Brian & Ellen Arrival Cudjoe Key 2011

We rented the house in Cudjoe Key for a month and are sharing the place with Brent’s folk: Ellen and Brian. It is lovely to watch Brent and Brian work on a jigsaw puzzle that we started last week. Brent and I realized that we’re not great puzzle people, but we kept trying. Ellen exams the rental like a general about to take over her troops. She organizes the kitchen and finishes laundry before relaxing with a book. I admire her devotion, because the first thing I did when I walked in was have a glass of wine. 

I would like to say that Brent and I were most excited about the arrival of Brian & Ellen, but it was Poco who expressed himself the best. He chirped his loudest chirp and threw himself at Ellen’s legs in total delight.

Taz and Gizmo were thrilled to see their Grandma Ellen (GE) and Grandpa Brian (GB), but it was Poco who grew close. With Taz’s love of barking and her devotion to her mom its often difficult to get close to the blonde bombshell. Gizmo’s passions lay more in eating and sleeping and he loves anyone with a free lap and a sandwich. Poco would follow Ellen around the house making sure she was close by ready to throw the ball at his whim or ask him questions: “Would you like a nice pet? Would like to be cuddled? You are a good puppy.” Ellen’s heart goes out to Poco and his history of abuse as she tries to help him realize that all people are not bad people.

By day we were either avid adventurers kayaking, biking or hiking around the keys or we lazed by the pool with book in one hand and festive drink in the other. With sunny days and blue skies we delighted in watching the puppies nap in the pools of sunshine and cooled ourselves with dips in the pool.

The gaming began in the evening. Euchre, mexican train played with dominos and banana split filled our evenings as after dinner games. Meals full of delicious vegetables, steaks, shrimp and fresh salads made us a little sleepy for the first few games, but we came alive as the wine flowed and we matched wits.

As our time came to an end and we prepared to head home a new bond was forged out of a shared vacation. I think we’re all looking forward to game night back home.

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