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For the Love of Bunnies – Meet Magic and Almond! – Adopted

almondmagicIMG_2117cropexpstraightenresizedChocolate Lionhead Rabbit “Almond”

These two gorgeous adoptable rabbits came into BCFS’ care and they’re both looking for forever homes. If you’re seeking a quiet, gentle companion animal, one of these bunnies could be your next best friend! Or perhaps two best friends!

Mini Rex “Magic”

almondmagicIMG_2123expsharpcropresizedsharp almondmagicIMG_2126expsharpcropstraightresizesharpPeek-a-boo!

Magic is a fawn-colored Mini Rex who lives up to his name – he’ll cast a spell on you with his charming good looks, soft fur and suave character.


Magic is neutered so you don’t have to worry about the bunny-stork paying any visits to your home!


Mini Rex rabbits are a popular breed thanks to their friendly personalities, small size and their beautiful soft fur that feels wonderful when you hold and pet them. They’re moderately active, and will enjoy playing or just snuggling up for a cuddle.

Cuddly “Almond”


Speaking of cuddling, Almond is a big cuddler! She’s a chocolate-colored Lionhead rabbit who adores snuggling and will be more than happy to help keep you warm in winter with her affectionate, cuddly nature.


Almond has settled in well here at the farm with the company of the other rabbits being fostered, but she’s a sophisticated girl.  While many of our adoptable rabbits enjoy spending time outside, Almond prefers being indoors where life is much more civilized.


She would make a perfect companion for a bunny-lover who lives in an apartment or condo. Lionhead and Mini Rex rabbits are intelligent breeds who can be litter-box trained with love, patience and praise.


Our self-appointed welcoming committee and resident Shih Poo, sweet Super Taz, is clearly taken with the bunnies.  Wagging her tail just wasn’t enough, Taz popped right into Magic’s crate to say hi!

If you’re interested in adopting Almond or Magic, or both of these sweet bunnies, hop on over to our Documents and Forms link to download and complete an adoption application, and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at




Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary has rescued several beautiful rabbits, including these beauties, who are looking for forever families. Are you one of those families?

Lionhead Rabbit Sisters Looking for Love



Who are these gorgeous grey bunnies with soft eyes and distinctive fur? Luna and Star are Lionhead rabbits who are friendly and get along well with other bunnies. They’re a bonded pair who need an adoptive home together.


Lionhead rabbits are a fancy breed, known for their good natures. They’re smart, active and ideal companion animals, with younger children needing close adult supervision.


Star and Luna are happily exploring their fenced enclosure, enjoying each other’s company nose to nose, and the admiring glances from Gus the guard dog and one of our ducks.


It’s a lot of work being that cute, time for some more food!  We think they’re both stars!  Star and Luna are feisty, happy bunnies who eat well, cuddle with each other and with Donkey, BCFS’ Californian rabbit who is also adoptable.


Luna and Star are hoping for loving families who will pet, play with and love them up.


If you can welcome Star and Luna into your home and heart, please fill out an adoption application from our forms and documents page and submit it to our adoption coordinator Silvana at!

pippa in tire

Pippa – Broken Spirit, Healthy Body – Adopted

Pippa is only four years old, but she spent most of her life having puppies for profit. Her body is healthy, but her spirit is broken.

It was likely her soft apricot colour that drew the eye of the breeder. Her dark eyes and strawberry blonde coat made her a target. Beautiful and sweet to her own detriment.

There isn’t a mean bone this her little body and even at the height of her fear she doesn’t bite, but she will urinate and defecate when handled. Pippa has found people don’t want to handle a dog that pees and poops on them and has learned to use it as a weapon.

So strong is her fear that her body releases everything inside when she encounters people. What must have they done to this wee dog?

She’s terrified of people.

pippa afraid

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love mr hollingswood chihuahua

Mr. Hollingswood — Dapper Gentleman seeks Loving Home.-Adopted

Generally, when fellow animal rescuers contact each other for help with a tough to place animal there is a sense of desperation in the plea. When we got a call about Mr. H it sounded more life threatening than usual.

In our current position we can only take in animals that can be fostered off site and BCFS is grateful for our group of foster homes.

Luckily we found an opening, because without BCFS to say yes, Mr H was being euthanized that day. 

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image (1)

The Baby Kitten Story

The baby kitten came to us with some mangled back legs and only the tiniest bit of life after being abandoned.  Mama Super Taz got to work supervising the baby’s care and giving loving kisses.


He made little noises and wiggled around as Taz watched carefully from her bed. She would gently sniff and watch over baby kitten as he slept warm and loved.

She never went far and was quick to alert me when he made the tiniest bit of noise. She’d come find me in the house and bark until I followed her to the crying baby kitten. She’d look at me like…

…well, help him! 

Baby kitten made it through two feeding and I was hopeful after he had a large poop, but he suddenly started to decline.

image (2)

He became lethargic and wouldn’t eat anymore. I could see his life ebbing away as I held him in the palm of my hand and encouraged him to hold on. I told him about all the people loving him, but it was too late.

I was quiet as I held him close to my heart as he took his last breaths knowing the comfort brought by the sound of a heartbeat. You are not alone baby kitten. I am here. I am here.

I knew he was gone when Mama Super Taz walked away with her tail hanging low. Her paws dragged across the floor as she sat far from me and looked grief stricken.

I was flooded with guilt.

What could I have done differently to help save this baby kitten? I slowly sank to the floor and Taz came over to lean against my hip, so we could grieve together.


Then I cried. I cried for this little lost and forgotten baby kitten. I cried for his litter mates already dead before we could get to them. I cried to pave their way to heaven.

Even the next morning I found myself weeping. I’m not really a crying sort of person, but I was incredibly moved by this little heartbeat struggling for life.

Even with the best intentions and interventions orphaned kittens under a week old have a poor chance of survival. I’m proud to say we tried and he died loved, warm and fed.

He died as Somebody’s Kitten — so many die as Nobody’s Kitten cold and alone.  (See link for story of Nobody’s Dog. )


We can’t save them all, but we can make a difference and in honour of baby kitten and his short tragic struggle BCFS asks you to please spay or neuter a cat. Make a donation to BCFS or to the Ontario Spay and Neuter Clinic so we have fewer tragic kitten stories.

Its $65 to have a cat spayed or neutered at the clinic.

Ontario Spay and Neuter Clinic

BCFS Donations Page 

tanner purple and white

Adoptable Maltipoo, Here’s Reggie – Adopted July, 2015

Red renamed Reggie is an adoptable Maltipoo puppy now in Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s dog foster program. He is about seven months old. Reggie proudly boasts a three quarter Maltese and one quarter Poodle heritage. He’s considered a non-shedding mix, an advantage for some furever families.  This debonair little puppy is now adoptable and looking for the perfect furever home!

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adoptable spaniel mixed breed dog

Cosmo Adoptable JRT cross, Super Cute! – Adopted June, 2015

Please meet Cosmo! He’s a neutered six year old Spaniel mixed breed  who is looking for his forever home. Cosmo is good with kids, cats and dogs. His human mama died and dad works very long hours. With the adult children leaving the house there is nobody to care for Cosmo. He’s an incredibly sweet boy and looks just a little like Minnie from Mexico., and a little like a mini spaniel!

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