Carmelita Update!

A lovely update from the forever family of Carmelita – a once unloved and forgotten puppy mill mama.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for everything you did to help make it possible for Carmelita to become part of our family. We call her Lita now for short.


Lita is getting better everyday. She now loves treats and knows that word! She is still hesitant to put on a leash but seems to really enjoy walks now. She and Tori play fight almost every evening and we sometimes find them curled up together in the same bed with an empty one next to them. We are really enjoying her and have loved seeing her grow.


Congratulations to this lovely little family!


Here’s a few pics for you!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Love Justin and Heather Do. (And Tori and Lita of course!)

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