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Handsome Yellow Lab – Here’s Mayo! – Adopted

Please say hello to Mayo! Mayo is an 8-year-old yellow lab and the newest pup in BCFS’ foster care program.


He’s a handsome, big fella about 100 pounds who loves people and other big dogs, but needs a home without cats or small dogs.

True to the nature of this playful breed, Mayo loves the water and playing fetch.


He’s looking for someone to play with, who’ll throw him balls and sticks and maybe even romp with him in a pond, lake or pool. Would that be you?

This young at heart boy is healthy and hoping the perfect family comes along to love.

If Mayo could be your best friend, please download an adoption application  and when completed, email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:

Thank you for considering Mayo, and please remember to share our posts online!


Popcorn!!! – Adopted

Meet Popcorn! This sweet 4-year-old bichon cross is doing wonderfully in BCFS’ foster care program after enduring a bad situation. He was left in a hallway for a year without any grooming or care. Four pounds of hair were removed when he was rescued.

Foster Care Heals

Our foster mom caring for him reports that Popcorn is now fine with being picked up, though on intake he wasn’t happy about it and would growl and snap. After being neglected for so long the socialization of a caring foster family with dogs of their own is doing wonders for Popcorn.

popcornfostercare12-2Say ‘cheese’! Popcorn smiles for the camera

Popcorn is great on a leash and gets excited when he sees his leash! Popcorn loves running around and is very playful with his foster dog siblings and his favorite toys.


Popcorn is happy when he can be with his people and follows his foster mom around the house. He’ll be a devoted little boy for a lucky family!

He’s become a happy go lucky guy who will make a wonderful family member. A family with kids isn’t suitable for Popcorn, though, due to his unpredictable behaviour. He gets along well with other dogs and cats.

popcorn3fostercare12-2expcropsharpAll Popcorn wants for Christmas is a forever family to love

This fluffy guy loves to play ball, walks well on leash, has a winning smile and is ready to love. He’s healthy, neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and waiting for his forever family to come along.

Are you perhaps Popcorn’s forever family? If you’d like to love him up for life, please complete an adoption application and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:

Thank you for considering adorable Popcorn!


Sweet Snuggler – Meet JuJu! – Adopted

JuJu is a sweet-as-sugar Jack Russell cross who loves to snuggle! She’s making up for lost time after being deprived of love for so long, and asks her foster mom to pick her up for long snuggles in bed. JuJu loves her foster family’s dogs and snuggles into them, too, realizing she’s safe at last.


BCFS rescued JuJu on July 28th and she’s thriving in foster care. JuJu is still a bit shy but has no aggression issues, she was even a good girl during her vet checkup. Her foster mom says she’s doing awesome and has been nothing but sweet. JuJu is coming out of her shell more every day and was quick to warm up to her foster family.


This lovely girl will make a wonderful family member for her forever family and would do well with a dog friend to cuddle and play with, and to learn from. JuJu watches what her foster dog siblings do and they help give her confidence.

jujucolorexpsharpresizedJuJu loves to curl up with her dog friends

She’s housetrained and had only one accident, during her first day in foster care but has been perfect ever since. JuJu’s foster mom is working on training her to walk on a leash; she froze up at first but with time she’ll get the hang of it. When walked off-leash JuJu sticks right next to her foster mom for the whole walk. A home with a fenced-in yard would be ideal, and further leash training will help her be able to enjoy long leisurely walks.


If you’re looking for lots of love and cuddles, JuJu may be the perfect girl for you. To apply to adopt her, please download an adoption application and when completed, email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:

Thank you for considering sweet JuJu!


Life Through Walter’s Eyes – Part 2

Part Two of our 2-part post for a very special BCFS rescue, Walter, from his week-long visit with volunteer writer Lori. To read Part One please click here.

Walter gained more confidence every day. His bed was in our parlor next to my computer desk, a good place for him. Since he’s vision impaired, when he suddenly waked seeming a bit confused and looking around through his dim eyes, I put my hand down in front of his nose to let him sniff and he relaxed knowing I was there.


