After a lovely week at a cottage, on the drive home a wonderful family stopped for a coffee beside a farm that was breeding rabbits for meat. But the old farmer had had enough of rabbits and was only looking to get out of the meat business. The sign read: Rabbits for Sale.

IMG_3973On a whim the family became rescuers and brought home all the baby bunnies they could carry – eighteen in all.

IMG_3979Being a responsible family they chose to have the bunnies vetted before finding homes for them. Through paramedic connections the family found BCFS and put out the word that they required assistance.

BCFS was able to take six male rabbits into their foster care program. The bunnies were sent to vet for assessment and to be neutered.

Unfortunately, one of the bunnies had a negative reaction to the anesthetic and perished during the neuter. Rabbits are very delicate animals and its a chance we take to neuter or spay a rabbit. Without the procedure the bunnies make poor pets as they become aggressive and spray urine.

IMG_3961Once neutered or spayed the bunnies are lovely companions and easily litter box trained. These five bunnies are flemish giant x californian which means they’re going to be big bunnies at approximately fifteen pounds full grown.

The bunnies are currently just shy of five months old (except Chunk, who is a month younger with some special needs) and are neutered and ready for adoption.


Please meet the boys: Thumper, Squash, Chunk, Blue and Theodore

Thumper is the largest white bunny and is quite friendly. He enjoys hopping, bopping and playing. He’s also the first one to crash after snacks.

IMG_3978Squash is our shy boy the colour of a lovely fall squash. He tends to be the first to run away, but his curiosity gets to him and he’s creeping back into the fun.

IMG_4007Chunk is the wee one with a chunk missing out of his ear. He also has a wonky front paw, but he loves to cuddle.

IMG_4010He might not be as big as the other bunnies and was physically traumatized while still quite young. He’s more of a walker than a hopper and an expert cuddler.
IMG_4011 Blue is a grey bunny with blue eyes who is the friendliest, most gregarious and delightful bunny. He loves to be fed treats by hand.

IMG_3977Theodore is sweet and medium sized. He might not be a giant bun when full grown, but his heart is full of joy.


If you’re thinking of adopting one of these boys please keep in mind they will be approximately 12-18 pounds full grown. They are litter box trained for urine and we’re working on the poops. They are happy and healthy neutered bunnies looking for loving homes.

Generally, big bunnies tend to be quiet and calm making for lovely house bunnies. These boys were neutered young and don’t have any behavioural issues.

Please consider a quiet little bun to cuddle for the upcoming winter.


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