitely getting comfortable at our place as his personality comes out.
He is very curious and has expressed a desire to come into the house lol. For now, he settles for mints, marshmallows, and carrots out our back door.  He is the new guest favourite and he’s even got my neighbours trained to bring him treats at the fence – when he sees them, he comes running!
IMG_2695croppedresizedJB loves the attention from his new family and neighbors
Taking pictures of him is tricky because he is a camera hog and likes to get his nose right in the camera.  Anyone who sits on my patio is guaranteed to get a kiss in exchange for a neck scratch.  We couldn’t help but fall in love with this little guy.

Thank you to Kirbi and her family for adopting spunky JB!


Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary ~ saving the world one animal at a time…





Carmelita Update!

A lovely update from the forever family of Carmelita – a once unloved and forgotten puppy mill mama.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for everything you did to help make it possible for Carmelita to become part of our family. We call her Lita now for short.


Lita is getting better everyday. She now loves treats and knows that word! She is still hesitant to put on a leash but seems to really enjoy walks now. She and Tori play fight almost every evening and we sometimes find them curled up together in the same bed with an empty one next to them. We are really enjoying her and have loved seeing her grow.


Congratulations to this lovely little family!


Here’s a few pics for you!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Love Justin and Heather Do. (And Tori and Lita of course!)


Chocolate Lionhead Rabbit Almond – Adopted!


The reward in animal rescue and providing temporary fostering to animals is when we bid farewell to them. When we successfully match a rescued animal to a loving person or family who will care for them all their lives.


That’s what BCFS did this past week for our foster bunny, lovely chocolate Lionhead rabbit Almond. Shortly after we posted about her, Almond found her forever home with new Dad Rob and his three adorable children!

We’re pleased to report that cuddly Almond has been adopted!


Home Sweet Home

She enjoyed her stay here at BCFS with our other foster rabbits but now she has a permanent home and a loving family to shower her with attention and snuggle up with.


Almond’s pretty eyes, her collar of long soft fur, and her sweet gentle nature were irresistible.

Her new Dad, Rob, is building a custom bunny hutch for Almond out of a wall unit!


Thank you to Rob and his children for giving Almond a new home and loving this sweet bunny. We look forward to updates!

If you’re thinking of adopting a rabbit, we still have four more rescued bunnies available for adoption! Bonded Lionhead sisters Star and Luna, Mini Rex male Magic whom we previously featured with Almond, and our Californian bunny, Donkey.

Please complete an Adoption Application and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at: Thank you for considering a rescue bunny!