If I wasn’t next to him he’d simply mosey around the house looking or waiting for me, or seeing what my family was doing. What a gem.

There is no way to look at Walter sleeping with his tongue sticking out without smiling.


Sometimes Walter seemed to be dreaming — click here for video. Knowing what a foodie Walter is, maybe he dreams about food! Walter has a good appetite and gobbles his two daily meals.


Walter has come a long way since his intake at BCFS about 5 weeks ago, where he was brought from the shelter he was surrendered to.

walter intake close up

Walter’s ear and skin infections are cleared up. His daily eye drops are helping improve his eye health and vision. I hope Walter regains more of his sight; as well as he does nearly blind he’d have a better quality of life with more vision. With improved health and grooming, Walter is now a beautiful dog.


During Walter’s visit with us my focus was on loving him, helping him on his road to recovery and living the life he deserves. When I was busy doing something and looked down to see Walter right next to me, quietly waiting, I think after the long-term neglect he suffered that what he wants and needs most is to feel wanted. It must be the worst thing in the world to feel unwanted.


Walter deserves a good life, with a forever adopter who will recognize and appreciate how very special he is, give him lots of tender one-on-one care, laugh and play with him when he’s in a playful mood, give him tushie-rubs and the eye drops he needs, good food, a daily stroll, soft bed and an interesting life that will help Walter enjoy it to the fullest. Someone who will adore Walter and let him know that he’s wanted.


When the day came to return Walter to BCFS, his big bed was bagged up and set on a stool in the kitchen. Walter sniffed around where his bed had been in the parlor, then sniffed it in the kitchen and his face fell. He knew. He knew this wasn’t forever and my heart broke open for him. He had a palpable sadness, knowing he was leaving. These are my last photos of Walter after he realized it:



DSCN3232cropexpsharpresizedWalter was sad to leave and didn’t understand why this wasn’t forever. I can only imagine what Walter felt and what he’s experienced in life.

Walter has a way of endearing himself to everyone. Just before my mom and I left to return Walter to BCFS, my dad got a bit choked up saying goodbye to Walter and petting him. See short video.

In the car, laying on his soft bed, Walter had that look of knowing, combined with a look of worriment of where he was headed. Luckily he was headed back to BCFS. My eyes welled up watching him in the back seat as we drove through the beautiful countryside. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with Walter.


I think of the forever home he’ll have, starting over again and learning his way around, sniffing and bumping into furniture until he learns his new home, having someone he trusts and depends on to be kind, careful and loving with him.  Walter took a piece of my heart with him. I hope he finds a forever family who will care for him until his last breath.


I’m grateful to Walter for allowing me into his dark, quiet world and trusting me though he really couldn’t see or hear me. I think he read my heart instead. And I read his. Walter has a beautiful heart.

Walter is looking for his place in the sun ~ is that place with you? If Walter is the love you’ve been looking for, please download and complete an adoption application and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at: BCFS is also seeking a caring foster home for Walter; potential fosters please download and complete a volunteer application and email it to Amy at:

Walter has required veterinary care to improve his health and donations towards his treatment are appreciated.  BCFS is a 100% volunteer registered charity fully dependent on donations and grateful for your contributions for the animals.


Life Through Walter’s Eyes

If I had to choose just one word to describe Walter, it would be “endearing”. Walter is not only a very likable dog, he’s lovable with an endearing quality.


Walter is a wonder, that after suffering severe neglect he only wants to be loved and make the rest of his life the best he can make it.


After BCFS rescued him and worked magic on Walter for weeks he became the dog he was meant to be.

Lori looked after Walter for a week and this is what she had to say: Walter was friendly when we picked him up for a week of puppy-sitting. Once at our house, he quickly chose to trust me. Saturday morning, after less than two days with Walter, he’d taken to me and danced when I came downstairs. He followed me everywhere and his unique personality emerged.


Walter is a senior chocolate and cream shih tzu mix who was badly neglected, then surrendered to a shelter. BCFS rescued Walter on May 29th and treated his eye, skin and ear infections, plus a dental requiring 23 rotting teeth to be pulled. In safe arms and with good vet care, Walter changed. My family and I had the privilege of caring for Walter the last week of June.

