Carmelita Adopted!!

Carmelita is a wee little yorkie puppy mill mama who was emancipated in early October and came into the care of BCFS. She was deemed unadoptable due to her fearful behaviour.


Poor little Carmelita was on the verge of giving up on life.

We got her in the nick of time – to breathe life back into her body and give her hope. Physically she healed quickly, but her mind was going to be a challenge.

It took weeks before she would venture out of her bed, so we made sure she ate by serving her meals in bed. She would glance around now and then, but never made eye contact. She shook.

It was a warm fall day and I gently picked Carmelita out of her bed and took her outside and placed her delicately in the long blades of grass.


Foster Mom Report – “the trigger”

When rehabilitating mill dogs there is a turning point or a trigger that gets their brains fuctioning after years of being shut down. This trigger for Carm was a combination of sunshine, fresh air and another dog.

“Sundae bounded up to me with her waggling tail and Carmelita lifted her head and curiously walked over to give Sundae a sniff. That was the exact moment I saw hope shine in her eyes. 

Sundae turned around and gave Carmelita a poke with her nose and trotted off to send some important pee-mail. To my surprise Carmelita trotted willingly after the dog with the waggling tail.”

Most mill dogs are more comfortable with dogs than with people.

Sundae day two

Carm started making eye contact and moving around on her own, but she was very nervous. Then, one fine day, she came alive bounding over the grass to race along side Sundae down the fence line.

Once Carmelita started racing around the yard on her own we knew it was time to start looking for her forever home.

Forever Home

We had a great deal of interest in the little yorkie, but we had a very specific forever home criteria for this sweet girl. She needed a home with a fenced yard and a friendly small dog – another yorkie if possible.


The meet & greet with her soon to be new family showed us that Carmelita was ready for adoption. She was curious of her potential new sister, a nine year old yorkie named Tori who had world traveling under her belt. Tori is upside down in this picture.


Tori had come from Korea with her family. She’d lived in a bustling city, so it took a great deal to faze this delicate diva. She was generally standoffish with other dogs, but Carmelita’s quiet nature charmed the aloof Tori, and Tori’s confident nature wooed the tentative Carmelita. After ten minutes, the two were fast friends.

First Reports

We are delighted that the first reports from Carm’s forever home are that she’s playing with toys, comfortable in her bed and joyful in their fenced yard.


It’s so rewarding to find a perfect match. Many thanks to the patience of our foster homes, the diligence of our adoption coordinator and the love of our volunteers.

Happy Tails Carmelita and Family!

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