Busy Day at BCFS! Please Welcome: Trixie, Verena and Moses!

Sometimes rescue happens in the  middle of the week. We are no weekend warrior rescue group! Through a series of volunteers BCFS welcomes three dogs to the BCFS foster care program on a cold, snowy, uneventful Thursday evening in January 2016.

Trixie – 4 year old beagle cross 

Please welcome Trixie a four year old beagle cross spayed female who was abandoned for three days before she was found locked in a crate.

Tribe day one arriving at BCFS
Trixie day one arriving at BCFS

No food or water for three days while this girl waited for her rescue… and it came and brought her to BCFS.

Trixie is fearful of new people and new situations, but as we watched her race joyfully around the yard we knew she had a solid core of love waiting to come out. She’s very fearful of men and relaxes to her happy self with women. She was found with kids and she was good with them, but has high energy and would likely knock over a toddler.


She was delighted to meet new dogs, but wary of people and will cower until she realizes you won’t harm her.

She’s great with other dogs and cats only wanting to play and be loved.


She is a high energy hound with lots of love to give. If you like daily walks and lots of fun, maybe Trixie is the girl for you!


Verena – 8 year old Yorkie Poo 

Next to walk carefully from her transport crate is Verena! She’s an eight year old yorkie poo with some crazy ears who’s ready to cuddle. She’s shy, but came out of her shell quickly. She likes her people and other dogs – as long as the boys don’t get too fresh!


Verena is a puppy mill mama who has been freed and is ready for her own forever home. She would do well with another dog as a friend, but isn’t so shy that it’s a necessity. She’s already cuddling and is relatively healthy with a fresh dental and teeth cleaning as well as being spayed.


At only eight pounds this little girl isn’t suitable for little kids. She’s on the fragile side, so her new family must promise to find just the right sweater on these cold winter nights.

Moses – 7 year old shih tzu

Finally, we welcome sweet, shy Moses…


This seven year old guy nearly broke our hearts when he peered hesitantly out from his travel kennel. He looked so sad and so afraid. He’s from a puppy mill and is very fearful of people and other dogs.


This is Moses’s first step towards freedom. His swollen paws a tribute to his time in a cage. His wary expression and low body carriage all signs of his past.

Moses has an ear infection and a bladder infection (common in breeding males) and will be ready for adoption in two weeks. He’s incredibly shy and his new family must be extra patient while he finds his own.

We already saw hope, as he wagged his tail moments after his release. We spoke calmly and sweetly to this lovely shih tzu and we saw hope.


It was dim and distant, but it was hope. Moses will take a little time to learn that there are good people in this world, but we’ve got the time, the love and the patience to see him through.

We’ll be monitoring his health over the next week and hope for improvement.

Sabre Update – 11 year old rottie

We’d like to add a little update on sweet beautiful Sabre, our eleven year old rottie one week later.


It’s hard to believe she’s eleven. She looks and moves like a young dog, but she doesn’t like the cold. We’ve learned she really isn’t good with cats and is fearful around other dogs, but she loves people.


As long as her life has some level of consistency, something she can really count on it doesn’t matter where she lives, as long as she lives with her people. After a week of antibiotics we can touch her face without her crying, we can clean her ears without violent head shaking.


She’s a beautiful soul who is looking for a home without other animals. She’ll be happy in a house, farm or condo as long as she has you and you’ll never lack for that old fashioned rottie love – you know exactly what I mean to those who know the breed.


We need to get her massive infection under control before we can have a dental done on her rotting teeth and have her spayed. It might be 2-3 weeks before this sweet girl is ready for her forever home. Her new family will be the lucky ones!


If you are interested in adopting any of our foster dogs at BCFS please fill out an adoption application from our documents page and submit it to Silvana our adoptions coordinator.

We are all volunteers and we do our best to get to every message in a timely manner, but please forgive us if we are a little tardy.

All our dogs are in foster homes across the Niagara Region, London and Toronto. BCFS requires an adoption application to be submitted prior to a meet and greet with any foster dog.

We are also welcoming a 4 year old Chesapeake bay retriever / lab cross and a beige 8 year old toy poodle this weekend – more information to come.


Thank you!


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  1. Hi. I am a friend of Jen who adopted Daisy. I am wondering about the lab/Chesapeake that you have. Would love some more info on him or her. Looking for a pal for my 2 year old black lab.

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