I expected Walter to have a black nose like our shih tzu Bailey’s, but his nose is chocolate brown like a Hershey’s Kiss. Walter is almost completely deaf and blind due to the eye, ear and skin infections he suffered from his neglect, though his vision is improving with medicated eye drops.


I looked at him and alternated between thinking, “Aww, poor little boy” and “He’s so special.”


I’ve had lifelong dogs before who went deaf in their senior years but never a dog who’d suffered neglect and is both blind and deaf, so this was a learning experience. What did I learn from Walter, from empathizing with him and imagining what it’s like to be in his paws?

What a good heart Walter has. Walter is clearly glad to be alive. He makes the most of what he has and though his eyes are dim and his ears may pick up only a few faint sounds, he still can sense and feel, taste and most important for a dog, smell. He loves being petted, he loves food, a clean comfy home, fresh air and a balmy breeze in his face with his face raised to the sun, and companionship.

DSCN3167expcropsharpresizedWalter often stood or paused on walks facing the breeze and sun
DSCN3146expsatsharpresizedWalter loves to sniff his way around, he’s engaged with life and his surroundings


Walter didn’t come through his trials unscathed but he seems to have chosen to forgive or forget whomever neglected him and make a fresh start. Walter has a very special quality to him, of vulnerability, of wanting someone he can trust and place his faith in, wondering if anyone loves him, if he’s wanted in the world or not.


He has a bit of a wounded heart, but also seems to know he has a great deal of life left to live. Dogs live in the moment and Walter doesn’t want to waste time dwelling on the past. He wants a future to look forward to.


Walter loves his frisky fun, dancing around when he feels secure with his people. Yes, DANCING! Senior Walter reminds us that you’re only as old as you feel and he gets puppyish at times. Like on his second night here when my mom petted him and I captured Walter dancing on video.

Walter is willing to trust again, despite whatever he’s suffered in life. Clearly he’s either scarred from bad experiences or feels insecure due to his loss of sight and sound, but his trust can be gradually won with kindness and gentle hands.


Walter nipped me and my mom a few times, but with only 10 teeth left it didn’t break our skin or hurt much. I learned that if I put my hand in front of his face to let him smell me first, he usually didn’t nip.

Walter likes his bum and back rubbed but is touchy about his face. He let me pet the back of his neck and ears and after he took to my dad he let him pet his face and whole head.

Walter likes both women and men and was friendly with our Bailey, adopted from BCFS. Unfortunately Bailey later had difficulty accepting Walter in “his” house where he’s been an “only child” and has had us all to himself for a year and a half.

DSCN2895sharpresizedBailey liked Walter until it came to snack time

Walter loves to explore all his surroundings, letting his nose, sense of feeling and his very dim eyesight guide him. After his first day here, Walter had already spent hours exploring the entire main floor of our house and easily found his way around after a few days.

As impaired as his vision is, he seems to be able to see bright light and shadows and is a good navigator except for stairs – we were careful to keep our kitchen door to the back hall stairs closed. Walter meanders around the house a lot, but also slept more after he felt comfortable here.


Walter was sweet to watch sleeping, with his pink tongue sticking out.


Walter’s good on a leash and quite easy to guide around on walks outside though he can’t see much.  See video. He feels the gentle directional pull of the leash on his harness and seemed to follow the scents of me, my mom and Bailey.


When outside of our home, Bailey liked Walter and the two boys liked to walk together. Fit, bouncy Bailey didn’t mind pausing for slow-poke Walter and me to catch up. Both dogs were extremely patient when my mom and I stopped to chat with neighbors during our walks. Walter met many of our neighbors and was friendly with everyone, even accepting dog treats from our friends down our street. Because Walter is blind, during walks he needs his human to carefully watch out for him and guide him safely outside.


What does Walter need? How does he handle life being vision impaired?  Just how special is he? Please  see Part 2 of Walter’s BCFS post  for more info, photos and videos of this exceptional boy!



