Brent’s Wedding Speech

Here it is – the day that has kept us up for many nights.  A day some believed never would come. It’s time for the well meant cliques.  The thank yous.
I’m not sure how other people write.  I think about writing while I’m doing other things – which explains some of my scars and lack of sleep.  I’ve been thinking about these thank yous for some time, and I thought about a good chunk of them while we were building these picnic tables.
I suspect pretty much everybody knows this, but I’m not originally from here, here meaning Wainfleet.  I suspect that there were attempts to conceive me here – but I wasn’t born here.  Wow, that’s completely off topic.  Anyhow – this is home – I’ve grown here, made mistakes here, learned here, and made some of my best friends here – and some friends of mine taught me if you’re going to get married in Wainfleet you’re going to build some picnic tables.
When I asked Amy to marry me she was thrilled (of course).  As we climbed over the initial shock of me asking such a grown up question we started talking about details.  Amy wasn’t surprised by my suggestion of venue; she instantly agreed.  And she was oddly not surprised when I said: we need to build picnic tables.  She didn’t even laugh at such a suggestion.  Likewise she didn’t laugh when I recommended installing squeaky, bangy hinges on the new screen door at the Farm.  I knew I had the right girl.  Anyhow, so we built picnic tables.
Amy and I build together well.  It’s one of the reasons I knew she was the one.
These picnic tables are analogous to our relationship.  They aren’t perfect – but they’ll hold more than their share.  They might be a little out of square, but still are oddly atheistically pleasing.  They’re extremely functional.  Amy and I sweat and probably bled a little over these tables.  We work hard at things together.  But their construction had lots of help.  We’re fortunate to have lots of support.  And there’s more than a little beer and sweat spilled on these by people we’re lucky enough to consider friends.  A great union needs hard work together, but it also needs outside help.  We’re thankful that we have that.  Thank you to our picnic table support crew – our friends.
Thank you Amy for proof reading my words, for building my picnic tables.  Many believe when they see a grand wedding under a big tent that this is for the bride.  Thank you Amy, for this excitement is largely for me.  If you enjoy yourself, thank Amy for running along with me.  I suspect that Amy would be equally satisfied with a small civil ceremony.  From the first murmur of our nuptials I knew I wanted a celebration fit for such an occasion – I mean how many thought this day would never come?  Thank you Amy for the rest of our lives together, starting with such a grand beginning.  For teaching, listening, and kitchen dancing.  Thank you for only quietly rolling your eyes when I heat up yesterday’s coffee.  I’ll keep making the new stuff for you though.  Thank you Amy for this day and all the rest.
We thank our families who have put up with decades of craziness until we finally met our match – and married each other.  Thank you for this beautiful location, thank you for opening your house to our celebration.  Thank you Mom and Dad for putting up with months of incredible wow and helping make this celebration a reality.  And thank you for the many, many years of support through fun and challenges (mostly fun) that lead to this day.
Thank you Frank for welcoming me into your Family.  He has a funny way of welcoming a new family member.  His brother tells you to get him a beer and Frank lets you help lay flooring.  It’s a wonderful welcome which makes me feel as much a part of the family as any of his kids.  When he called one of my decisions “stupid” I knew I was in.
Thank you to our extended families, our friends.  Our supporters.  A friend of mine says he can’t pick his family.  Friends are family that you pick.  Thank you friends for your fond thoughts and wishes and joining us for today’s celebration.  A special thank you to our friends who have helped us create this day by setting up, constructing, and who’ll help with the tidy.  We are blessed to have many friends and thank you.
Thank you to the bartenders, the food and catering staff.  We owe you; you’re helping distract our guests from the splinters.  How about a quick hand for these wonderful people – the backbone behind a great celebration!
And what would a celebration be without music?  Thank you to Ray and the band for bringing together the sound system so everybody could hear the words I’ve been so looking forward to offering and the music that will make this celebration a wonderful memory.
The legal, the spiritual, is done.  Let us celebrate!

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