Canine Camp Getaway 2012

Canine Camp Getaway of New York

Monday, June 25, 2012

By Mr. Jackson Barrett

Jackson on the back porch

Mom was busy packing the car yesterday right before we all piled in and drove for a really really long time. I spent most of the drive napping in my favourite orange bed, while Taz napped beside me and Poco rode shot gun.

When we finally got to Lake George, NY the place was a sea of dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, spotted dogs. Dogs with no tails and dogs with long tails. Yappy dogs and thoughtful dogs. There were dogs, dogs, dogs and a few people.

I was a little nervous as we walked over to the big green field filled with dogs, but I realized there were more dogs than people and I felt better. I sniffed a few and a few sniffed me. There were lots of noise and even more treats. Mom threw a blanket on the ground and I settled down feeling safe on my blanket to watch the show.

Dogs were paraded by in crazy costumes. There was a cocker iphone, a golden pulling an ice cream wagon and even a matching pair of terrier superheros! Mom laughed a lot as she cuddled us and this big place full of dogs seemed less big.

Our room was an absolute delight! Mom threw my favourite comforter on the floor and then dumped a pile of toys, including two rawhides. I rubbed all over my blanket before I had to teach Taz a lesson in big bear fighting. She can be really bossy. Camp is all about lessons, learning new stuff and having fun. Beating up Taz is a lot of fun.

We went with mom to dinner in the dining room and we all fell asleep under her chair. We woke up and went out for a walk and a bit of a snack before returning to the dining room for a woman talking about understanding dog behaviour. It seemed like pretty rookie stuff to me and mom, but there’s always a new little tidbit to be learned – like when Poco air licks he’s actually stressed. Poco is always stressed.

We went back to our comfortable room for bed and all slept very well until nearly 8 o’clock in the morning!

Today I learned how to do a spin in freestyle dance and mom seemed really impressed. It was easy enough to follow the treat and get the cuddles. I was even better than Taz, but mom would never tell Taz that.

I had a good two hour nap and then mom took us to agility. I did the tunnel, A-frame and the walk with a little encouragement. I also climbed three stair all by self when mom wasn’t looking.

Taz didn’t get a chance to do agility because it started raining, but she did something called rally and mom said she was impressive. Taz is good at nearly everything. I think it’s because she’s fearless. If I was fearless then I could be as good as Taz.

Mom and Taz made a jar to keep our money for CCG 2013 while I was asleep with Poco in a class called Barks and Crafts. Thank goodness I didn’t miss much! The jar is covered with sparkles, rhinestones and some stickers. People can be so silly, I can’t eat that.

Poco didn’t have a good day because of the rain and storm. Mom was very concerned and gave him his peanut butter pill that calms him down. Mom was happy when Poco got a drink and had some food. She tried to take him outside, but he was too upset. He’s been spending a lot of time resting in the room today.

It’s time for Yappy Hour!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

By: Super Tazil Puppy Dog

We slept late and mom ate dinner before feeding us first! I couldn’t believe it, but she muttered something about not getting any breakfast at all and we all went to the dinning hall so she could eat.

After breakfast mom gave us all our breakfast. Even Poco ate. He’s much better today and we’ve had a few fun games of ball in the room.

Mom took us to freestyle dance and Jackson was really good, not as good as me, but still good. We took it easy this morning and sat on the couch and talked to all the people. Mostly I sniffed butts and gave snarls to the more offending canines.

We went to a class called positive reinforcement on the big grassy lawn. The instructor asked for a volunteer and mom volunteered me! I was hesitant to go until I saw, or rather smelled, the hot dog! HOT DOG! I followed the instructor around the grassy area as he made high pitched noises and fed me hot dog. I think I fell in love.

I was very focused on the instructor as he practised with other dogs until mom had the hot dog and was running around doing the same thing. Of course we followed her and barked and had a great time. I’m not sure what we were suppose to learn, but we had a lot of fun. Hot dogs are good.

We had a rest while mom had lunch and then we went shopping. Mom looked at a lot of things, but didn’t buy much. Something about forgetting to pack two things: her american money and her underwear.

Mom decided to take us to the fenced in pool area for some run around time. We played with a group of whippets. I thought they were running too fast, but Poco managed to keep up.