Big Bouncy Chocolate Lab – Here’s Charlie! – Adopted

BCFS welcomes Charlie into our Foster Care Program! Charlie is a handsome chocolate lab/Chesapeake Bay cross.

Charlie’s a young fella, only 4 years old with many years of love to give since labs generally live 10-12 years.  He’s a big boy, about 90 lbs.

Charlie’s enjoying life with his foster family and his foster mom says he’s settled in very well in the past month, getting along with her labs and showing no signs of aggression.

He doesn’t show interest in playing with her dogs but there have been no confrontations, including no food aggression. Charlie is reported to be allergic to wheat so that should not be a part of his diet.

Charlie is well-trained and will sit, lie down and stay. Good boy!
Charlie also walks well on a leash and likes his exercise.
True to his nature, this friendly boy likes to be with his people and follows them around everywhere. He likes everybody but has a special liking for men – a bonus for his foster dad! Charlie is not suitable for a family with small children because of his high energy level.

Good-Time Charlie!

Charlie is a big galoot with lots of energy. Fun-loving Charlie loves romping in the snow and would love to play ball all day, outdoors and indoors.

charlieIMG_1333cropresizedLet’s play!

His foster mom says Charlie “is like a bull in a china shop. He will move furniture to get his ball!! Lol”


Charlie’s active and rarely settles to sleep during the day, but settles well at night, sleeping on his dog bed in their bedroom.

Charlie’s a well-behaved gentleman when he’s left at home alone, with no problems at all.

If playful, high-energy Charlie is perfect for your family, please fill out an adoption application and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at

Thank you for considering Charlie!

Verena Yorkie Poo Looking for Loving Forever Home-Adopted

Verena is an adorable 8-year-old yorkie poo with soft dark eyes and crazy ears.  She arrived into BCFS’ foster care program on a cold snowy evening in January, rescued from a puppy mill.

Yes, pictured above is the same dog. The ungroomed picture was taken December 31, 2015 on intake prior to her groom and bath. This is Verena post-groom.


It didn’t take Verena long to warm up to her newfound freedom, and begin coming out of her shell.

verenda2Look at those ears!
verenda3Verena gets her first taste of freedom

Foster Mom Update

IMG_0085expcropsharpresizedIt’s nice to be carried!

After nearly three weeks in the care of her foster mom, Barb says she’s still very shy and skittish but gradually learning to trust. Verena follows Barb around and wants to be with her all the time.

Verena is now enjoying the comforts of home. Up on the bed …


And tucked into her own bed …


Verena is a good eater and loves her liver cookies. She’s very loving and wants to be petted all the time.

She is not trained but could be with time. She can do stairs, but very slowly.  Verena gets along with Barb’s cat and small dogs though she doesn’t like big dogs.

Barb says Verena’s getting more trusting and coming out of her room more often. When she’s outside she runs around more, enjoying her freedom.  She’s not cowed as much as when she was first fostered ~ it’s one day at a time for rescued puppy mill dogs learning how to be dogs. With love and patience, Verena will learn to trust.

Verena most likes to be petted when Barb pets her other dogs, and would do well with another small dog for a friend.

moses&verenaexpsharpresizedVerena in her bed with former co-foster Moses (adopted February 4th) and Barb’s papillon mix in front

Verena is a wee girl, only 8 pounds, and too fragile for a home with small children.  She’s healthy, and has been spayed, had a dental and is up to date on shots.

Verena’s sad puppy mill days are over, and she’s looking for a loving family to cherish her. Could that be you?

If so, please download and complete an adoption application and then email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at

Thank you for reading Verena’s story and considering adopting her!


Handsome Yellow Lab Looking for Love – Meet Jersey! – Adopted

Jersey is a 5-year-old AKC-registered yellow lab who came into BCFS’ Foster Care Program this week.  He’s currently in foster care and will be seen by a vet on Monday to make sure he’s in tip-top shape before adoption, including vaccinations and microchipping.


