Candle Making BCFS Fundraiser

When my friend Cyndi asked if I wanted to make candles as a fundraiser for BCFS, I hesitated briefly.

I am not a crafty person and I found this project daunting, but,  I said yes.

I considered it an adventure. I walked into Cyndi’s amazing Victorian painted lady home, into her warm kitchen and saw the supplies sprawled across endless soapstone countertops.


Her house smelled like essential oils mixed with soy wax. It was warm and inviting. We enjoyed a quick salad and then rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

I glued the wicks to the bottom of the jars and positioned them with plastic holders, while Cyndi was in the kitchen proper doing some incredible math in her head, mumbling to herself and glaring at the the little kitchen scale on the counter beside the stove.

“Zero” she said. “Come on scale, Zero!”


I had no idea there was so much measuring and weighing in candle making. The wax must be at a certain temperature to accept the scents and then must cool before being painstakingly hand poured at a slow speed into the various jars.

Then we wait. With our reward of  red wine.

The candles turned white and the scents filled the house. We sat on the couch chatting and enjoying our wine.


Apparently, I can handle this crafty stuff, especially when it comes with wine. lol.

The candles will be available for sale starting this Sunday, Dec 16, 2019 from 3-5pm at the BCFS barn. Please email mybremner@yahoo.com for directions or if you’re interested in buying candles.

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