Boozoo is “the best thing to ever happen” to his new family!

Boozoo is one of the wonderfully unique Northern dogs BCFS has rescued. He came into our foster care program in early November along with his mother Monique, and we quickly learned what a charming lover Boozoo is. Boozoo just loves and wants love from his people.


Just a little update Bowe is doing so well! He has such an amazing little personality that develops more each day. We are so in love with him! Here is a little photo of the three of us :)


She further wrote:  Yes of course you can use the picture! That was taken Valentine’s Day. Bowe has changed so much you probably wouldn’t recognize him. He’s no longer scared of brooms or house hold sounds. He has figured out how to play with toys and make them squeak. He loves chewers!! The dog bed we bought him has been donated because he never used it .. he sleeps in
our bed. He’s the best thing to ever happen to us :)


BCFS is an all-volunteer charity and we get paid in happiness, not dollars. We love what we do and one of the things that makes us the happiest is seeing how happy the animals we’ve rescued make their new families. We save lives and help make people happy through the animals we rescue.


Animal rescue costs money, from paying the bills to heat our cozy barn for the animals all winter, to buying hay and food for them, to vet bills for vaccinations, surgeries, dentals, spay/neuter, microchipping and any care they need.

We rely on donations to keep saving animals and appreciate any amount you can give – donations of even $20 add up and really help us offset our expenses. No amount is too small. If you can give for the animals, we appreciate your donations very much.


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