Labradors are popular dogs for a reason: they’re known to be outgoing, playful, intelligent and even-tempered. Jersey is a sweet boy with a lot of love to give.


Jersey has a bit of an unusual history: he was originally adopted at age one from a Lab rescue in the US, and was isolated most of his life because his previous owner was a recluse.  Jersey’s owner passed away recently and his world was turned upside down.  The owner’s sister contacted BCFS. She was unable to care for a big dog like Jersey but wanted to honor her late brother by ensuring Jersey found a good home.  She was in tears on the phone and we gladly accepted Jersey into foster care.

Jersey4Due to his isolation Jersey was not well socialized, and has developed some food and toy aggression. He has a fear-biting history that he requires behavioural modification training for, and needs to go to a home with an experienced dog owner. Foster mom Laura is very good and Jersey is already making progress in sharing his toys. He would likely do well as an only dog and must be adopted into a home without children for safety reasons. Jersey is obese but a proper diet and exercise will help him reach an optimal, healthy weight.


Laura writes,

At his arrival I started a protocol of giving him a customized Bach remedy blend for his emotions, hand feeding raw and when allowed, short calming massage.  He follows my husband everywhere. All our animals (dog, two cats) get along. Our oldest cat even washed him! 

Jersey will need special behaviour modification and a steady hand.  This boy has the equivalent of post traumatic stress disorder.  But when we look into those big brown eyes and hear the thump thump of his tail, we know there is a sweet soul in there, who is desperate for love.


If you’re interested in adopting Jersey please complete an adoption application and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at

Thank you for considering sweet Jersey!




Meet Zig! Shih Poo Mix

BCFS is delighted to be rescuing this handsome little boy named Zig! He’s a one-year-old Benji-looking mix coming into BCFS’s foster care from the SPCA Serving Erie County.

Zig is an excitable young boy who gets along well with other dogs and cats.  He’s neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.

ZIGIMG_4841rotated2sharpZig’s History

Zig had a rough start living homeless with his people. When it got to the point they were unable to care for him Zig found himself at the shelter.

The family tried again to care for Zig, but after a few months he was returned to the shelter.

The lack of stability in Zig’s life has left him wary of strangers.


Zig is anxious when cornered and has shown signs of fear aggression. The foster family and our trainer Lauren are working together to build Zig’s confidence and teach him that the world is a kind loving place.


A dog-savvy home that has experience with fear aggression is our only hope  for Zig to find a forever home.

Zig is not suitable for families with young children due to his fear aggression. We are continuing to work on his issues and maintain hope for his future.

Healthy Zig

If you’re interested in adopting him, zip to our Documents and Forms link here and download an adoption application. When complete, please email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at






Adoptable Friendly Chihuahua – Meet Leandra – Adopted

Leandra is one of the lucky ones, a puppy mill dog who came into BCFS’ foster care program all the way from Ohio.

LendraIMG_0390resizedLeandra plays peek-a-boo!

We think we’re pretty lucky, too, being able to rescue this young, friendly chihuahua and find her a loving home.

LendraIMG_0353resizedFreedom feels good after being rescued from a puppy mill!

New Arrival

She just came into our care November 6th and we’re delighted with this sweet girl! Leandra is good with everyone, both two-legged and four-legged, and is settling in well.

LendraIMG_0361expsharpresized“I’m ready for my close-up!”

Leandra is spayed and will be going to see our vet Dr. Rachel next week.


Leandra’s paw pads are irritated and sore, which is commonly seen in puppy mill dogs.  With treatment from Dr. Rachel  and a clean, healthy foster home environment, we’re hoping Leandra’s pads improve.

Barb sent us this new photo of Leandra and writes,

“Leandra is doing great. After a good night’s sleep she is running around. She is slim and not chunky like her pictures. The attached picture shows her sore pads.” 


She’s available for adoption!  Blink and you could miss out, we think Leandra is irresistible!



If you’re interested in adopting Leandra, please fill out an adoption application and email it to BCFS’ Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at

You can learn more about Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s adoption process here.  Thank you for considering sweet Leandra!