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Carmelita – Sad Puppy Mill Yorkie – Adopted October, 2015

Carmelita was part of a large intake from a breeder by the SPCA Serving Erie County. She was particularly fearful and was not doing well in the kennel environment.


Carmelita is now in a BCFS foster home where she has the chance to relax and socialize free from shelter stress.

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She’s believed to be under five years old and in good health. Yorkies can live to 16 years so Carmelita could make a wonderful family member for many years to come.

She was spayed and had dental surgery on September 17, 2015. She was de-wormed, treated for fleas, microchipped and brought up to date on her vaccinations.

carmel day two

Spa Day for Carmelita – Her First Grooming

We took Carmelita for her first grooming this week.  She posed for her “before” picture the previous day:


Though this former puppy mill girl was fearful of grooming, our Adoption Coordinator Silvana says all in all Carmelita was quite good. She was a little antsy about her body being clipped but didn’t bite, just squirmed a bit, and groomer Tammy was superb at handling Carmelita with patience and taking it slow.


Carmelita was resistant when Tammy tried to clip her legs but again Tammy took it slow, talked to her calmly, put the clippers away and just handled her legs so Carmelita could see nothing bad was going to happen to her. That helped earn Carmelita’s trust and Tammy was then able to clip her legs. Tammy didn’t clip her face too much because, like many dogs, Carmelita was quite fearful of this area.


Carmelita put up with bathing afterwards for the most part. She squirmed again a little but with Tammy’s patience, she managed quite well.

Then it was off to her crate with the blow dryer to get dried and fluffed, then relax on the couch.


Tammy has worked with puppy mill dogs before and feels that Carmelita will be fine.

With time, trust and patience, we think Carmelita will be more comfortable with grooming. This was a new experience for her and she came through like a trouper!

Ta-da! Gorgeous Carmelita shows off her new look!


Carmelita would do well in a home without children. She would thrive in a home with another small dog.

Can you help Carmelita become the happy girl she was meant to be? After years in a puppy mill we hope she’ll find true love with the right family and learn what it’s like to play and do all the things dogs do.

If Carmelita’s soulful eyes and kissable button-nose make you melt, please fill out an adoption application and email it to BCFS’ Adoption Coordinator Silvana at



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