Mostly. Jackson even joined in the fun for a while, but I thought it was too undignified. I sniffed the air and then went and sat on mom’s lap. Whippets can be so silly with all the running. (pic)

We had some lunch and a rest after our whippet adventure and mom took us to a grooming seminar. She learned a few tips about tail cutting and ear plucking. I was nervous when I heard the clippers start, but mom didn’t volunteer me for grooming! Thank goodness.

We all fell asleep during the grooming, so mom decided to play dog BINGO rather than go to agility. She won a stuffed pink pig that Jackson went crazy for.

After dinner we all came back to the room for a snack and a rest before something called karaoke. I spent a lot of time getting the lumps out of the blanket before finally falling asleep.

Karaoke was awesome! Mom even sang one song with Linda H. Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Mom would like to apologize to all her friends who made her sign that waiver back in 1998 promising to never do karaoke again. She did it, but rest assured she had back up!

Mostly we danced. Mom danced with all of us puppies on the dance floor while others sang. We barked and danced and had a great time. Jax and I even had a little big bear fighting on the dance floor. Mom thought it was pretty cool to get to party with the puppies on the dance floor. We’d had lots of practise kitchen dancing, but this was with lots of people on the dance floor. Including us canines.

We even had a conga line and the karaoke man put plastic necklaces on us as we danced in the conga line. Apparently there are pictures…

What a blast!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

By: Poco

Mom and the twins had so much fun last night that they were very late getting up. Mom missed breakfast and didn’t get up until I was whining to play. Jax and Taz were still asleep, but I was ready to play.

I started barking and mom finally got up and took us outside for a potty break. We missed freestyle dance, so mom decided to take us to luring.

A white plastic bag is spun on a rope across the field and the dogs are suppose to chase it. I got into it at first, but the bag was too fast. Mom came out into the field and got everyone running, until she tripped over Jackson.

That was the end of luring.

We sat in the conference centre for a while and then had some lunch. We took a training course called attention in the afternoon after making a toy in barks and crafts.

Mom let me and Jax rest while she took Taz to agility. I don’t know what happened, but mom seemed a little disappointed. I guess there were too many people at agility, so we came back to the room for a rest before dinner.

Dinner was uneventful and everyone seemed a little sad that this was our last supper together. Nobody could believe camp is almost over.

I saw some questionable clouds and was worried about a possible storm, so mom put on my black Harley tee shirt and took me for a walk to show me that the world is safe. I fell asleep, so mom took the twins to the evening seminar “When to go to the ER”.

Everyone came back several hours later and mom said she learned a lot from the vet who was presenting. There were some good questions, but the presentation ran long and there would be no line dancing for us tonight.

We all cuddled on the bed together and I finally fell asleep. Our upstairs neighbour sounds a lot like thunder.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

By: Amy Bremner

Camp wrap up! As always there was lots to do at camp, but we were much more relaxed this year than last year. We slept in on some days and lounged around playing trivia or bingo rather than a heavy exercise activity like agility or fly ball.

I don’t think Jackson is ready for Therapy Dog, so we relaxed in that area too. We spent more time socialized and learning than we did running around trying to do all the sports. We attended a few training sessions and a few dance sessions. Overall it has been a very positive experience.

There were double the people and double the dogs than last year. It’s quite shocking at first, but it’s so nice to walk down the drive and see all the people milling about with their dogs.

My favourite thing has been spending so much quality time with the dogs. I’ve enjoyed the cuddling and teaching. I think the dogs have enjoyed it too.

Casey, Poco, Jackson, Taz, Jeter and Forrest

Our very last activity of the week before we climbed into the car was a little poolside time. Everyone had a dip in the pool. Including Mr. Jackson and Taz.

A big cheer for Casper too! A brave little dog that jumped into the pool like a big lab. Go Casper!

I’m going to sign up for next year and I believe they’re going to run a session in the fall for 2013 the same week as our wedding anniversary. I wonder how Brent would feel about spending our special day at camp?

A big thanks to Janice for making our camp experience wonderful! If you’re interested in attending camp 2013 check out the website:

A huge Thank You to Janice and her pups for putting this whole camp idea together and making it happen. Janice you are an amazing person and Jesse “you rock”.

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